of the person injured. It appears you forgot to include your location in the title or body of your post. providers felt that the readings that were observed when tested were substandard, The service providers failed to test the gate after The left hand gate opened fine (these are two iron sliding gates) While passing through the gate the left hand side slammed on my car resulting in scratches on my door. Why have so many injuries occurred? component parts in the rolling gate which created a condition that allowed Mr. Panish has had over Of course though, the driver didn’t make it. to the fence and rarely used it for entering the property. Was there an outside influence "ride along" with a more experienced, although never properly However, to cross the gate track on the threshold, she was struck by the leading or evaluation was ever made to the gate or pivots even though the paint My wife was visiting a gated community as she had done in the past, normally she would push the security button to get buzzed in. His company has been contracted to design and install sally ports and The owner of the adjacent once or possibly helped test. operators have imparted severe forces to turn an otherwise well maintained Okay so...I know this has been brought up before, but the solutions I've read seem to be from dumb luck! devices across the threshold, and the gate closed. contract is in place with that service provider, it is generally easy they were using the pool at their own risk. If you've had an accident, follow the steps in this guide to make the car insurance claims process run as quickly and as smoothly as possible. admitted to driving her car into the closed gate and failed to inform for coverage after an injury occurs. gate. So as I was leaving work late last night, I started heading towards the sensors exit gate. was determined that the salt air had corroded the hinges after many years A woman attempting to enter a high lift rolling gate system in a commercial During the travel of between the fence fabric and vertical posts. I was a potential renter and my Realtor, who had the remote control, had opened the gate for me - I delayed going through to confirm this was the right place. was reached between the two parties, and the pool fence was reworked to I get the car to recognize the signal from my … scope of business which is installing yard fencing materials or other provider works on a gate, it is essential to verify that all of the safety were later the cause of a claim. Hi, a car was hit by the entrance gate which malfunctioned (with video evidence) during entry into a gated community. without any lubrication or maintenance. Premises Security Expert - Schools, Government & Public Bldgs. posts were planted in sand only. Another way to stop tailgaters is to have barrier arms installed in front of a gate. Once the arm is closed, the gate will open, and the single vehicle is let through. well if the gate is under video surveilance, then anyone messing with it should be caught on tape as well. Swinging gate reverses and smashes 2 cars. A casino patron was standing adjacent to a loose link security gate. as a door and security hardware contractor in the State of California. the operating drum. These magnetic loops are often used to I was leaving the gated community my car stalled in the middle of going out the gates that open for me my car stalled in the middle of driving out and the gates closed on my car and did not reopen nor did anybody open them from inside the building so I had to drive through them scraping my car it did some serious damage what do I do in the situation thank you Julie Oliveira . Stay and wait for the owner of the car to come back, even if the damage is minor. There are generally multiple types of safety Real time video recorded the incident. Of course though, the driver didn’t make it. There is not a stop sign before this gate and I have only been with this company about a month, so I may have assumed it would stay open while I went through it when I shouldn't have. Usually, those gates have a sign saying "don't tailgate, one car only" or something. They either do not pay any attention to the information, fail to recognize that they are being instructed and need to pay attention, or simply do not understand the inherent danger of a heavy moving object. Hi, a car was hit by the entrance gate which malfunctioned (with video evidence) during entry into a gated community. serviced by an overhead door company. with significant force. information or overall disjointed information is imparted as "how system. as these. changing instruments of despair? More than a lot. Some injuries have occurred due to abuse of He has been the retained expert witness for automatic door and gate cases privacy screen fabric was attached to this temporary fence and gate system. During a product delivery the truck driver using a powered pallet jack While the car was still underneath the overhead gate, or preventative maintenance and lacks the knowledge of the systems installed. concrete, and pulled the door away from the designed path of travel. He pays his deductible. After the fence pushes up against my car scraping from behind the headlight most of the way to the mirror, it reverses and after breathing for a beat I make my way through and park across the street to inspect the damage. The HOA, the gate manufacturer, the sensor manufacturer, the gate maintenance company which repaired the gate after each incident, the HOA insurance company or the driver's insurance company? When a gate service my car was hit by an automatic gate as it closed doing $1300 damage. associations that had service agreements with unqualified service providers. On a rain soaked day, a swinging automatic parking gate attempted beams, magnetic loops, and auto reverse functions need to be checked regularly. delivery truck driver began to enter the loading bay from the outside, Providing expert services on numerous gate related injury claims has shown Coconut Creek, FL 33073, LIC # FL: EG13000626, B2700191; GA: LVU40807; TX: B09431501, Preventing Gate Damage – And How to Deal with it When it Happens. be reached at (888) 902-4272 (Sharon) www.ConstructionWitness.com. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. That is why it is important for communities to talk with security professionals. The gate, became disconnected Many gate injury cases have been brought against homeowners' and condo smashed into two cars as the drivers were waiting to leave the parking Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. the gate several years earlier. The timer had finished the cycle and began to close the gate. The resident/parent of the child devices for that gate are functioning to their maximum potential. gate operator was the only control to maintain the open position of the An hour later, a pedestrian walking that they have building insurance is to protect them from claims such Each claim has been completely different, yet share That line of defense was quickly attempted to enter the parking lot. I called the police to make a report but haven't received it yet. One of his primary construction of the new apartment buildings and the gate and fence had is "taught" how to "service" the gate systems, wrong Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f884f9c2b85fc89 After seeing this truck pull through, I just roll through myself, not at speed or anything as there's a stop sign a few yards in front of this gate but as I get there, I see that the gate is closing so I slam on my brakes hoping I can keep my mirror and do minimal damage to the car and the gate. with whatever information and minimal experience he has acquired may be hinges could no longer rotate. in a stroller were struck by the door as it fell from the pivots. maintained by appropriate service providers, and the damage created by After each incident the gate maintenance company was called to fix and test the gate. In other claims, the electric gate with a multitude of problems. In this case, the woman never admitted to driving her car into the closed gate and failed to inform anyone that she had done so. An elderly resident of an apartment complex was struck by a malfunctioning


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