Exclusive music reviews and news, created specifically for classical music listeners, from the serious collector to the inquisitive newcomer. 81a ("Les Adieux"); Bagatelles Op. The wide spans, utilizing the uppermost and lowermost registers of the piano is a typical Beethovian trait, somehow makes even the same instrument sound incompatible with itself. I’m totally in agreement with you on the merits of the Mahler 2nd, a great work! Schiff wasn’t overlooked: All other artists are out of consideration for inclusion. It’ll give a challenge to even the best concert pianists. Yet it’s just as easy to feel frustrated by Gilels’ clipped, tight-fisted delineation throughout most of the fugue, with its provincial ritard into the final bar, or by an overly stark Adagio Sostenuto that could have benefited from more lyrical breadth and expressive generosity, in the manner of Schnabel or Arrau. Completed in 1818, Hammerklavier is so huge and difficult that it’s almost unplayable. Hernandez introduced me to Medtner’s Russian Fable in B-flat minor well before I heard Medtner and Svetlanov play it on records. No, I didn’t, she says. Piano Sonata No.19 in G minor, Op.49 No.1 ("Leichte Sonata") 3. Erica is also keen on Mitsuko Uchida (2007) whom she finds ‘far removed from selfish virtuosity and with a strong musical conviction’, valid qualities, as well as a distinctly feminine form of instrospection. And that little bb-minor episode at the end of the trio will turn every wrist into a mushy dough. Beethoven himself loved this sonata, which he described as a ”brilliantly executed display of emotion and music”. Just to recap, quoting from my earlier review of Part 2: "Part 1 [read review here] is a single disc that fe...  Continue Reading, The Bottom Line: This new Beethoven concerto cycle on Alpha looks like it's going to be one of the major events of the Beethoven year. I know I don’t use Idagio as Mr Lebrecht does, but does it carry the Schiff recordings? I don't know why. Not referring to Tognetti by any chance? Stephen Kovacevich’s long-anticipated recording of Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” Sonata grasps at the bar upon which the work’s reference versions reside. By the time he wrote the Hammerklavier, Beethoven was completely deaf. 634 . Symphony No. Towards the end it seems that the composer has either run out of ideas or left us suspended in in mid-air until, without prior notice, he plunges at breakneck speed into an allegro risoluto that resolves absolutely nothing. Obviously talented, his concert music often reveals a curiously faded, tired quality, as though he knew he was working within a tradition on i...  Continue Reading, Paavo Järvi joins his father Neeme as one of the few conductors to record all four symphonies by Austrian composer Franz Schmidt. No-one leaves this sonata unshaken. I have never heard a Nyiregyhazi performance – haven’t even heard OF one. As with the others, let’s have a quick listen to the beginning. I am also acquainted with Terry McNeill, who made the cassette recording of that Old First Church recital you attended, which ended up as side 2 of the Desmar LP, IPA 111, that set off the brief “Nyiregyhazi Renaissance”. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Press J to jump to the feed. Mi dispiace – my remarks on that March 11 post refer to the 8th Symphony! P.S. There is nothing flashy about Kentner, as there would have been about his compatriot Liszt. I was replying to Guerrero’s post. Greg, I replied to you a few days ago on the Mahler Resurrection thread that Norman started on Marh 11. It's so fast that it's very difficult to comprehend and properly articulate the dotted rhythm of the main theme. Ambitious, yes. The first time I heard this live was in a recital by the Juilliard teacher Beveridge Webster @ the 92nd St Y in NY ca.1959.As I was leaving I remember someone holding the score and complimenting the performance saying, “Well, it’s unplayable and that’s what he did.” Any comments on Yuja Wang’s Carnegie Hall performance this past year?


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