Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from, Nashville Souvenirs. The story of brilliance. Haig Club Deluxe. This weird alcohol bottle has four different chambers and two pouring spouts. It’s aged for around two years, but tastes like a whiskey that’s twice as old. One look at this cool looking alcohol bottle, and you’ll see a silhouette of a man who appears to be trapped inside the glass. The whiskey is spicy, sweet, and full of toffee and caramel. Make a basket with these cool alcohol bottles and then add other gifts like engraved glasses, fun bottle openers, or custom coasters. Priced at $50 per bottle, Haig Club is a Single Grain Scotch whiskey produced with a mixture of different grains and malt. This champagne got its nickname “Ace of Spade” after Jay Z took ownership stake in the company. The result is a new-school floral but still dry gin, which makes a damn good martini or any other cocktail you can think of. It was released in commemoration of a century passing since co-founder Henry Egan’s death, with less than 6,000 bottles made available. This new whiskey is bright and bold, with malty notes that wrap around a zing of spice as you sip. Danish tattoo artist Colin Dale created the design of this bottle, drawing inspiration from Viking tales and Norse mythology. Each fall, Distiller’s Cut is released, which adds a 48th ingredient to the mix. Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from, A1 Liquor. There are three expressions available of this double-distilled tequila. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. St~Germain. (2008, February 11). This patented technology makes Medea Vodka the world’s only personally programmable bottle. Four Roses consistently knocks it out of the park with its core range, a lineup of dependable bourbon that could be more expensive than it is but usually isn’t (please don’t raise your prices, Four Roses). Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from, Adelstein, Jake. The nice alcohol bottle became a cultural icon after being featured in the film Lost in Translation. It was aged in French oak, 20 percent of which were Sauternes barrels, and is made only using Ugni Blanc grapes. (2020). (2017, July 24). It is a rare blend of liquor aged between 40 to 100+ years in the Grande Champagne region of France. This delicious Tennessee whiskey from Chattanooga Whiskey has an interesting mash bill made up of yellow corn and three kinds of specialty malt—malted rye, caramel malted barley, and honey malted barley. No judgment if you keep these bottles. Pretty fitting for the name, if we do say so ourselves! KAH-Day of the Dead Tequila. The offset, jagged middle section gives the appearance of the bottle being slashed in two by a samurai sword. How good is Jay Z’s ‘Ace of Spades’ Champagne? This is the cask strength, unfiltered version of the distillery’s Whiskey 91. Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from, Distiller. The age statement means something here, as opposed to brands that slap a random number on the bottle, and no sugar or coloring is added. You’ll find that and more if you consider making any unique alcohol bottle in this collection part of your gift giving. The two will collaborate again in 2020 with a bourbon finished in Walnut Brown Ale casks, so it will be interesting to see how that compares. It’s instantly iconic with the large bold letting, the rivets in the glass. Depending on the variety, you can find these interesting alcohol bottles for anywhere between $40 and $60. The three inner chambers are filled with 100% Blue Agave Select Barrel Reserve Anejo. Her background in research-based writing, linguistics, and advertising gives her an edge in blogging about the marketing industry. Fun Fact: One person can craft 20 bottles per hour at the winery, and as a result no two bottles are exactly alike. (2020). However, a backhand strike would cause any object to slice in the direction of the bottle’s design. The liquid in this bottle isn’t new, but it is of the highest quality. Ten to One is a new brand that blends rum from various countries in the Caribbean. France isn’t known as being a hotbed of fine whisky production, but there are a few distilleries there trying to change that perception. Fun Fact: The cap of each Precious Vodka bottle is topped with one of the following gemstones: sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, peridot, or amber. This time around, it’s Myristicae arillus, which is the seed covering of nutmeg. The liquid was matured in a number of other casks as well, including rye, bourbon, and sherry barrels for a range of 44 to 75 months. The price per egg ranges from $4,000 to $8,600 depending on the materials used. This isn’t an overly complex spirit, but it’s enjoyable all the same. The influence of the Rioja casks is strong here, and that’s a good thing. Mount Gay is another well-regarded rum distillery in Barbados. That simplicity shines through in the flavor of Gray Whale, which is juniper-forward enough for the classicist while stepping just outside the lines of tradition. This extra añejo from Tears of Llorona is released in very small batches once a year. 55 Gifts Your Wife Will Actually, Truly Like, Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America, 2020, Ranking the Best and Worst Celebrity Liquors, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The 29 Best Bottles of Booze in 2019. This California gin is made using just six locally sourced botanicals: juniper, kombu, almonds, lime, fir tree, and mint. There are a lot of unique bottles of liquor out there, so distilleries and breweries across the globe are revamping their packaging to stand out from the crowd. 25 Cool Liquor Bottles Worth Buying For the Bottle Alone. Fun Fact: The LED display can store up to six different messages. You can add this game to your collection for $150. The core lineup consists of expertly sourced whiskeys from the Cooley distillery, but whiskey production is going on at the Dublin facility itself. Alexander worked for over two years to perfect the bottle, ultimately selecting Bruni Glass in Italy to be the manufacturer. Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from, Mercer, Chris. It’s aged for seven years and hits all the right notes with banana, cinnamon, and some yeasty bread on the palate. Don’t get too spooked! The whiskey is bottled at 100 proof, making this a great one to use in cocktails as well. Fun Fact: Only 100 eggs are sold each year. Hibiki 17 Is One Of Japan’s Most Sought-After Whiskeys, But It Can Be Bought Cheap. Who wouldn’t want their drink telling them “Happy New Year?”. Bardstown Bourbon Company sourced this 11-year-old bourbon from Indiana and finished it in Louisville’s Goodwood Brewing Brandy Barrel Honey Ale casks for about a year and a half, infusing the liquid with rich but not overpowering notes of honey, quince, and vanilla.


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