As you can see, most commercial kombucha has very little caffeine. 14 mg/0z. For comparison, a regular cup of coffee has around 95 mg of caffeine and a cup of green tea contains about 25 mg. I found most commercial kombucha brewers don’t put the caffeine levels on the label. Especially when you consider that Starbucks Pike Place grande coffee has 310 mg of caffeine. Generally, about a third of the caffeine in the tea will remain in the kombucha after the fermentation … How much caffeine does kombucha have? A regular cup of kombucha tea contains almost 15 mg of caffeine in it. Same as a decaf cup of coffee (even decaf coffee contains some caffeine). The range is extremely broad! It contains a small amount of caffeine. Kombucha is generally considered to have about ⅓ the amount of caffeine as the tea it is made with, so for example black tea, which might have 30-80mg of caffeine per cup may yield a glass of Kombucha with 10-25mg of caffeine. Our classic kombucha contains less than 15 mg of caffeine per 14 fluid ounce bottle, about the same as a decaf cup of coffee (yes, even decaf coffee has some caffeine). The amount of caffeine in kombucha is determined by the concentration of caffeine in the tea used to brew before it undergoes fermentation. So does kombucha contain caffeine? How To Make Coffee Kombucha, the Gut-Friendly Way To Enjoy Caffeine If ever there was a perfect drink to solve our collective exhaustion and love of gut health in one fell sip, it's coffee kombucha. The most common commercially available brands have anything from 4-40mg per 8oz (227ml) serving. Green tea Kombucha might have just 2-3mg of caffeine. Kombucha Caffeine Content. To your surprise, kombucha tea is a caffeinated beverage. isn’t enough to give most people an appreciable amount of energy.


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