Just shake the bottle well and connect it to a water hose. vs. CUTTER Insect Repellents: Questions About the Toxic Levels of DEET Can using DEET during my pregnancy cause birth defects? Otherwise, we recommend resuming your regular seasonal pool maintenance, as water movement and chlorine will discourage mosquito development. For use on lawns and building foundations only. While on windy days it protects them from being blown away. The use of this product to treat drains, sewers, and open water is prohibited. When using a spreader, you will not have to touch the granules with your hands and you will avoid the chance of the product getting into your eyes, nose, or mouth. To use this Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer Spray, you simply have to shake the bottle well and then connect the bottle to a hose and turn on the water. It would not be as efficient or effective to spread these granules by hand, so unless you already have one, a spreader will cost you extra money. But, since the spreader is not very heavy, it should not be a problem. Yes, the Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs can be used in ponds with plants and aquatic life as well as in animal watering troughs. Several types of insecticide are toxic to humans, domestic animals, and wildlife, and should always be applied according to instructions. Ridding your garden of nuisance bugs can also help to keep them out of your house, especially if you have a cat or dog that may carry fleas inside. Once you stick the 12-hour fuel cartridge and repellent mat inside, it'll create a 15-foot protection zone for up to 12 hours. Beetles - Tiger Beetle Family such as Beautiful Tiger Beetle, Dainty Tiger Beetle, SixSpotted Green Tiger Beetle, and Dejean’s Flightless Tiger Beetle; Ground Beetle family such as Bombardier Beetle, Fiery Searcher (Caterpillar hunter), European Ground Beetle, Green Pubescent Ground Beetle, Common Black Ground Beetle, and Boat-backed Ground Beetle; Predacious Diving Beetle family such as Small Flat Diving Beetle, Large Diving Beetle, and Marbled Diving Beetle; Whirligig Beetle family such as Large Whirligig Beetle, and Small Whirligig Beetle; Hister Beetle family such as Hister beetles; Rove Beetle family such as Gold-and-brown Rove Beetleand Pictured Rove Beetle; Carrion Beetle family such as Margined Burying Beetle, Tomentose Burying Beetle (Gold-necked Carrion Beetle), American Carrion Beetle, and Northern Carrion Beetle; Stag Beetle family such as Elephant Stag Beetle, Agassiz’s Flat-horned Stag Beetle, Reddish-brown Stag Beetle, and Rugose Stag Beetle; Bessbugs family such as Patent-leather Beetle (Horned Passalus); Scarab Beetle family such as Tumblebugs, Goldsmith Beetle, Green Jumping Beetle, Brown Fruit Chafer, Glossy Pillbug, Grapevine Beetle, May Beetles (June Beetles), Ten-lined June Beetles, and Japanese Beetle; Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles such as Golden Buprestid, Western Pine Borer (Sculptured Pine Borer), and Divergent Metallic Wood Borer (Flatheaded Cherry Tree Borer); Click Beetle family such as Eastern Eyed Click Beetle (Big-eyed Click Beetle), and Fire Beetles; Fireflies (Lightning Bugs) family such as Pyralis Firefly, and Pennsylvania Firefly; Soldier Beetle family such as Pennsylvania Leather-wing, and Downy Leather-wing, Net-winged Beetle family such as Banded Net-wing, and Golden Net-wing; Spider Beetle family such as Spider Beetles, and Texan Spider Beetle; Branch and Twig Borer family such as Apple Twig Borer; Checkered Beetle family such as California Checkered Beetle, Elegant Checkered Beetle, Slender Checkered Beetle, and Red-blue Checkered Beetle; Flat Bark Beetle family such as Red Flat Bark Beetle; Pleasing Fungus Beetle such as Rough Fungus Beetle; Ladybug Beetles such as Two-spotted Ladybug Beetle, Nine-spotted Ladybug Beetle, Spotless “Nine-spotted” Ladybug, Convergent Ladybug Beetle, and Ash Gray Ladybug Beetle; Darkling Beetles such as Horned Fungus Beetle, Broad-necked Darkling Beetle, Plicate Beetle, Yellow Mealworm Beetle, and Ironclad Beetle; Fire-colored Beetles family such as Fire Beetles; Blister Beetles family such as Striped Blister Beetle, Arizona Blister Beetle, Short-winged Blister Beetle, (Oil Beetle); Long-horned Beetle family such as Black-horned Pine Borer, Yellow Douglass Fir Borer, Long-jawed Longhorn, Elder Borer (Cloaked Knotty-horn), Twig Pruners, Pine Sawyer (Spined-neck Longhorn), Golden-haired Flower Longhorn, Locust Borer, Black Pine Sawyer (White Spotted Sawyer), Cylindrical Hardwood Borer, Cottonwood Twig Borer, Cottonwood Borer, Giant Root Borers, Ribbed Pine Borer, California Laurel Borer (Banded Alder Borer), Ivory0marked Beetle, Red Milkweed Beetle (Eastern Milkweed Longhorn), Notch-tipped Flower Longhorn, and Willow Borer; Seed Borer family such as Bean Weevil; Leaf Beetle family such as Dogwood Calligrapha, Milkweed Tortoise Beetle (Argus Tortoise Beetle), Dogbane Leaf Beetle, Milkweed Leaf Beetle, Willow Leaf Beetle, Spotted Asparagus Beetle, Clavate Tortoise Beetle, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Waterlily Leaf Beetle, Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle, Three-lined Potato Beetle, (Old-fashioned Potato Bug, Colorado Potato Beetle, and Girdled Leaf Beetle; Primitive Weevil family such as Oak Timberworm Beetle (Primitive Weevil); Snout Beetles and Weevil family such as Boll Weevil, Black Oak Acorn Weevil, Lesser Cloverleaf Weevil, Alfalfa Weevil, F6570 EW MASTER INSECTICIDE 8/1/2016 Page 42 Pine Weevils, Rose Weevils, Agrave Billbug, and Stored-grain Billbug (Granary Weevil, Elephant Bug); Bark and Ambrosia Beetle family such as Red Turpentine Beetle, Pine and Spruce Engraver Beetles, and Bark Beetles.


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