The following tables show AISI 316 grade stainless steel mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness, etc. More power is required to machine grade 316. Sydney - NSWMelbourne - VICAdelaide - SAPerth - WA, COPYRIGHT © AUSTRAL WRIGHT METALS :: AUSTRALIA 2000-2015 | AW DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED |, Grades 316, 316H  UNS-S31600, S31603, S31609. The low carbon version, 316L, may be required for full corrosion resistance when sections thicker than about 5 mm are welded. Adelaide 08 8300 1800 Sydney 02 9827 0790 Considered the generic workhorse, the SS 304 can serve in most situations with great success. Hot working should be avoided below 927°C. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. You might also like More from author. Their yield strength is low (200 to 300MPa), which limits their use for structural and other load bearing components. Some of the values displayed above may have been converted from their original units and/or rounded in order to The deep drawing capability of grade 316 is outstanding, because of its high austenite stability. The higher cost of 316 and 316L stainless steel is well worth it when the application requires their specific properties. Please consult current editions of standards for design properties. Grade 316 is readily weldable by most fusion techniques (GTAW / TIG, GMAW / MIG / MAG, MMAW / stick, SAW), with no preheat, postheat or control of interpass temperature needed. Austral Wright Metals will be pleased to provide advice for specific applications. Plasma cutting is normal. It is an austenitic, corrosion resistant steel with excellent strength, toughness, fabrication characteristics and weldability. Alloy Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation Hardness 316 75 ksi 30 ksi 40 % 95 HRB 316 70 ksi 25 ksi 40 % 95 HRB 1.4404 75 ksi 34.81 ksi 40 % 1.4401 75 ksi 34.81 ksi 40 % Annealed sheet mechanical properties Temperature Yield strength Tensile strength Elongati on, Reduction of area, % … Solution annealing is performed at 1065 – 1120°C, followed by rapid cooling to prevent the precipitation of the chromium carbides. Melbourne 03 9409 8500 You should be able to use a value of 50-85% of the yield strength for stainless steel fasteners with the T = KDF formula. AISI 316 Stainless Steel, Austenitic Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Stainless Steel; Cast Stainless Steel; T 300 Series Stainless Steel. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering ASTM A325 Bolts Dimensions Chart, Strength, Grade A325 Structural Bolt Sizes . AS1210, Pressure Vessels, allows the use of grade 316 up to a temperature of 800°C. Contact us | %PDF-1.5 %���� 601 0 obj <> endobj Grade 316 is a member of the 18/8 chromium nickel family of austenitic stainless steels, with an addition of 2% molybdenum for improved corrosion resistance, particularly to localised corrosion in chloride containing environments. Mechanism of high yield strength and yield ratio of 316 L stainless steel by additive manufacturing. We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding Grade 316 is an improved version of CS 304, with the addition of molybdenum and a slightly higher nickel content. Best appearance is maintained where the design allows even rain washing of the surface, or where dirt deposits are occasionally washed off the steel. When choosing between 304 and 316, corrosion resistance is the #1 consideration, followed by the need for strength and durability found in 316, or higher formability found in 304. Grade 316 is relatively easy to machine, although more difficult than carbon steel. Privacy Policy, Copyright © 2013- document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Ductility Values for Typical room temperature … Austral Wright Metals can supply this grade as plate, coil, sheet, strip, round, hexagon, flat bar, angles, tube, pipe and welding consumables. In most applications the steel is used where its corrosion resistance gives long lasting service life and appearance. Grade 316 has excellent corrosion resistance in many environments. In general, austenitic stainless steels and nonferrous materials exhibit a more gradual yielding behavior, and thus use yield strength, which for fasteners is defined in ASTM F606 as the stress at an offset equal to 0.2% strain. 316 cannot be hardened by heat treatment. These alloys also offer higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperature. Grade 316 gives good service in atmospheric conditions, resisting most environments. S�_x��萞���o���i9�\L|�@��_17��fc`��w�0�]D�@� "T&b Stainless Steel Grade 316 is the second most commonly used stainless steel. STAINLESS STEEL - YIELD STRENGTH AND TENSILE STRENGTH. Stainless steel AISI 430. Dislocation slip and twinning during entire plastic deformation process, which maintained strain hardening rate at an ideal level and obtained outstanding ductility and resulting high yield ratio. ASTM A307 Bolts Grade A, B, Gr 307A … This page displays only the textof a material data sheet.To see MatWeb's complete datasheet for this material (includingmaterial property data, metalcompositions, material suppliers,etc), please click the button below. AISI 316 stainless steel is commonly used for equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Stainless Steel T-316, T-316L, T-316N (UNS S31600, S31603, S31653) 18-12-3 Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum austenitic stainless steel. It is usually welded with filler metals of the same grade, 316 or 316L (or the silicon containing versions) which retains corrosion resistance and strength. High oxidation resistance up to 870oC. 648 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 602 0 obj <. h�b```�5���� ��ea���pա�� ì ���j�ys� We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.


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