Planting marigolds with cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts deters cabbageworms and adds bright color to the garden. They together make an environment to use their planting space efficiently. For long-lasting blossoms, cut the foliage away from flowers and hang them upside down. However, all the plants don’t play the role of companion. As an added benefit, these brightly colored flowers in shades of yellow and orange contrast well with the tomato foliage and create a dramatic display against a backdrop of vine-ripe fruit. The blossoms can be single or double. These classic annuals are easily grown from seed and are much taller than their cousins, the French marigolds. It is a very easy process. Many people believe that certain plant combinations are proving to be beneficial for each other when they grow side by side. Foliage spread over 6 inches wide and high. Planting them can keep away slugs, nematodes, garden pests, and tomato hornworms from your tomatoes. Planting is not easy and can take long hours of hard work to grow healthy plants. Moreover, marigolds also refer to the genus Calendula, which is a pot marigold and unrelated plants of a different genus. In addition to marigolds can grow in almost any soil, but their seeds are more responsive to moderate fertile and well-drained soil. They play a significant role in plant neighborhood growth when planted with other plants. There are several species, includes French marigolds (t.patula) and African marigolds (T. erecta), which you can grow as garden ornaments, and most of them have a strong and pungent scent in their leave. Focus only on the organic or natural ways to flourish your veggie garden. Unlike other plants, marigolds don’t need deadheading. Mexican marigolds are also helpful in many ways. The pollination process occurs through bees. Planting a border of marigolds around your garden may deter insects or conceal the scent of your vegetables, advises the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service. Grow Marigolds for No-Fuss Color in the Garden MARIGOLD BASICS. Both African (Tagetes erecta) and French marigolds (Tagetes patula) produce alpha-terthienyl, a substance that suppresses nematodes, microscopic worms that attack the roots of plants. All Rights Reserved, choose companion plants that allow your garden to grow healthier. Don’t try to follow the footsteps of old methods only. Grow Food Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try. Seasoned gardeners grow diverse plants together for the healthy growth of the garden and to increase its beauty. Some pairs can prevent pests and predators. You can grow French marigold in all zones. Companions help each other to prosper more. Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the potential … Also called American marigolds or Aztec marigolds, African marigolds are annuals that bloom from early summer until frost. Also known as Chrysanthemum-Flowered Marigold, Carnation Flowered Marigold, Gigantea Marigold Tagetes erecta Asteraceae Family Taller and more upright than French Marigolds, African Marigolds are easy to grow and thrive under hot, dry conditions. This way, they allow each other to grow in a single place. For the best results, sow seeds 2 cm apart. Make sure to space them properly. Apart from these, as most people know about them, you also need to think about which pairs of plants will work for your garden. When a flower starts to wither, cut the part of the stem that is nearest from the first set of leaves. The roots of French marigold yields a chemical that is serving as a strong pesticide form years. Moreover, some of the plants keep pests away from other plants and herbs. The one you purchase from stores can contain insecticides that are bed for both bees and your garden. Some of them absorb nutrients from their neighbors, which prevents both of them for better growth. Large plants like sunflowers and corn can help in the growth of lower growing crops such as peas and cucumber. Also, sow American seeds when there is no risk of frost. This quick sense of satisfaction makes them a great first-time gardening project for kids and garden newbies. However, beauty isn't the only attribute that makes them suitable for growing with vegetables. PLANTING MARIGOLDS. If you want, you can grow them inside a closed environment, but they germinate easily outside under the, which is why you didn’t need to make extra efforts. They also suppress other disease-causing agents, according to the University of Florida Extension. In wet weather, the African marigold’s double flowerheads can suffer from rot. Marigolds in containers can turn into a cluster. To ensure the success of gardening, people use companion plants. The flowers of marigolds are easy to care and continue to grow for many seasons. You can add mulch between plants to keep the soil moist and hinder weeds. Marigolds are best for almost all types of gardens to increase the life of your vegetable plants or any other plant. This plant grows into flower in just forty-five days after seedling. For example, broccoli, cabbage, basil, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, gourds, tomatoes, squash, and potatoes. Additionally, they make the environment for neighboring plant growth. Add and mix weak granular fertilizer during planting, or you can water the soil with dilute liquid fertilizer. To prepare the soil, dig down a minimum of six inches, and remove stones.


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