Pick up your very own Fender Flares today. A: Fender flares simply extend the fender lip outward. Fender flares are light, simple and relatively inexpensive. Fender Flares Edge Trim, Fender Flare Rubber Seal for Car and Truck Wheel Wells, Rubber Gasket for Fender Flares Universal, Bonds w/ Automotive-Grade Adhesive Tape, T-Style, 30’ Length, 0.232” Height Paired with a jaw-dropping ducktail and hood vents, well-sculpted extensions can help your car discover its inner beast. Fender flares are attached to your car by bolts inside of your wheel well. To remove them, unscrew all of the bolts connecting the fender flare to the vehicle with a socket wrench. Read reviews to help make sure you're picking the best covers or flares. [8] Upgrade it with extra wide wheels and drop the … The fender will still be attached to the car by small plastic clips, but these clips can be detached easily by pulling the fender away from your vehicle. Take your car to the next level in appearance and style with our huge assortment of Fender Flares. Outfitting your ride has never been easier. Click now to get the lowest Price Guaranteed! They give your car a custom wide-body look that improves the appearance of your car. Why buy fender flares? If you want your flares to attract a lot of attention from passing drivers, this is the style for you. The Original EZ Flares Universal Fender Flares kit is the FAST & EASY way to make your car or truck stand out and protect it from everyday driving damage. Q: How do you install fender flares? Fender Flares for 99-06 Chevy Silverado, Sierra (Pack of 4) OE Style Wheel Fenders Flare Truck Accessories Best for Chevrolet GM GMC Pick-up Trucks Re-Paintable Trim Guards 3.9 out of 5 … Q: What are fender flares? Browse our huge selection of wheel well covers and fender flares. Pocket/bolt style fender flares are for trucks or SUVs with much bigger tires, so these bad boys will provide you with plenty of tire coverage. For 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 FORD F150 4PC Offroad Black Truck Wheel Cover Black Front Rear Car Fender Flares Pocket Rivet Style Body Guard Safeguard your stellar exterior from rock chips & other debris with fender flares & wheel well covers. The EZ Flares install in minutes, requires no special tools or skills and works on virtually all vehicles. Being instantly noticed on the road is a main reason to install fender flares or a widebody kit on a car.


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