Thank You…May God Bless! I’m glad you found us and that you were willing to try the Pulled Pork. This does two things. Thank you again, and have a blessd Thanksgiving ! I didn’t say I’d give you all the family secrets just yet though. He kept the cooker part of the business when he retired from the grocery business and he’s sold a ton of these things. A brown sugar base, with a bunch of different spices added in. Smile. Still, I’m thankful you tried the Pulled Pork BBQ and very glad to know that you liked it. This review is a little late as I’ve made this recipe a month ago, however I had to come back and tell you that my family absolutely loved my pulled pork! Be Blessed!!! You can use these to make a wet rub instead of a dry one. There is a big rivalry here in North Carolina between the Eastern and Western parts of the state regarding their favorite BBQ sauce. The only recipe that can compare to Lexington,NC BBQ! If you have it, you might add a bit more sauce to help keep it moist. Cookouts, eating on the patio, picnics, potlucks and outdoor living! I noticed your meat was around 7-9 pounds. I could drink shots of it. -Steve. I’ve been using your method of making pulled pork for over a year now. -Steve. I made this a few days ago for my son’s Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony. However, it ain’t “yanky,” it’s Southern all the way. Keep up the great work. -Steve. I’m glad you’ve discovered a way to enjoy Pulled Pork BBQ and to save some money at the same time. I thought I did everything right. Thank you for listening. Ive never cooked bbq before other then the odd burger and hotdog so this was pretty far out there for me. Beautiful thing about a recipe like this is just about any rub will do. Some folks like to add a bit of that into their barbecue. I do appreciate your visits and hope that you’ll visit with us again… real soon. Thank you for the recipe. Thanks again! -Steve. Keep up the good work. You could certainly cook it fat side up, which allows the fat to melt and keep the meat moist, but I don’t think you’ll have dry meat if cooked according to direction and using a thermometer. Normally I smoke my barbecue, but we are on vacation and my family is craving some. You may also find a large vein as you’re trimming. That means a lot to me. Starting with 9lbs, you’ll probably end up with 5-7 pounds of cooked meat. It’s always good to know when someone gives one of our recipes a try and that it turned out well. But totally agree with you on all the rest! -Steve. I started out with nine pounds so, I lost four to the trimming, cooking and removal of the bone. This tasted fabulous!!! Thank you for the reminder and thank you for the question. What is the best way to do that? Your vinegar sauce very good—we are partial to that here in Sandhills of N.C. Got Boston butt on a great sale at Harris Teeter, going to be enjoying this thru the Labor Day holiday. Steve, I’ve made this twice now and it’s absolutely delicious. I need to cook about a 13 lb shoulder. I do hope the Pulled Pork turned out great for you. I would have suggested you turn the heat up a bit, as oven temperatures do vary. ★☆ He’d sit up all night tending to the cooking pig and by morning, he was ready to start breaking it down so he could bring it into the kitchen where he’d chop it up to make barbecue. -Steve. This is the third time I have done this recipe and so far it has been a big hit for my family! Thanks for the great recipe and pictures Steve! You’ll probably find that your cooking time will take a bit longer with the more meat you have in the oven. Be Blessed!!! Military? About 1 hour per pound of meat. I cooked it for 2-1/2 hours at 350 degrees. If I wanted to make this the day before and serve it the next day how would you suggest I do that? The results are well worth the time and effort. You may like the fat and want to leave it in but, I just have never acquired a taste for it. After the meat is cooked, I pour off the juices left in the pan and discard the fat portion. You said you “almost” followed the recipe, but you didn’t say what you might have changed. HI Steve, thank you for the inspiration ! It pokes a bit of fun about the whole Southern BBQ thing. Maybe next time? I have my oven at 275 because I think she runs on the cooler side. I visit our local Smithfield’s BBQ ever so often, and have driven past Parkers several times but have yet to pay them a visit. Be blessed! Thank you for the question, and do visit with us again real soon. Jim. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you also for the work you have done in trying to help those less fortunate. Made some creamy slaw to go along and some BBQ beans. What did we do wrong, or did Kroger sell us some weird cut of port? Sometimes, I just place enough for a sandwich or two in the cast iron skillet and heat it up that way. It’s scrumptious! Most meats are that way for me after they are cooked.


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