Before Brutus could kill Antony, Aya talked him down, telling him that he was not acting in accordance with his ideals. [26], Two days after the assassination of Caesar, she confronted Cleopatra in her chambers, learning she had a child with Caesar named Caesarion. Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur la nouvelle console de Sony, Guide et astuces Assassin's Creed Origins. [10] Aya, unable to cope with the loss of her only child and Bayek's thirst for revenge, returned to Alexandria where she joined her cousin Phanos the Younger. She saved Bayek from being executed and helped him rescue two Hidden Ones, Kashta and Tahira, who were imprisoned in Fort Clostra. Tout de suite après avoir terminé « La voie des Gabinani », allez parler à Aya pour débuter cette mission et embarquer vers Alexandrie (image 01). Après la cut scene, vous vous retrouverez dans la peau d’Aya et devrez affronter quelques navires ennemis (image 02). Species [11], In 48 BCE, Aya identified Actaeon as a member of the Order of the Ancients, the organization responsible for killing Khemu. [23], When the two were reunited in 38 BCE in Sinai,[30] Bayek expressed his lingering doubts if they had done right by the world, and Amunet assured him before letting go and returning to Rome. [18], While Bayek hunted down the Crocodile in the Faiyum, Aya was sent with Phoxidas to the Mediterranean Sea to defend the seas, crossing paths with the Gabiniani, Roman legionaries that had been left behind in Egypt and sided with Ptolemy. Political information Below is all the information you will need to beat Aya: Blade of the Goddess, one of the many Main Quests found in Assassin's Creed: Origins.It's rated for level 31. Aya and Bayek shared a moment of intimacy before her departure. [4], Later, after Bayek left Siwa and Aya to look for his father, Aya followed him and joined his quest for answers. [30] Following the death of Tahira and the Roman general Rufio,[31] Amunet warned Bayek that their ally Gamilat was manipulating the people for his own rebel cause. L'hiver vient... et avec lui, son lot de cadeaux: une superbe box WINTER et un contenu encore plus canon. For more details, read this part of the AC Origins Walkthrough. Born in Alexandria, where she was one of the most respected members of her community, Aya was a half-Greek, half-Egyptian descendant of the Spartan misthios Kassandra. In Siwa, she grew close to Bayek, the son of the town's protector, and by their fifteenth birthday, they were a couple. However in 48 BCE after Bayek had slain Rudjek, he traveled to Alexandria where upon seeing each other for the first time in a year the two resumed their relationship and continued their vengeance together. Aya later infiltrated the Senate, where she stabbed Caesar from the back. Fearing that Septimius might be after Pompey as well, Aya and Bayek departed the city on a felucca and traveled to meet with Pompey. Aya deeply loved Bayek and would always be ecstatic to see him and spend time with him. [28], A year later in 43 BCE, Aya wrote a letter to Bayek from Rome, having secured a bureau in the Pantheon district. After realizing that with the death of Khemu and his killers her life with Bayek was over, she adopted a new identity and persona called Amunet.[11]. As the female counterpart to Amun, her name also means "Hidden One" but with a feminine declension. Assistez alors à une nouvelle cut scene, puis rejoignez le phare pour que les alliés de César puissent agir. [17], Having learned of the Lizard's identity from Panchrates, Aya and Bayek rode to the Palace of Apries, where Cleopatra was giving a speech to the residents of Memphis. [6], Eventually, Bion tracked them down again and killed Sabu[7] but they later successfully killed the psychopath in Siwa. [9] However, after Khemu's death their relationship became strained when Aya moved back to Alexandria while Bayek begun his quest for vengeance. A l'occasion du lancement de la PlayStation 5, un live exceptionnel était organisé sur LeStream, le 18 novembre dernier. Note: we advise you to complete a few side missions around Lake Mareotis, in order to gain some levels before starting this quest. While Bayek investigated the bull's quarters, Aya spoke to the twin priestesses, Taous