c-axis parallel section (left) and subhedral basal section (right) of brown biotite. Note the presence of the one perfect cleavage on the c-axis parallel section and its absence on the basal section. Rock-forming minerals of metamorphic rocks, in thin section (a work in progress) Atlas of Metamorphic Minerals. Damage produced during thin section grinding causes speckles of light in the biotite, where the crystal lattice has been deformed. Example of Interference Colors: Biotite, Quartz and Graphite in a Mica Schist Here we see mostly brown biotite flakes. Biotite in biotite gneiss, plane polars Biotite in biotite gneiss, crossed polars Biotite in biotite … Habit and cleavage - often appears as tabs or long skinny flakes which may be bent. Thin section of biotite in Morton gneiss, Minnesota River Valley. Biotite A different biotite Another different biotite Scanning electron micrograph of biotite from the Tioga bentonite in Seven Fountains, VA. Biotite in Thin Section Thin Section GigaPans. In the XP view, the biotite interference colors range up to 2nd order red (with just a hint of 2nd order blue). Biotite in Hand Sample. Rock-forming minerals of metamorphic rocks, in thin section ... 101 Biotite Biotite, in high-grade gneiss with cordierite and quartz. This means that biotite in standard thin sections rarely goes completely extinct. In plane-polarized light (left), biotite is brown-green to brown, depending on the orientation of … The colourless inclusions in the basal section are apatite. 19 - Minerals in Thin Section-University of North Carolina 20 - Minerals in Thin Sections-Humboldt State 21 - Online Mineral Museum 22 - QUT Mineral Atlas 23 - Ruff.Info 24 - Scandinavian mineral gallery 25 - UCLA - Petrography Thin-Sections 26 - WWW-MINCRYST. PPL. This tonalite gneiss, mostly composed of quartz, plagioclase and biotite is one of the oldest rocks in the U.S. (~3.5 Ga). Fish Canyon Tuff The biotite show various shades of brown and tan in PP light (it is pleochroic).Biotite has moderately high birefringence. Search for Biotite using: Biotite, metaluminous granite, showing a close-up of one crystal.


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