This bat is in this list of best ASA slowpitch softball bats because it is approved for ASA and is also featured in our List of best Slowpitch softball bats. Other merits of this one of the best softball bats is that it has great pop, very nice hitting sound, almost no vibration quite similar as other 2 bats. Miken Superfreak Supermax Highlighter is the straight competitor of Miken Dc-41 USSSA model. © 2020. The one piece slowpitch softball bat is made with whole composite and is end loaded weight which makes it ideal for power hitters. They user ratings bear this out too. *If you are an equipment manufacturer and interested in certifying your equipment, please contact Kevin Ryan ( or Rich Cress ( Click here to see the list. We know most folks are delighted with the LXT, so it’s as good a bet as any. Grandfathered Bats No Longer Authorized Beginning in 2008 On the other hand, bats with a season or so of good use prove the hitter had success with the bat but just outgrew it. Its Cost effectiveness is the most surprising factor for this bat, because this kind of bat which is a clear competitor of Easton Ghost Double barrel but its price is quite lower than Easton. As are several other 2020 fastpitch bats. Court Order Judgement, Information regarding USA Softball Certified Equipment Certification Marks, Information on the voluntary removal of specific Easton softball bat models from USA Softball's list of Certified Bats. Altered/Doctored Bats Miken DC-41 ASA slowpitch softball bat is a full ounce end load that serves more power to the player while swinging. In the meantime, we think our 2020 rankings below still hold true. Bats won’t help with the last one there, but the CF, Prism, and LXT should all be perfect fits for a contact hitter/slapper. You mentioned the drop on the various test bats in this review. All Rights Reserved. Another thing I liked the most is its price, it is really a very cost-effective bat if compared to its quality and performance. If she’s a great player, you might want to go to the drop 9 (32/23) or size up an inch in the drop 10. It is also featured with a bigger barrel along with a huge sweet spot. The parity between high-end bats is close, closer than we’ve ever measured it in 2017, 2018 and 2019 fastpitch bats. Its a two piece construction whose barrel and handle both are made with same material. As are several other 2020 fastpitch bats. You can also see the complete list of these bats reviews by Clicking on headings. Also, we study every available review we can find online or elsewhere. This Miken DC-41 bat Supermax is the best slowpitch softball bat in 2019, and is loved by players. Most of our testing happened in cage work. It’s hard to go wrong. This reality keeps us away from ‘used’ bats that are only a few weeks old. I’m a big one piece bat fan and few brands do them justice. Sounds great Britany. The Power Carbon is the one we like. On the other hand, if you want to pay as much as ghost double barrel cost and yet you want a well balanced, game ready and well performing bat go for DeMarini CF Zen. The barrel length of this softball bat is 1-2 inches smaller than most of the bats out there which are usually 13-14 inches in length. Since, it is a one piece bat so its kind of obvious that you will get stiffer feel, along with it, it’s hot out of the box. Thanks and again exceptional and super informative review! Which one was actually the front runner? So the answer is YES IT DOES. The bat is hot right out of the wrapper and does not sting on mishit at all.This ASA slowpitch softball bat break-ins really faster and provides unbeatable Pop and performance. Much of the rest on the field among different hitters. so, it might be the manufacturing defect of some specific bats that can be replaced under warranty. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. It is not necessary because Fastpitch Softball Bats does not come with different Stamps. Softball Noncompliant/Inappropriate Bat Report, 2018-19 Vickie’s Responses to Submitted Rules Questions, 2021 Softball Major Rules Change and Experimental Rule, 2020 and 2021 NCAA Softball Official Rules Interpretations, Clarifications and Situations (1/15/2020), 2020 and 2021 NCAA Softball Official Rules Interpretations, Clarifications and Situations (9/11/2019), Softball Rules Changes and Experimental Rule Approved, 2018 and 2019 NCAA Softball Official Rules Interpretations, Clarifications and Situations (4/30/19), Rule 12.14.2 – Leaving a Base – Interpretations, NCAA Championship Officials Conflict of Interest Policy, National Coordinator Notes - September 4, 2019, Sport Psychology: Using Mental Skills to Enhance Umpire Performance, Players and Substitutes - Rule 8 (PowerPoint), 2019 Championship Crews Photographs and Lists, 2019 Divisions II and III Umpire Postseason Manual, 2018 Championship Crews Photographs and Lists, 2017 Championship Crews Photographs and Lists, 2016 Championship Crews Photographs and Lists, Concussions, Don't Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover (Video). Now coming to its durability, As our regular readers might be aware that we consider durability as one of the most important factors while choosing a right bat whether it be a baseball bat or a softball bat. Should have some stuff up this coming week. Really happy to see you included the one piece Muzuno F20 PWR CRBN 1 in your current testing. Worth legit watermelon has always been one of the best slowpitch softball bats and this 2020 version is really very great at its performance. We are also pretty confident that bats like the CF, LXT, XENO and Ghost perform at the top of the allowable limit. All preferred a larger barrel. But the 2016 Louisville Slugger Drop 10 LXT Plus consistently rises to the top any way we slice the data. The council is the ultimate decision maker of USA Softball rules and regulations regarding equipment. The 2019 and 2018 have different types of connection pieces too. I would interested to see where it compares. If you want to play both ASA and USSSA with Miken DC-41 you will have to buy two different variants and pay twice, but with this bat, a single bat will do the job for you in both leagues. Still it will need some break-in period the demerit is that the breaking period is longer than expected. Within our testing, four common themes arose from players discussing what they did and did not like any particular bat. The best thing about this ASA slowpitch softball bat is that it is a Hybrid bat, which makes it different from other bats. If you are looking for best slowpitch softball bat that is a one piece construction then Miken Psycho Maxload is for you.In Miken Psycho you get everything that you can expect with a one piece slowpitch bat with end loaded weight.Though, it takes a while to break-in but gives satisfactory performance out of the wrapper.


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