Insufficient amount of carbs forces the body to utilize its fat storage. Atkins diet is characterized by consumption of foods that are low on carbs. Eventually, your body would begin losing all the excess fat around. An all-too-common misconception is that Phase 1 of Atkins is the whole program. Phase One . If those fats on the Atkins diet are rich in saturated and omega-6 fats (which they usually are), then their presence will also increase cellular inflammation (1). It doesn’t exclude any food groups at first, as Atkins 20 does. Phase One Acceptable Foods. Tuna, Salmon, Clams, Sole; Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork, Lamb; Eggs; Duck ; Goose; Bacon; Ham; Cheeses (although moderation is key here as they … While this is the Atkins diet’s initial phase, you have to be committed and disciplined towards your schedule and food choices. Atkins 20® Phase 1, also known as Induction, is designed to jumpstart your weight loss. And more recently, the Atkins company has been making a comeback, offering a wide range of low carb bars , low carb shakes , and now even low carb pasta to help people add some sweets and starches back into their low carb lifestyle without breaking their diet. At this stage, carbs come mainly … Phase 1: Induction. It works on the ketosis mechanism. In this, the body uses fat deposits as a source of energy. The Atkins Diet is a popular low-carbohydrate eating plan developed in the 1960s by cardiologist Robert C. Atkins. The Atkins diet has four phases:. This results in overall weight loss for a person. The Atkins Diet restricts carbs (carbohydrates) while emphasizing protein and fats. A newer version of Atkins, called Atkins 40, has more relaxed rules and allows you to start with 40 grams of carbs in the daily diet. As the fat deposits in the body start depleting, the liver also becomes free of fat. A person consumes less than 20 grams (g) of carbs each day. The Atkins Diet still is composed of four different phases, the first one being the most strict and intended to kick start weight loss while the last one guides you along the path of healthy weight maintenance. The Atkins Diet is immediately thought of as the original low carb diet that all other low carb diet variants are based on. The Atkins Diet has several phases for weight loss and maintenance, starting out with a very low carbohydrate eating plan. In reality, it's the key to kick starting your fat burning metabolism. This vegan Atkins diet alternative was developed by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, who set out to determine whether a high-protein vegetarian or vegan diet could promote weight loss and help reduce “bad” cholesterol. On the other hand, the Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that is also a high-fat diet. Once you kickstart with this diet, your body will enter into a ketosis phase, where it will start burning fats instead of carbs as the primary fuel source.


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