(Show) voice actors. Everyone loves cartoons – both children and adults. ", "The trick is to fall through the right cracks. Excess Baggage: When you are on a cruise and they say the ship leaves at 5:30, they really mean the ship leaves at 5:30. Relive the classic film with the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit at Amazon.com! Zoom into 38064 Behind Cartoons and Illustrations. #33339244 - Little boy is a reading such a big book, that no one can see.. #44881067 - An emoticon emoji looking very scared hiding behind his hands, #59191459 - Fake business woman holding a smile mask. The clip sounds like somebody else other than the Aladdin voice has whispered the line in but no matter which line is actually spoken, this allegation got Disney in hot water with the American Life League who used it to try and get Disney films banned, claiming they had been sneaking sexual messages to children over the years. ", "Hi honey, it's me. ', "Don't turn around. Moon in the sky, cactus,.. #152850831 - A woman closes her eyes with a smartphone, with a picture of.. #135727317 - Terrified asian girl with curly hair, in khaki t shirt, covering.. #147710762 - Asian girl watching a scary cartoon online from a notebook computer,.. #118036733 - Cartoon night. ", "I've had it with technology - from now on, I'm sticking with the TV and radio. In the video clip above the job has been done for you – some are pretty obscure, but others are very very clear enough to be fairly convincing evidence of intentional inclusion in the movie. In the clip above you need to watch from around 02:45. Anybody who has seen a Donald Duck cartoon should know that it can sometimes be quite difficult to understand what Donald says but thinking you hear him scowling “God damn stupid nigger” takes the cake. In 1995, Wal Mart pulled a Disney video of Mickey Mouse cartoons from it’s shelf after complaints that Donald shouted “Fuck you!” in the episode called “Clock Cleaners”. Refrigerator with.. #127906278 - Cute Boys, Girls and Animals Hiding in Bushes Set, Adorable Kids,.. #97657989 - Frozen berries and fruits in bags in freezer, close up. While some of the items on this list are objectionable and some have been proven wrong, this one is pretty clear and Disney studios had to hang their heads in shame. Stocks.. #97960823 - Man gives an envelope with money. I won't leave without you. In the movie Beauty and the Beast we see many references to sex (as in some of the previous items), but we also see some satanic references. Another popular one. Long has been the debate over the dust cloud in The Lion King. Over 56 million stock photos, cartoons, illustrations and vectors online; growing each day! Forgotten by his family, Arnie became a friend to locals and tourists throughout the years. Orientation. Contact your dedicated Account Manager. Anonymous man with moustaches in bowler.. As she is thrown from the car, Jessica lands, causing her red dress to hitch up revealing her apparently unclothed nether regions. Filter by : Image Type . All rights reserved. Closed captioning in the film says that the line is “Goddurn stubborn nitwit”, other claim it is “You doggone little…” But this is not the first time Donald has been busted for his language. The rumour was that a disgruntled artist who was going to lose his job drew the phallic object in the castle of The Little Mermaid in annoyance over his impending redundancy. #97657890 - Frozen food in a container in the freezer. Need to find the hidden.. #40240914 - Fake businessman wearing mask smile rage cavaliers. Business photo text suddenly feel.. #108248555 - spy watches through the newspaper. A cartoon heart-throb, Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Jessica Rabbit has over the years helped to turn a lot of young boys into men. ", "Hold it, sweetie, you forgot your heat. Popularity. Worksheet - game.. #120806606 - Happy Easter greeting card, cute rabbit and egg in basket, sunset,.. #116384138 - Seamless pattern for design surface Pirate octopus. Mystic.. #85777535 - Illustration of white rabbit running away. In the scene just before Simba meets Rafiki, he tiredly flops down on the edge of a cliff, a cloud of dust rises which allegedly for a few frames spell the word S-E-X. Well he didn’t until he was contacted by a disgusted member of his youth church group who had heard about the controversy. Business photo showcasing suddenly.. #147710760 - Asian girl watching a scary cartoon online from a notebook computer,.. #112777643 - close-up portrait of a girl in mask, with big cartoon eyes,.. #147710761 - Asian girl watching a scary cartoon online from a notebook computer,.. #118036729 - Cartoon desert afternoon or sunset. During the sequence in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame in which Quasimodo sings ‘Out There’ (one of the best songs on the soundtrack), as we pan over a view of Paris from the bell tower, characters from other Disney movies can be seen in the background. #121179733 - Cartoon little chick hatching from an Easter egg, #125896346 - young man hiding bouquet of roses vector illustration design. New. #128442676 - Paintball Battle. More sharp eyed viewers may also spot Pumbaa from The Lion King being carried by two men, a street merchant shaking out the flying carpet from Aladdin and even a satellite dish on one of the rooftops. #127879163 - Redhead beautiful woman with hands covering eyes. #127210127 - Photographers or paparazzi taking photo with digital cameras.. #125583551 - Blindfolded Little Boy Trying To Catch Other Children During.. #100703265 - Silhouette rabbit, vector illustration, animal, easter, graphic.. #112104043 - Single parent mother with scared son talking to stranger. Buy The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Amazon.com! So wishes came true when the claim that cheeky animators sneaked in a few frames of her without underwear during the scene in which Jessica and Bob Hoskins in a taxi that runs into a lamp-post. #66295954 - 3d snowman, gift boxes, Christmas background, new year greeting.. #53878879 - Red and rose kissing and smiling cartoon lips isolated decorative.. #37200900 - John Doe holds a sheet of paper on which is draw the word boom.. #126998910 - Cute Christmas seamless pattern with cheerful Santa Claus in.. #102004926 - A cartoon illustration of a bear cub peeking over an object. Girl hiding under table... #104941793 - Pair of scared children sitting on bed and hiding from frightening.. #117796656 - Hand drawn illustration of diverse children peeking behind a.. #117796654 - Hand drawn illustration of young and diverse children looking.. #85271751 - Ostrich hid its head in the sand pop art vector, #65843322 - Girl hides behind the wall cartoon drawing, #35136816 - The man buried his head in the sand vector illustration, #127042359 - funny peeking cats and dogs border set.


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