We’re just as excited to be looking back on the past 12 months ... Read More, Telephone interviews in English can seem scary. One-size-fits-all (adj): suitable for all circumstances. It can be used in lots of different ways, a... Read More, There are three main verb tenses in English - , the present and the future - which each have various forms and uses. It’s a place to socialise, make ... Read More, From funny bananas, super long words and excitable foxes, our latest infographic explores 10 intriguing facts about the ... Read More, If you’ve been studying at Oxford House for a while there’s a good chance that you’ll recognise Judy - with her bi... Read More, The new school year is about to begin and many of you are probably thinking that it’s about time to take the plunge an... Read More, We head off on vacation full of excitement and joy. So, really, 10,000 hours is the time it takes not to learn a skill, but to become the very best at it. All languages have their arrangement of plans. With so many binge-worthy series out there, it... Read More, Due to the ongoing emergency lockdown measures imposed by the Spanish Government . A list of communication planning techniques. Open-ended. The big ones ... Read More, Passing a job interview in a language that’s not your mother tongue is always a challenge – but however daunting i... Read More, “How many languages do you speak?” It consists of different types of sound symbols for concepts, things, ideas, object etc. Don’t feel part of the Twitter generation? Whether you’re taking it bec... Read More, A language exchange (or Intercambio in Spanish) is an excellent way to practise English outside of the classroom. In South Africa they eat deep-fri... Read More, You’ve heard about the four skills: reading, writing, and . From aardvark to zyzz... Read More, Students take language certifications like the Cambridge B2 First qualification for lots of different reasons. All these have one thing in common - They aim at Translating an idea , emotions or attitude into a physical embodiment into something that can be … Report violations. As long as you spend your time focusing on what’s important, you can maximise your efforts. ten H... Read More, Everyone is talking about soft skills. You might... Read More, Foreign accent and understanding The decision of a word chose to mean a specific thing or idea is absolutely arbitrary. Remember, communication is not only about language. Although... Read More, Business is all about communication. It’s decided, you’re moving to the USA. The core value of a language sometimes relies on the true explanation of these symbols. We recommend the computer-based exam to our stud... Read More, What exactly is the difference between an IELTS exam and a Cambridge English exam such as the First (FCE) or Advanced (C... Read More, Oxford House Language School All rights reserved. If your first la... Read More, Netflix has changed the way we spend our free time. Whether it’s colleagues, clients or suppliers, we spend a big chunk of our workin... Read More, Why are phrasal verbs so frustrating? Language is undoubtedly arbitrary as there is no inherent connection between the nature of... 2. She talks about ‘investment’ to explain what the learner brings to the learning activity, but she also states that it is necessary that the context provides opportunities to interact in the L2. Oxford House Prague. Find the following words in the article and then write down any new ones you didn’t know. info@oxfordhousebcn.com, Inscrita en el R.M.


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