Is particularly suitable for low-input conditions and fragile environments. Common thing in both cases is that the agricultural and forestry activities are … are deliberately used on the same land-management units as agricultural crops and/or animals, in some form of spatial arrangement or temporal sequence. In agroforestry systems there are both ecological and economical interactions between the different … Concept In order to get clear and complete understanding on agroforestry and its different systems as well as for their further improvement, it is necessary to classify them according to some modern criteria. Places emphasis on the use of multiple indigenous trees and shrubs. Considered as an integral part of productive agriculture, this practice can include forests that are established by landholders and existing native forests. It is the integrated and self-sustained land management system that involves the growing of agricultural crops deliberately along with the trees or woody components. The outputs are not only on oil palm primary products and alternative crop products, but … Agroforestry can be considered more as an approach than as a single, finished technology. Involves the … Concept of agroforestry. Three chapters (11-13) that constitute Section III deal with the plant aspects; brief notes on about 50 of the commonly-used multipurpose trees and shrubs in agroforestry and illustrations of several of them … Further it, Combines production of multiple outputs with protection of resource base. The focus of the project is to enhance the resilience of small-scale farmers to the effects of climate change and to open up new possibilities for income generation. While this agricultural method is seen a very beneficial by … Agroforestry is the method of managing and integrating trees, crops and livestock on a common plot of land. Thus, a second definition of agroforestry would be the integration of trees, plants, and animals in conservative, long-term, productive systems. Eliminating the reliance on cash crops, and diversifying … Since all agroforestry systems refer distinct agroforestry practices in which agriculture (crops), forestry (trees) and pastures (animals) uses of land are combined either temporally or spatially where the … It may also include rearing of livestock along with cropping of trees. It is a flexible concept that involves both large and small land holdings. Agroforestry is a collective name for land-use systems and technologies where woody perennials (trees, shrubs, palms, bamboos, etc.) Agroforestry is collective name for land use systems involving trees combined with crops and/or animals on the same unit of land. The word agroforestry is derived from the combination of two words that is agro, meaning "agriculture crops," and forestry, meaning "forest trees”. Sample Proposal: Agroforestry and Sustainable Farming Practices in Kaule, Nepal. It is a farming method that allows trees and shrubs to grow along with agriculture crops and/or livestock, that means blending agriculture and forestry in the same production system. This small grant proposal was shared with us for learning purposes by the organization KEN in Nepal. … Definition and Concept of Agroforestry Definition and Concept of Agroforestry . agroforestry and the underlying concepts and principles of the subject, the major agroforestry systems in the tropics and the recent developments in each of them are discussed in Section II (Chapters 3-10). Rather than focusing on the production of oil palm primary products, agroforestry systems also contributed to other crops and food production thus increase farm productivity. … The concept of agroforestry is not new and is in practice for quite a long time. concepts associated with agroforestry that make this system of land management possibly the most self-sustaining and ecologically sound of any agricultural system.


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