Answer} \text{ the the question with a complete sentence.}} \(\begin{array} {ll} {\textbf{Step 1. &{} \\\\ {\textbf{Step 5. \text{ write a sentence that}} &{\text{\$60 times the number of jobs minus \$1,100 is at least \$4,000.}} There are many situations in which several quantities contribute to the total expense. \end{array}\). The elevator in Yehire’s apartment building has a sign that says the maximum weight is 2,100 pounds. He charges $32 per hour. &{\text{Elliot must work at least 85 jobs.}} Translate.} Missed the LibreFest? Sometimes life gets complicated! &{} \\ {\textbf{Step 2. &{} \\{\textbf{Step 7. The tablets she would like to buy cost $254.12 each, including tax and delivery. &{} \\ {\text{Choose a variable to represent that quantity.}} Caleb has a pet sitting business. Read} \text{ the problem.}} Name} \text{ what we are looking for.}} A matrix organizes a group of numbers, or variables, with specific rules of arithmetic. How many hours must he tutor to have enough money to pay for the trip? Rameen’s heating bill is $5.42 per month plus $1.08 per therm. &{n \leq 15.74} \\ {\text{But n must be a whole number of tablets,}} &{} \\ {\text{so round to 15.}} Solve} \text{ the inequality.}} She wants to earn at least $100000 per year. Read} \text{ the problem.}} Solve} \text{ the inequality.}} \end{array}\). Many real-life situations require us to solve inequalities. Answer} \text{ the answer in the problem}} &{\text{the question with a}} \\ {\text{complete sentence.}} &{\text{ less than or equal to \$200.}} This may in part be attributed to the way in which many algebra curricula are written or presented, causing students to see the subject as … &{} \\\\ {\textbf{Step 5. We will restate the problem in one sentence to make it easy to translate into an inequality. Related Links: ... Free Algebra Solver ... type anything in there! Is there enough time before class to go get lunch, eat it, and return? Identify} \text{ what we are looking for.}} &{5265 \geq 3r} \\ {\text{Remember, } a > x\text{ has the same meaning}} &{1755 \geq r} \\ {\text{as }x < a} &{r \leq 1755} \\ {\textbf{Step 6. Brenda has $500 in savings and can earn $15 an hour babysitting. \\ {\text{Choose a variable to represent that quantity.}} The main idea behind algebra is to replace numbers (or other specific objects) by symbols. Answer} \text{ the answer in the problem}} &{\text{the question with a}} \\ {\text{complete sentence.}} Real Life Applications of Algebra Objectives. This is}} &{} \\ {\text{more than \$4,000.}} How many driveways must he shovel to have enough money to pay for the trip? For example, how many gallons of gas can be put in the car for $20? How many invitations must she write to earn a profit of at least $2800 per month? To check applications like this, we will round our answer to a number that is easy to compute with and make sure that number makes the inequality true. Check} \text{ the answer in the problem}} &{} \\ {\text{and make sure it makes sense.}} Is the rent on an apartment affordable? &{\text{Let h = the number of hours.}} Daniel wants to surprise his girlfriend with a birthday party at her favorite restaurant. \\ {\text{Translate into an inequality. }} \(\begin{array} {ll} {\textbf{Step 1. Solve} \text{ the inequality.}} &{\text{the number of miles Sergio and Lizeth can travel}} \\ {\textbf{Step 3. &{\text{Sergio and Lizeth can travel 500 miles}} \\ {} &{\text{and still stay on budget.}} Felicity has a calligraphy business. Have questions or comments? For what total sales would this new job pay more than his current job which pays $60000? How many hours must she babysit to have enough money to pay for the trip? &{} \\ {\textbf{Step 2. He has $520 in savings and can earn $30 per driveway shoveling snow. \\{\textbf{Step 4. One application of linear equations is illustrated in finding the time it takes for two cars moving toward each other at different speeds to reach the same point. &{} \\{\textbf{Step 4. The trip will cost him $525 for airfare, $780 for food and sightseeing, and $95 per night for the hotel. For more information contact us at or check out our status page at Real Life Linear Model. &{\text{Dawn can buy a maximum of 15 tablets.}} Translate.} \\ {\text{Translate into an inequality.}} Identify} \text{ what we are looking for.}} We also acknowledge previous National Science Foundation support under grant numbers 1246120, 1525057, and 1413739. Read} \text{ the problem.}} The LibreTexts libraries are Powered by MindTouch® and are supported by the Department of Education Open Textbook Pilot Project, the UC Davis Office of the Provost, the UC Davis Library, the California State University Affordable Learning Solutions Program, and Merlot. &{} \\ {\textbf{Step 2.


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