It did have quite the kick, but I found it delicious. I see what you mean about eating 25 dates. In fact, dipping the protein balls in chocolate is a great option for sticking larger toppings to the outside. It’s great to play around with flavours – especially with all the various superfood and fruit powders you can use. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Merci de vérifier votre boite de réception ou vos indésirables pour confirmer votre abonnement. Can I make these energy balls keto-friendly and without dates? So what are the ingredients used to make these little healthy energy balls? I actually made them because my pantry was overflowing with bits and pieces from the bulk bin I wanted to use up. Frozen energy balls will keep fresh for at least 6 months. For those wanting something even more dessert-like, you may like these vegan chocolate peanut butter cups. Faites le plein d’énergie avec les energy balls, cette nouvelle tendance gourmande qui ravira aussi bien vos pupilles que vos palais ! To make these cacao bliss balls all you need is a blender or food processor! They are like little Bounty bites but so much healthier. You could also cover the protein balls with melted raw or dark chocolate, for more of a sweet treat. Although I’m probably more of a savoury fan than sweet, even I get chocolate cravings. These Cherry Cacao Energy Balls check off all those boxes. A consommer après une bonne séance de sport ou lors d’un coup de fatigue, mais avec modération tout de même car même si on trouve du sucre naturellement présent dans les fruits et des bonnes matières grasses contenues dans les noix, cela reste donc assez calorique. Now it's time to get stuck in and get your hands dirty. Begin by blending the almonds in a high-speed food processor until obtaining a consistency you like. This cacao & almond protein balls recipe is a quick & simple healthy energy balls snack. These cacao & almond protein balls work perfectly to curb cravings and keep me satisfied. Check out how to make your own protein blend at home: 5-Seed DIY Vegan Protein Powder / Blend. Bon appétit ! One of the best things about these cacao & almond protein balls is that the ingredients are all clean and healthy. Laissez refroidir 1 à 2 heures au réfrigérateur avant consommation. Dans un blender, mixez les dattes, les noisettes et la noix de coco. Blitz this again until the mixture is well combined and clumping together. Plus it takes only a couple of minutes to blend together. Ajoutez les dattes, les flocons d’avoine ainsi que l’eau, puis mixez de nouveau. Pour télécharger votre calendrier offert, vérifiez votre boîte de réception ou vos spams ! Lisez également notre dernier article :– Les bienfaits des bowl cakes, cette tendance qui révolutionne notre petit-déjeuner !– 5 petits-déjeuners équilibrés qui vous feront rêvé ! That way there’s always a healthy snack option available, and you’re not tempted to grab anything unhealthy. Objectif : Apprendre à manger sainement en se faisant plaisir ! What about toppings for your protein balls recipe? Riches en protéines, fibres et vitamines, les energy balls sont des petites collations idéales pour booster l’organisme. Next, add the dates, protein blend, cacao powder and salt. Vous pouvez rouler les petites balls dans de la noix de coco pour une présentation soignée. Plus it takes only a couple of minutes to blend together. Fasting appears onerous to the uninitiated, yet despite its impressiveness, selecting nutritional foods lessens its burdens. 5 petits-déjeuners équilibrés qui vous feront rêvé ! These energy balls also include a protein blend that’s varied and great for a snack. I mostly use Medjool dates because they are soft, with a chewy texture, and are usually much bigger than other types of dates. They are full of antioxidants, protein, omegas and vitamins. Form around 20 protein balls from the mixture. So what are the ingredients used to make these little healthy energy balls? 7 astuces pour manger des pizzas sans culpabiliser, 14 façons gourmandes de consommer des graines de chanvre. Ajoutez les dattes, l’extrait de vanille ainsi que l’eau, puis mixez de nouveau. Renouvelez l’opération jusqu’à épuisement de la pâte et n’oubliez pas de laissez reposer 1 à 2 heures au frigo avant de consommer. As always, if you give this recipe a go then let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Diététicienne-nutritionniste gourmande,  Blogueuse engagée dans l’éducation alimentaire & Auteure de livres. Facile à transporter, vous pouvez les emmener partout avec vous, cela permet d’éviter de craquer pour une barre de céréales du commerce riche en sucres et en graisses ! Borrowed from food stylist and chef, Fern Green's new book, Energy Bars & Balls, they're really easy to make. I like to steep my dates in warm water for around 10 minutes to bring out more of their sweet caramel flavor. With just a few clean ingredients, you can learn how to make a delicious batch of no bake protein balls. I mentioned some options for various powders and crushed toppings. I’m Samira, I make DIYs and I cook rainbow recipes. To thaw them before eating, allow them to sit at room temperature or in the fridge overnight. Plus, there are various benefits to consuming spicy foods too. Diététicienne nutritionniste diplômée depuis 2010 ET diplômée d'un CAP Pâtisserie en candidat libre, Caroline est une passionnée de cuisine et de pâtisserie depuis toujours ! If I want to take them out with me then I’ll wrap a couple into some re-usable beeswax wrap. about me | contact | subscribe, COPYRIGHT © 2020 ALPHAFOODIE Le blog utilise des cookies pour générer des statistiques de visite, personnaliser le contenu et les annonces. The options here are vast – Including crushed nuts, superfood powders, dried fruit powders, matcha, toasted coconut & cacao nibs. I have an admission to make – I love to snack. Luckily these protein balls tick all the boxes. Son objectif ? 3 of my fav ways of serving countdown wheat biscuits are in Bliss Balls, in smoothies and as toasts. And of course, you have your somewhat unusual combination choices including safflower, nigella seed powder, and chilli salt. Begin by placing the almonds in the food processor and pulsing until they are nicely crushed. … Almonds: Super nutritious containing lots of healthy fats, antioxidants, fiber, protein ( 6g per 1/4 cup serving), vitamin E and magnesium. Les bienfaits des bowl cakes, cette tendance qui révolutionne notre petit-déjeuner ! Pour former les energy balls, prélevez un peu de pâte à l’aide d’une cuillère et formez une boule avec vos mains. These work to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Even my favourite fruity snacks can be messy ( scooping kiwi and peeling oranges) when busy or out and about though. Filed Under: Breakfast, Desserts, Gluten Free, Recipes, Snacks, Vegan Tagged With: 15 minutes or less, 30 minutes or less, 5 ingredients or less, almond, almond protein balls, american, bliss balls, cacao powder, dairy-free, dessert, energy balls, energy bites, freezer friendly, gluten free, healthy, healthy snack, high protein, meal prep, naturally sweetened, no bake, protein balls, protein bites, quick and easy, snack, special occasion, vegan, vegan protein, vegetarian.


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