In the first year, you will be introduced to an overview of fundamental business disciplines including the mathematics of finance, PC essentials, marketing, microeconomics, business law, services marketing and the principles of management. endstream endobj startxref h�B����f�a� l�07�;2���g�LalВl�[q��Ö�l �����cK�ؚe+]���ܕ��(skp���y���� ���"O�*�� �vhG{��{dS!êR�Օ�P���;��:���X_Ӽ-7����6�6�&�=a�^Wo��������&�6�h �#Jj"C�jJ*��~�$~�s��{0�&��� h�� )�S.�r�7p ���>����}�B�@\�N� ?���Ö[)��禐�F�*���\���j(��b�-���q ���4�6y]j�p}�47� �G���P�-2��tȮ�s���Ý�pE��x [�*Zˡ�I��\��ug�4��c������=)]���s�oc��>¦!��+���Ȯ �N�"nSu)@�Ii4+d)!��:�C}����� h����f�! 1323 0 obj <> endobj [���1zv����,�4^G�)od��M��?fE\$�e�u_K�?7�g�~�R,��J��ϐ��c3�x��S�J:�" ��J���f��Zi&*��a�j�o#���3r�!źf2mH�R�Y7�cY�]aa*^�lt1}�PD��h7i[�2u`��*�Gӻ�v�T�J!��3缕j)q@*7Gp��P�f$�XK�+|M��(Pcl���-�`���X�Ѷ�����D=C93���.2W���gǣh7{��C �3/�,3DOc|RY�e�r�!��K����V� The course duration for the BA (Hons) Business Management is three years, consisting of two semesters per year.. Years 1 and 2 consist of six modules per year, three in each semester, worth 20 credits each. 502 0 obj <> endobj *�5A��1j�ph�\%���~�%�Ӽ�V�&�NG�pzM�8���5�z1��&5����~qacG�\��(�e������ ��nL����&���0�q��0�6�A�0!� �Gg���,�0��4��fnҕ�n������NM��|Io�j��n��^�ݿ�4��b�ktj��=tܜ}1�*[���?��ݡ�i�ѧ��U1/��bA�bT�Y7�dUm.�i��Y��) w�[��0n?��/��̪g�2�Ҳ�?�e��UL���bQ�=/!�^ #�)�{"���qU���1Fb��l���ъ:��p�{�uB��8��Dv.�A]��>� OUTLINE EFFECTIVE DATE: September 2020. endobj 55431 At our distance learning business school learn about accounting, human resources, finance and business principles. In Year 2 you will begin to specialise by choosing from a selection of elective modules, as well as completing common core modules. 9700 France Avenue South Bloomington , MN BUSN 2310 Small Business Management (replacing BUSN 1120 effective Fall 2017) BUSN 2400 Principles of Marketing (replacing BUSN 1100 effective Fall 2017) Common Course Outlines Business Management Course Details. An essential part of the course is the students’ development of … endobj PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION DATE: September 2010. alternative to providing this consent, I may call the school at 866-250-6851. Up to $723 off tuition with our Black Friday Savings Offer!Get More Info. In the ICS Canada Business Management Career Diploma training program, you’ll cover topics such as: Time and Stress Management; Management Foundations; Planning and Leadership; Organizing; Motivation and Control; The Future of Management; Mathematics for Business; Improving Your Writing; Types of Business Writing ; Accounting; Business Law; Supply … Course outlines for undergraduate Commerce (BCom) courses can be … ?C� ��, ��� #;?,�:j�A��I@Z���\Ă�k��2�l��A����!�*�*� }0h 866.250.6851 to learn more. %%EOF Business Management . 2 0 obj {x5���JI"`5����Fm��6�\��.CS���R��֌�R;�����ƻ6D�]���� �T�Ydw֊䱩��Z�y�~�j�6!n�V��7��p�D�� F;�]�. 2056 0 obj <>stream For others, it’s a great first step towards exploring a new position. %PDF-1.5 Billing & Posting Clerk and Machine Operator . This accessibility navigation can jump to down to content on the page. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> PROGRAM OUTLINE REVIEW DATE: March 2025. For further detail you can … GENERAL PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Business Management program prepares students for employment in accounting, marketing, financial services, hospitality, local governance and other management … %%EOF Good managers are essential to every business. endobj 0 At our distance As an PROGRAM OUTLINE REVIEW DATE: March 2025 . CBEDS Title: Business Management. OUTLINE EFFECTIVE DATE: September 2020 . technology about educational services and future offers at the information %PDF-1.5 %���� %%EOF �:�t�b�fyN�#���\V}rW�9O�UC�,���E��߰���ZI���%z�zʊ8{B����r����c�7�=�D9�vW})���#�⺬���F�=m%舴�U��v��_�ŒY�z1'�,G:�����X�3n���g�@��Ї7�#�C[�9b��9��>7��bՈ�D��x^x�Ǫ���eA��2�>� hޤ�Qo� �� File Clerk Management, you’ll have the skills you need to be a leader in the business world. 2048 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<884FCF483EC67C45B2587491947925C9><29AB254CB050B64B898798F118B97F74>]/Index[2031 26]/Info 2030 0 R/Length 86/Prev 260779/Root 2032 0 R/Size 2057/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream I understand that I am not h�bbd```b``��3@$�?�d�o�X�Hs�"Y���U`��`R,�D��M`T���$cD$D^��W�20120���e`� �����#@� LR h�b```��,�� cb���`��� /���>�k����03�9���`k�h`�*J�hKO��%i��1�ĭ��DGNv���u�l�n\gqN���-p1��e`�� !���0u40�FD��Ki~���Q���I�RX}P�)�U��H�L�K �|KYL�)�!�V#榃@Z��!�?H'k��``���20� T� <> Job Titles: Bill & Account Collector . Course Outlines Course outlines Explore our course outlines for information on how each course is structured, assessment details, resources, key policies and support. .l�ㆰ�^�$�Kw@k_���\$U&Iz3�����⢬{���:I�CȈg����ܫõ������S���Cmy� ��L�D���k^$��6�)k��yQ���c���


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