6. Question on the LFE in the AVR, would I keep that on 80Hz, or should I raise that to, the max I have is 120Hz? Audyssey Set-Up and Calibration Process Setting up the MultEQ XT system was fairly straightforward and took, in this particular case, about 10 minutes to complete. If you want to hear music and movies as intended, and without constant adjustments to settings, please go back and reread what craigjohn said so you understand what is happening in your system and more importantly, why it is happening. It has three variants Audyssey, Audyssey Front ByPass, and Audyssey Flat. Audyssey MultEQ is a room- and speaker-tuning technology that is built into many Audio-Video Receivers. I could turn my subwoofer all the way up and was reading, but it was telling me that it was too quiet. The bass in the music you play is not as loud as movie LFE. The pattern to follow is shown here:http://ask.audyssey.com/forums/84181/entries/73284.html. That's only possible if you have the separate Audyssey Pro Installer kit and software for the PC. I realize this is a very old thread, but when you google xt32 and subwoofer it comes here, so I thought I might post just in case someone arrives here and has the problem I did. Now its moving again and music sounds like music. That is fine if you want to continually adjust settings, but your system will not reproduce what the director or artist intended with that approach. I did audyssey test starting with my gain at 12 o'clock. It doesn't matter how many seats you have. Thanks for all your help on the setup of the Audyssey mic, placement, and resulting measurements. My only real complaint with Audyssey XT32 is the default reference and flat curves. I just like a little support for the main speakers. There are rules of thumb but nobody is going to arrest you for adjusting things to your preference. One thing that I wanted to confirm with you is the REV reading I get for my sub and right surround speaker. In religion, contrary evidence causes one to question the evidence." Come join the discussion about home audio/video, home theaters, troubleshooting, projects, DIY’s, product reviews and more! It's possible that it was handled roughly at one point or another but I did read that some types of mic's do degrade over time even with little use. Can anyone help me out explaining why this is happening from the XT32 setup? You did an awesome job Wayne... very detailed and thorough. Whenever I run my XT32 setup I have to turn the gain on my sub nearly off. Thanks for the reply, the reason I ask is because I already looked at the PDF but found that it does not meet my situation and was hoping you could give me some tips for my room.. My room is exactly like the image in the PDF except mymcouch is on the back wall and the rear speakers are not installed. That's guaranteed to give you terrible results. It's possible that it was handled roughly at one point or another but I did read that some types of mic's do degrade over time even with little use. They sounded like all highs with no lows. Room correction should never, ever, ever be done in one measurement location. Audyssey MultEQ ® XT32 uses the measurements from this position to calculate speaker distance, level, polarity, and the optimum crossover value for the subwoofer. The 8th measurement point is 6 inches right of the PLPC point. I could put my fingers on the woofer edge and it was barely moving at 82 THX volume. The 7th measurement point is 6 inches left of the PLPC point. My sub was playing normally and everything sounded much better.


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