Such a dilemma to have. This past winter at an estate sale here in town there was a fairly complete set of Aristo Craft with the egg poacher, and 2 double boiler inserts for $200. Although the product line has been discontinued, they do support the warranty and have replacement parts available. Dallas TX. (In alphabetical order). Phone: (901) 867-2951, The company is out of business, but handles are available from former dealer Ron Swartley at, The West Bend Company, Makes LoHeet Flavor-Seal My pieces aren't as cherry as what Hans has, and I think I'm missing some saucepan covers too. Aristo Craft. In booth #77 at: Abe's Tradin' Post 2704 N Peoria Rd Springfield, Il 62702. Health Disclaimer. Customer Service: (262) 306-7054. For more than 50 years, dry cleaners have turned to AristoCraft for products and ideas that improve their businesses and profitability. Waterless cooking is a healthy method to prepare your food, but it requires special cookware that can often be expensive. Customer Service: (262) 306-7054, SaladMaster Cook-O-Matic Lustre Craft (or LusterCraft) is a trademark of The West Bend Co. Parts are interchangable with US Surgical Steel and Lifetime products.. You may have better luck locally. The cookware itself is in excellent shape. I think she deserves something different after all these years. AMC for Healthing Cooking - Distributor for AMC waterless cookware in Canada, Cook for Your Health - Offers Maxam, Chefs Secret, Precise Heat, Foreverware and Health Craft; also has a book "Guide to Waterless Cooking", Cook and Carve - Various cookware products, including stainless steel waterless cookware, Cookware Solutions - Stainless steel cookware and other cooking products, Pots 'n Stuff - Individual waterless pots and accessories, Cook World Cookware - Set has temperature gauge on the lid, Simply Cookware - Carries Maxam, Steam Control, Precise Heat and Chef's Secret waterless cookware, VAPO-SEAL Cookware (765) 289-3318, 111000 W 58th Street Free shipping. Phone: (901) 867-2951. Also check Regal Ware Customer Service - Order Online Parts to get replacement parts, Queen Ann Since 1911, West Bend ® Cookware has built a tradition of making high quality stainless steel cookware in the United States. Priced individually from $6.50 to $29 50. Phone: 217-753-ABES The following web sites and stores offer waterless cookware, as suggested by readers. PO Box 50861 If you want to find the best quality, used kitchenware we carry it all and then some!! This is for information purposes only, and I cannot vouch for the quality of the products or services they offer. American customer service is at 800-820-2433: Canada at 416-546-0448. 888-544-2390, (If you have any others that you can recommend, let me know and I'll post them. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Also check Regal Ware Customer Service - Order Online Parts to get replacement parts. USAT SD40-2 experiences, including Kadee centerset couplers, USAT 44 Tonner Experiences & Kadee Couplers, Bachmann / Soundtraxx "Thomas family" OEM decoder. So guess who bought it? Canada Don't be wasteful; protect our environment. The only Aristo Craft I've personally seen belongs to my wife's girlfriend. $19.59. It is however just as heavy as our Rena Ware. Lifetime is a trademark of The West Bend Company. ARISTO CRAFT STAINLESS COOKWARE SET OF 3 PANS 12"&10" SKILLETS - 10" SAUCE PAN Please include it as a link on your website or as a reference in your report, document, or thesis. Watch. $17.99. The major problem people have is that the plastic handles need replacement after all those years. 10 square x 4-3/4 deep cooking area... 11 square across rim... 4 lb 3 oz Good vintage Customer service: (262) 626-2121. Discover how the AristoCraft A+ Advantage can make your dry cleaning plant, laundromat, commercial or on-premise laundry business more efficient and profitable. I just picked up about 4 Vita Craft … She finally knocked the price down to $50 for everything. Check their international website or their American distributor site or their Canada distribution site. Aristo Craft cookware set. Camelot. Discover the largest inventory of products, including every major brand used by dry cleaners, laundromats and commercial and on-premise laundries. Authorized Service Centers Blenders Bread Makers Can Openers Chefscape The Chris Freytag Collection Cocoa / Hot Drink Makers Coffee Makers Cookware Cotton Candy Makers Egg Cookers Electric Skillets Fondue Pots & Rice Cookers Food Processors Fruit & Veggie … US Surgical Steel was marketed by West Bend. Factory Authorized Food Processor Part - PIN for stainless steel Flap Food-Guide for multiple brand food cutters; include Ekco, Vollrath, LoHeat, Saladmaster, Jet-O-Matic, Future Craft, Health Craft, Vita Craft, Renaware and earlier models of Carico food cutters.See complete list of brands below: The PIN for the stainless steel flap is a PART of most food cutters made from 1939 until now. National Sales Manager: (800) 336-4962 ext.113, NutraEase stainless, low moisture cokware. Delivered and put away by our drivers at competitive prices. Source(s): find info aristo craft stainless cookware late 50 39 early 60 39 s: Is the pouring lip , you can pour soup or gravy etc and never spill a drop or have it run down the side like liquids do with most cookware. 79 $8.95 $8.95 We are a leading provider of Aristocraft Cookware, find a wide and ever-changing deals for sale. Replacement Parts. Camelot Cookware is a brand name owned by Regal Ware, Inc. Customer service: (262) 626-2121 It looks to be complete with all of the inserts etc. Guess I'll have to keep on the lookout for those to complete my set. Craft a better dry cleaner, LAUNDROMAT, or commercial laundry business. At the time I thought they were crazy for asking that price, and thinking it would never sell. Safe delivery guaranteed with our fleet of trucks. Bella Cuisine is a trademark of Meyer Cookware. It is nice and heavy, and best of all, it's from West Bend, WI. Parts are interchangable. Single use Tide is the best selling Coin Vend soap. Shawnee, Kansas 66203 I am looking for replacement handles. Please contact Regal Ware’s Cookware division by calling 262-626-2121 then select option 1, emailing or visiting Permanent MultiCore is supported by Regal Ware Inc. ( Waterless Cookware I buy single pieces of these all the time at garage sales, estate sales, consignment shops etc. Contact Ivin Bernstein at or 410-560-0777, Health Craft is a trademark of Health Craft, Inc.


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