This easy cranberry cupcake recipe is inspired by the delicious cranberry bliss bars. There is a fabulous texture to homemade cranberry sauce. I have updated the recipe so that it is no longer incorrect. Say that three times fast. The frosting…I have, um, eaten almost a bowl… #thetruthhurts, Cupcake love in this post, goodness gracious. Turn the heat back down to low and add in the reserved cranberries. It’s all about the balance! If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe. They are beautiful and the cranberry filling is delicious, but you were right, the cake is DENSE Mine came out like a tasty brick, and I’ve gotten many of the dreaded “muffin” comments. The cranberry sauce makes more than enough to fill all these cupcakes. You can substitute apple juice but apple cider tastes a little different! Bake for 25 minutes or until the tops are golden and spring back when lightly pressed with your finger. Cranberry sauce is mixed into a basic buttercream frosting to create a fresh seasonal flavor that complements the gingerbread cake. Happy baking! Other than completely changing the recipe, those are my suggestions. Combine the heavy cream and 1/2 cup corn in a food processor and puree until smooth, being careful not to overblend so the cream doesn't turn into butter. Eeeep… your cupcakes are always so EPIC! With all of the birthdays and anniversaries in our family, and then Christmas and New Year’s Eve…it’s just a big, delicious month of baked goods up in here. This is a “wet” frosting, if it too thin, add 1/2 cup additional powdered sugar. There is a fabulous texture to homemade cranberry sauce. […], […] Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes from American Heritage Cooking […], […] Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes from American Heritage Cooking – Soft, melt in your mouth, apple cider cinnamon cake filled with an apple cider cranberry sauce then topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, cinnamon sugar pie crust leaves, and apple cider syrup. Okay, these are gorgeous and OMG. Mix butter and one cup powdered sugar in a bowl until combined (about two minutes). I really love the flavorful combination you used here.. I guess you’ll just have to make them instead! Mix butter, powdered sugar, and cranberry juice with your mixer until nice and fluffy (there it is again!). I am obsessed with cranberries too! I couldn’t find this step in the recipe. It is low carb, keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly. This is also a great frosting for spreading on with an offset spatula, so you could always go that route. I’m all about cranberries right now, stirring it into my oatmeal or wherever I can get them in! . But I’ll take that title none the less! I should use them up soon. . Sift together the flour and baking powder in a medium bowl, then lightly stir in the salt and set aside. Tender yellow cake filled with cranberry sauce and topped with cream cheese icing. Your email address will not be published. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar with a mixer on medium speed until mixed and creamy (about two minutes). No. Alternately add flour and apple cider in three additions on low speed beginning and ending with flour, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. You don’t have to, and you can definitely substitute regular cinnamon. #JoinTheFizztivities #CollectiveBias. It was the new pumpkin up in here! Whenever the holidays roll around I feel compelled to bake. What a great choice for any of your Holiday Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes! Appetizers & Snacks Seriously unbelievable and your photography – I just want to reach in and grab it! Aren’t cranberries so much fun to photograph? - Rants From My Crazy Kitchen, Big Fly » 18 Ridiculously Decadent Cupcakes You Have To Make Before You Die, Holiday Baking as Homeschool Curriculum -- Over 100+ Recipes! Do you recommend I bake them at a lower temp / shorter time? Hi Alison, These are denser cupcakes. Add powdered sugar on low speed until the powdered sugar and butter is completely combined. *Melting Butter: I melt my butter in the microwave in 10 second intervals on 50% power until almost all the butter has melted. . Last week I used it in Baked Brie. The opening line of this article sold me in seconds. To make the icing beat the butter and cream cheese until smooth. That way I always have some on hand if I need them. Don’t forget to pin this yummy The Best Cranberry Buttercream Frosting for later! My husband was skeptical but I won him over . Everything you make looks so healthy and delicious! Scrape down the sides of the bowl between each addition. Share on Instagram and tag @carrieelleblog! It was a good thing I only make 25 . I do not like when the cream separates from the butter, which will happen if you cook it too long or at too high a power (or heat on the stove). xoxo, Thanks, Love! Lindsey – your idea of sugaring both sides of the dough you used for those leaves is simply brilliant! Fitness, Food, Lifestyle Blog | 50 Of The Most Delicious Cupcake Recipes, 10 Christmas Cupcake Recipes To Make Holidays Merrier, 45+ Homemade Holiday Desserts - Retro Housewife Goes Green, 16 deliciosos pasteles perfectos para navidad - LemonLime, Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes | Perfect for a winter wedding or bridal shower! You are definitely the queen of cupcakes, Lindsey! I know. Hi JB, It depends how big your leaves are. Since these sweeteners can be more expensive this helps with my food budget.4 eggs, sugar free cranberry sauce (click for my recipe), sugar free dried cranberries, finely chopped, optional. We used Simply Orange and Simply Cranberry juices for the cupcakes and the frosting. You can even freeze your homemade cranberry sauce. When making a simple cream cheese buttercream like this, I always use room temperature butter because if either the butter or the cream cheese are too cold, they will create little lumps that just wont come out! She loves her kids, her husband, her horse, her blog, books, and TEA. Finally gently fold in the 6-8 diced Cranberries with a spoon. I am following you..!! Hi Ryanne! Our The Best Cranberry Buttercream Frosting gets its yummy cranberry flavor from classic Cranberry Sauce. Thanks, Pravin!!! […], […] On the eigth day of Christmas my true love gave to me eight Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes […], […] Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes by American Heritage Cooking […], […]  Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes ~ Delicious homemade Spiced Apple Cider cupcakes with a cranberry sauce filling and topped with an […], […] muffins. I was also thinking you could use room temperature butter instead of melted butter, which will allow more air to be incorporated and trapped during the creaming process! And what adjustments would have to be made? They turned out good. Thanks, Jessica!! Cranberries and the Holidays go hand in hand so we created a new version of our classic The Best Buttercream Frosting that features this festive fruit. You’ve totally got this, girl!!! Add the egg and vanilla and beat until it’s fluffy. These cupcakes…everything about them just sounds amazing, and they’re beautiful! Bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes or until they puff up and are brown around the edges. Cut out little leaves or shapes and place 1 inch apart on a baking tray. These cranberry orange cupcakes are perfect for parties and holiday desserts. Buuuut I tossed out what I did because I didn’t like it. The sugar on the bottom caramelizes and gets all nice and crunchy. Using a hand mixer beat together the butter and sugar on medium-high speed until thick and lighter in color, 2-3 minutes. I find it hard to focus around cupcakes too! The size of your cut outs will directly impact your cooking time. Thank you so much for your reply! Divide betwween the muffin cups and bake until an inserted toothpick comes out dry (about 23 minutes in my oven). If you liked our The Best Cranberry Buttercream Frosting post, follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram! (my challenge: i don’t do alcohol, so) can i simply use apple juice instead of the cider??? And thanks for stopping by to let me know! I am on vacay and would so love to meet! Pack in an air tight container or freezer-safe plastic bag for the best results. It is low carb, keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and dried cranberries for a pretty finishing touch. Line a standard muffin tin with 12 paper liners. I hope you bought some flour so you can get baking! Make sure you don’t miss new recipes by getting email updates! Any tips on how to achieve a smoother frosting?


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