I have a hard time imagining myself writing X-Men or tackling any of these other colorful characters. Like Comic-Con. And the hypocrisy of Bruce Wayne I think is really interesting. As the architect of two of the most acclaimed Batman miniseries in recent memory, writer/artist Sean Murphy (The Wake, Chrononauts, Tokyo Ghost) has injected new life into the Dark Knight for a new generation. I've always been attracted to people like Zorro and The Rocketeer. When Dorian is not on the clock, he is also a big fan of photography—behind the camera, in front of the camera, and photo editing on his tablet. “I couldn’t be more excited to work alongside Katana, Matteo, and Matt Hollingsworth to enrich and expand this world in a way that’s just as rewarding for new readers as it is for loyal Batman: White Knight fans.”. He just doesn't work that way. I tend to stick with villains that are a bit more grounded. I haven't actually thought about it. THE WORLD OF BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT EXPANDS WITH A NEW SPIN-OFF SERIES, BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS HARLEY QUINN, Six-Issue Miniseries Features the DC Debut of Writer Katana Collins, Issue One Arrives at Comic Book Stores and Participating Digital Retailers October 20. Volume Two was a historical thriller. Terry was confirmed to take over as Batman after an elderly Bruce Wayne, who is … Who is DC’s Deadliest Non-Powered Villain? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. We have a big announcement for that coming up in the next month, which I can't talk about now. In September 2018, Murphy announced a follow-up titled Batman: Curse of the White Knight (Volume 1), dealing with the conflict between Batman and Azrael. Like, "Hey, you ever notice this about Batman?" My goal was to celebrate those things and point to them but not throw in the character completely. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. It's just so good. Except every week in your inbox. Announcement: DC Proudly Presents 'Rorschach' #1. Murphy’s Gotham isn’t grounded in reality in the same way that director Christopher Nolan’s Bat-verse was anchored to the laws of physics (magic leg brace notwithstanding); it’s reality is derived from the social ramifications of Batman’s war on crime. The deep dive into the mental problems of the villains is fascinating. It seems like there's plenty of victims out there and collateral damage. On October 20, the White Knight mythos takes another step forward with the launch of Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, a six-issue miniseries that expands and deepens the alternate universe created by writer/artist Sean Murphy. Tweet back? Sean Murphy, writer and artist of DC's Batman: White Knight universe confirms a third comic series is coming... 'Beyond The White Knight.'. BURBANK, CA, July 16, 2020 – The popular maxiseries Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight thrilled comic book fans everywhere with their unique takes on Batman, The Joker, Gotham City, and the history of the Wayne dynasty. I'm not sure. Dorian Black is a writer for the comic book news section for Screen Rant. At times it’s a sobering take on an American hero. [laughs] After The Plot Holes is done I plan on doing Volume Three of Batman, which is called Batman: Beyond the White Knight. The last time I got to do sci-fi was Tokyo Ghost, and I really enjoyed it. Volume One, The White Knight, was a political thriller. Now every cop is twice as advanced as Batman ever was. What happens to a city that's been infused with that kind of funding? Now, he's headed back to that world — and taking it to the far-flung future of the DC Comics universe. Batman: White Knight Creator Confirms Third ‘Beyond’ Sequel, Exclusive: Flashpoint Batman’s Return is Finally Explained, the social ramifications of Batman’s war on crime, Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Consider Batman a Superhero, Thanos’ Most Embarrassing Defeat Was Too Silly For the MCU, Superboy Is Becoming DC's Future Superman, Legendary X-Men Writer Explains How Marvel Destroyed Cyclops, Cyclops Finally Becomes A Father In X-Men Comics. I think a lot of it is just Storytelling 101. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. Batman White Knight – version couleur Dans un monde où Batman est allé trop loin, le Joker doit sauver Gotham ! Next year, Murphy will deliver Batman: Beyond the White Knight, the third chapter in his riveting Black Label Batman saga that erupted in 2018 with DC Comics' Eisner Award-nominated Batman: White Knight and continued with this year's sequel, Batman: Curse of the White Knight. And that's basically what he did. Placing the next chapter of the White Knight saga in Bruce Wayne’s golden years isn’t entirely out of left field considering Murphy has done cover art for the DC comic book series Batman Beyond 2.0. For me, Batman is a pulp character. “While developing Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight, it became clear that there were rich backgrounds and stories to explore beyond the main series,” said Murphy. So I'm looking forward to drawing flying cars and all that kind of stuff again. “Batman: White Knight asks us to step back and take stock of the long-term impacts that Batman's activity has had on Gotham City.” —Kotaku “A breakout hit.” —SyFy Wire " Batman: White Knight is an entertaining and insightful graphic novel that stands perfectly alongside other classic Batman stories. Like its predecessor, Curse doesn’t hold back. I feel like Batman's really leaving himself open to that. Well, so did the Joker. Well, DC came to me and asked if I wanted to do spinoffs, that I would manage, or write, get an artist for, or I would just come up with the plot and then they could hire a writer and an artist to do that. I'd seen He-Man and Thundercats and all that stuff, but nothing really reached me like Batman did. Murphy understands that the Dark Knight is most inspiring to his fans when he’s humanized. My whole original approach was, why doesn't Joker just go after Batman legally? There's so much to be done. Watch for DC Black Label's Batman: Beyond the White Knight sometime in the summer of 2021. Until now…Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as “Jack,” sets about trying to right his wrongs. You could easily social media your way against Batman, destroy him without having to break the law if you really focused on it. Azrael has wiped out criminals in Gotham, Jack Napier (formerly The Joker) is dead, Bruce Wayne (Batman) is in prison, and Harley Quinn is adjusting to life as a single mother, raising the twins she had with Jack. For more information on this series and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit the website, www.dccomics.com, and be sure to follow on social media at @dccomics and @thedcnation. How is he going to be Batman now that he's low tech? Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn takes place two years after Curse of the White Knight. Dorian is currently a pop-culture news host for Nerdbot Media and a contributor for Nightmarish Conjurings. What Dark Knight-centric projects can you tease in the aftermath of Curse of the White Knight? [laughs]. Related: Exclusive: Flashpoint Batman’s Return is Finally Explained. What's Batman going to do to an online attack? But I really don't know yet. According to a recent tweet by Sean Murphy, volume 3 of the White Knight saga will be titled (at least for now) Batman: Beyond the White Knight. The writer of the acclaimed mature-audience series Batman: White Knight recently teased DC nerds with the title of the next installment in his non-canonical bat-universe. Animation. And here's why he did this and here's what Batman does to fight back. He opened up about taking the story to the future of Batman Beyond, potential Bat-tastic spinoff projects, and why Batman brings out the very best in his artistic sensibilities. They definitely want to expand the "Murphyverse" as they call it. “While developing Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight, it became clear that there were rich backgrounds and stories to explore beyond the main series,” said Murphy.


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