and Tawe, for more information. Easter Egg : Il est possible d'obtenir une arme en hommage à Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Evolution graphique depuis le 1er Assassin's Creed, sorti dix ans plus tôt. They shared a brief moment of embrace before releasing on another. Ce guide de déblocage Assassins Creed Origins fournira l’emplacement de chaque tenue que nous avons débloquée, ainsi qu’une capture d’écran montrant la tenue elle-même. Assassin's Creed: The Official Collection, Assassin's Creed Origins: Official Game Guide, At some point between her burial and her discovery by Layla Hassan, the tomb had partially collapsed and Amunet's sarcophagus had fallen into a pit. She then dismissed the acolytes to continue their work. Laissez-vous tomber dans le trou pour rejoindre l’étage inférieur, et descendez les escaliers pour déboucher dans la cour, mettez l’émissaire sur un cheval (image 12), et fuyez les lieux en profitant de la confusion. [25], After Caesar's assassination, Marc Antony used his political power and influence to turn the Roman citizens against Aya, Brutus, and Cassius. She could easily hold her own against a few Roman legions and even defeat Lucius Septimius in a one-on-one battle, with Septimius having the advantage of utilizing an unknown Piece of Eden in the battle. [8] After she discovered her pregnancy, Aya renounced her dream to go back to Alexandria to become a scholar, also pushing away her doubts about the Medjay ways, and married Bayek. [21], Outside the palace, Aya, Apollodorus and Bayek discussed Pothinus and Lucius Septimius, the remaining members of the Order who were nowhere to be found. [33], Years later on 12 August 30 BCE, Amunet infiltrated the palace in Alexandria, knocking out Caesarion and confronting her former friend and pharaoh, Cleopatra. Real-world information There, they recruited over forty senators into the Hidden Ones. They instructed her of an underwater escape route and escaped alongside her, but were eventually confronted by a group led by Antony himself. A la suite de quoi, vous pourrez rejoindre Aya au Paneion pour mettre un terme à la quête (image5-6). Vous l'avez manquée ? In the mornings Bayek would train with his father while for the rest of the day, he would train with Aya, sharing his new knowledge with the agreement of his father. By the age of fifteen the two were a couple, and sometime around 56 BCE they were married and Aya gave birth to their son, Khemu. Upon their arrival at the palace, Aya and Bayek posed as servants while Apollodorus posed as a Phylakitai of Heliopolis, who carried Cleopatra in a carpet disguise to infiltrate the palace. [11], Aya was a strong-willed warrior who, like Bayek, was driven by vengeance in finding their son's killers. She also strongly advised them never to seek recognition, glory, or compensation for their work. FAQ AC Origins : Vos questions, nos réponses, La chute d'un empire, la naissance d'un autre, Alexandrie - Papyrus Silence assourdissant, Nome d'Heracleion - Papyrus Désespoirs jumeaux, Repaire de l'ermite de la Dépression de Qattara, Gizeh - Mécanisme ancien du Tombeau de Khéops, AC Origins - DLC 1 Ceux qu'on ne voit pas, Quêtes principales du DLC 1 Ceux qu'on ne voit pas, Quêtes secondaires du DLC 1 Ceux qu'on ne voit pas, Énigmes de Papyrus du DLC 1 Ceux qu'on ne voit pas. After she was asked by Cleopatra to slay her own brother during the Battle of the Nile, Aya started to grow doubtful of Cleopatra's true intentions. Occupez-vous en premier du menu fretin, puis utilisez vos catapultes pour démolir le dernier ennemi. [3] Bayek's father, Sabu, did not approve of their relationship as he knew that Aya's dream was to settle in Alexandria, and he feared that her mixed heritage would corrupt his teachings. There, Aya continued her education at the Library of Alexandria, learning about ancient history, philosophy, mathematics and mastering various languages. c. 85 BCEAlexandria, Ptolemaic Kingdom He must find her, knowing only the approximate location of her cousin's house. Biographical information [34] As she was questioned by a young acolyte named Magas, no one made a sound as she provided the answer to the irony.


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