15 points: Correctly spelt a word that the other team also has. Du möchtest dieses Thema intensiver üben? Countable and uncountable nouns - A lot of, much or... By james33 Grammar guides + practice. Zum Mittagessen hatte ich ein Schälchen Nudeln. While native speakers have no trouble using countable and uncountable nouns correctly, second language learners may struggle to remember which nouns are which. Next, elicit the different food categories (e.g. Would you like to have, CHRIS: Great, Let's go over there. Use this fun food card sorting ESL game to practise countable nouns and uncountable nouns with your ESL/EFL students. Einige englische Nomen haben eine zählbare und nicht zählbare Form. Eine Tafel Schokolade am Tag hält dich gesund. bread/paper/information/Brot/Papier/Informationadvice/chewing gum/equipmentRat/Kaugummi/Ausrüstungfurniture/luggage/newsMöbel/Gepäck/Neuigkeit. At the checkout, Mike doesn’t have any money, just a few coins in his pocket – oops! (siehe. eine Flasche/ein Korn/Glas/Laib/Stück/Kilo/Gramm …). Key is included. Elicit whether each item is countable or uncountable. We hope that you've found a few of these ideas useful. As a follow-up activity asks students to write a description of their room at home listing the various items that can be found in that room. Countable/Uncountable Nouns (zählbare/unzählbare Nomen), Die meisten Nomen im Englischen sind zählbar, Einige Nomen im Englischen sind unzählbar, Materialien, Flüssigkeiten und Oberbegriffe sind oft, Viele nicht zählbare Nomen werden nur im Singular verwendet, Einige Nomen werden nur im Plural verwendet, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Food and Drink, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Unzählbare Oberbegriffe, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Counting Uncountable Nouns, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Singular/Plural, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Countable and Uncountable Forms, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Environmental Issues, Countable/Uncountable Nouns – A Recruitment Consultant. B.: a bottle/grain/glass/loaf/piece/kilo/gram of…)eine Flasche/ein Korn/Glas/Laib/Stück/Kilo/Gramm …). Aim: Review and solidification of countable and uncountable noun and noun quantifiers, Activity: Review discussion followed by multiple choice dialogue fill-in exercise, Level: Intermediate to upper-intermediate, Identify the following objects as countable or uncountable, information, rules, sheep, money, learning, rice, bottles of wine, equipment, traffic, stone, stones, talent, web sites, clothes, music, deserts, land, nations, peoples, fish, pollution, understanding, RAM, artworks, orders, food, Choose the correct answers in the following dialogue, information UNCOUNTABLE, rules COUNTABLE, sheep COUNTABLE, money UNCOUNTABLE, learning UNCOUNTABLE, rice UNCOUNTABLE, bottles of wine COUNTABLE, equipment UNCOUNTABLE, traffic UNCOUNTABLE, stone UNCOUNTABLE, stones COUNTABLE, talent UNCOUNTABLE, web sites COUNTABLE, clothes UNCOUNTABLE, music UNCOUNTABLE, deserts COUNTABLE, land UNCOUNTABLE, nations COUNTABLE, peoples COUNTABLE, fish COUNTABLE, pollution UNCOUNTABLE, understanding UNCOUNTABLE, RAM COUNTABLE, artworks COUNTABLE, orders COUNTABLE, food UNCOUNTABLE. Thank you!!! Sandra wants to make a cake tomorrow. When complete, the board might look like the following: A bowl of: cereal, porridge, fruit, rice, soupA box of: cereal, chocolates,A bottle of: water, wine, lemonadeA cup/mug of: tea, coffee, hot chocolateA packet of: crisps, biscuitsA glass of: milk, wine, lemonadeA can of: Coke, tomatoes, soupA slice of: cake, bread, pizza. Food expressionsFor this speaking task, the students will learn some useful food-related expressions. He could very well become the next champion. When the round is over, count up the scores like so: 20 points: Correctly spelt a word that the other team doesn't have. Mit Lingolia Plus kannst du folgende 11 Zusatzübungen zum Thema „Countable/Uncountable Nouns“ sowie 747 weitere Online-Übungen im Bereich Englisch drei Monate lang für nur 10,50 Euro nutzen. Be sure to check out our complete list of elementary level ESL lesson plans, A2 lower and A2 upper, as well as our entire collection of ESL lesson plans. Here are a few examples you can give them: CustomerI'm fine thanks.For the starter, main course...I'd like the ____ please?Can I have____please?Do you have ____ ?How is/are ____?Yes, thank you.Here you are. Next, have the students write down what they ate yesterday. Teaching resource | Countable Nouns: Apples, burgers, cookies, Sausages, Eggs, Potatoes, Pancakes, Chillies, Tomatoes, Carrot, Uncountable nouns: Sugar. Finally, split the class into pairs and have them complete the table with as much vocabulary as they can think of. aber: Gemüse ist im Englischen zählbar → one vegetable, two vegetables)ein Gemüse, zwei Gemüse). Little exam 1. Students at this level may already know some useful phrases, so try to get some examples from them before adding a few of your own to the board. This could be used as a pair work activity or as a fun game in groups. WaiterGood afternoon, sir/madam.How are you?Can I help you?


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