Learn More. It has a studio-quality performance and the leather case is a nice addition from Shure to help keep your new mic safe and protected from scratches or other accidents. Phone Hours | CAD Audio Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick Mic, Snare Mic, 3 Tom Mics and 2 Overhead Condenser Mics 4.7 out of 5 stars 67 $199.00 $ 199 . 4.6 out of 5 stars 74. new destination. If you still remain unsure about which product to purchase, we recommend watching and listening to samples of the microphone you are interested in and we wish you the best of luck in finding your new mic as soon as possible! Our Top Choice spot has to go one of Shure’s products, and that’s the BETA 52A. The resonance volume chamber gives the user the ability to completely develop all low-end frequen... Sennheiser e901 Boundary Layer Condenser Mic for Kick Drum. Many customers state that this mic is the best sounding microphone for kick drums in the world thanks to the punch and thump that it manages to reproduce when you play. Kick drum mics have very specific specs that make them different from other microphones and have a lot of factors that make them tailor-made to being used with kick drums or bass instruments in general. Kick drum mics are typically dynamic microphones. Pros: + handles high SPLs (sound pressure levels) + perfect for low-frequency instruments + powerful low end. Many drummers eventually turn to buy a kick drum mic at some point in their career because it is a useful tool if you want to start recording songs or performing live. Trying to choose a mic when you are offered so many fantastic options can be difficult and overwhelming, however, we still hope that we helped you take a step forward towards the right direction. Our Sales Engineers are knowledgeable about all aspects of microphone use and placement. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Its incredibly authoritative low end is possible thanks to the diaphragm’s incredibly low resonance frequency that allows it to capture frequencies below 100Hz. Sennheiser decided to strip the drummers of having to go through that process, and instead introduced a microphone that can lay down on the floor and still record as effectively as if it was supported by a stand. I did a little informal shoot-out with a D-112 (my only other option other than '57's and '58's) moving both mics … CAD Audio Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick Mic, Snare Mic, 3 Tom Mics and 2 Overhead Condenser Mics. The best kick drum mic will help to deliver the enormous and booming kick drum sound that demands the audience’s attention at a concert, whether it’s a small club venue or a huge outdoor music festival. This site is intended for informational purposes only. The slick design of this microphone is very pleasing to look at and original when you compare it to other kick kick mics out on the market today.The large diaphragm that was incorporated into this design enhances the pick up of even the lowest bass sounds and reproduces them as faithfully as can be. If you want a pretty natural kick drum sound, not overly hyped, not boomy, not really 'clicky', then this mic is very good-and for $25, a steal. Selecting a microphone stand is really about figuring out what sound source you want to record. Why We Liked It - AKG is one of the most dynamic sounding mics out on the market today. all of the items in your cart may not ship to the If you decide to invest in this product, you will also be getting a bag to help keep your new microphone safe and sound when you are not using it or when you are travelling. Fender American Professional II Guitars | Jose Rios First Impressions, Digital Reference DRDK7 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit Cable and Stand Package, Prodipe DL-21 Microphone for Drumset - Set of 4, Sennheiser e 604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone, Electro-Voice ND44 Dynamic Tight Cardioid Drum/Instrument Microphone, Shure PGA56-XLR Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone with Drum Mount and XLR Cable, Digital Reference DRDK4 4-Piece Drum Mic Kit Cable and Stand Package, Electro-Voice ND66 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone, Shure PGA56 Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone with Drum Mount, Sennheiser evolution e904 Dynamic Instrument Microphone, Earthworks EARTHWORKS M23 OMNI MEASUREMENT MIC 9HZ-23KHZ, Sennheiser evolution e 902 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone, Electro-Voice ND46 Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone, Electro-Voice ND68 Dynamic Supercardioid Bass Drum Microphone, Shure PGA52-XLR Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone with XLR Cable, SE Electronics V KICK Dynamic Drum Microphone, Audio-Technica ARTIST SERIES DRUM KIT - 4 PIECE, Audio-Technica Pro Series Drum Kit—4 Piece, Avantone Kick Sub-Frequency Bass Drum Microphone, SE Electronics V BEAT Dynamic Drum Microphone, Lewitt Audio Microphones DTP 340 REX Dynamic Microphone, California Transparency In Supply Chains Act. This microphone can handle SPLs of greater than 155dB without distortion. If you change the Ship-To country, some or When using a microphone for recording drums, you need to make sure you have new drum sticks (click here for our full guide). The e602 kick drum microphones are all carefully assembled and finely calibrated, and boast an industry-leading 10-year warranty! Once you decide whether you will be buying a mic to record professional tracks or to play live and not for demos or occasional use, you can move on to choosing mics with fitting specs! The sound here is very crisp and clear and will undoubtedly record your drum tracks without any troubles. Short Mic Stand with Weighted Base and Boom Arm. Shure’s quality design and construction is definitely something exceptional, and that’s why many of their microphones are used when performing or recording live thanks to their endurance. That's why we offer great multi-stand bundles. This product wins the top spot for the best kick drum mic available, and it is the industry benchmark for quality having been used on stages worldwide for over 30 years! AKG’s microphone is perfect for both live and in-studio performances and will give a punch to any recording! The Audix D6 is a fantastic kick drum microphone, and when a live venue utilizes this microphone you can guarantee that the kick drum response will be accurate, clear and powerful. 4.6 out of 5 stars 74. But all of the kick drum mics I have featured in this list are all used by professionals in studios and live venues around the world. The rugged nature of dynamic drum microphones means they are more than capable of enduring the rigors of touring. There is no single way to set up a kick drum mic, but the two options available are either placing it inside the kick drum, which will give a warmer tone, or placing it outside of the kick drum, which will provide you with the big, deep, rich bass drum thump that many people seem to love.


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