2014-05-07 9:08 AM. I'll be across the aisle from the KC Track Club. Experiment and see what works best for your body. I just realized this is … BigT New Member. I did some reading, cycling magazines, hammer's nutrition bible, and men's health magazine. I typically fill my Camelbak with Gatorade and a little water to dilute the contents, but this last weekend I opted for the Cytomax. NormaTec MVP Boot vs. Recovery Pump Boot; New NormaTecs? I'm looking for some info to educate me ony fueling during the race. Discussion in 'Racing and Training' started by BigT, Apr 27, 2009. I understand that the bottle will have about 1000 calories but do you drink it straight in sips over 4 hrs? Compex / Marc Pro / Globus Tips; Anybody using Compex Sport stimulator? If there is a lot of climbing, I do "feel" like Perpetuem and Cytomax work better for _me_, with the longer rides favoring Perpetuem more. I have sampled nearly every sports drink out there, but Cytomax always eluded me. https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/ro-hau-mon-nhe-co-tu-khoi-khong.html? As a carb-muscle-fuel, electrolyte & amino acid formula, CYTOMAX supplies the essentials that every bodybuilder should be consuming before and during their workouts. So you can combine Perp and Heed? Introduced in 1989, CYTOMAX is one of those foundation formulas that started strong and just keeps going. I found the hammer products, not just heed along or perpetuem will save you. Cytomax vs. Gatorade. Help keep STR alive, Gatorade, cytomax, emergen-C, metamucil, diluted juice, myo...whatever. some kind of food, (avoid a bagle), you need something’s with more value, I would take about 2-3 bottles worth of perpetuem, 2-4 hammer gels, and endurolytes, Food, 4-5 bottles worth of perpetuem, 4-5 hammer gels, and endurolytes, http://www.hammernutrition.com/za/HNT?PAGE=ARTICLE&CAT=VEGGIE&ARTICLE.ID=1252, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). It all depends on your riding distance. Lately I've used osmo in races. The name has been popular for many years, and the Cytosport company makes products for all sorts of athletes, but it was just this past year I tried Cytomax Performance Drink.. Discussion in 'Racing and Training' started by BigT, Apr 27, 2009. please click the donation button below. It could be psychological. Cytomax Sports Performance Mix broke new ground in the world of sports nutrition when they introduced it in 1989. Cytomax and Heed only have a 3 carb difference, so I wouldn’t worry about having too many carbs. HEED, Cytomax and Gatorade Oh MY! Hum, that creeping feeling of leg fatigue. Perpetuem instead of Heed or (b) Heed + your favorite energy gel. Maybe it was all in my head, but I did feel better during the ride and after the ride after using Cytomax in my Camelbak. I'm seriously in a debacle here. It also has 54 grams of carbohydates, which means you could cut down on the GU. I'm seriously in a debacle here. Another option is to combine the Hammer Heed with Endurolytes powder to customize the amounts of electrolytes, and continue to use the GU. HEED, Cytomax and Gatorade Oh MY! bottles, premixed (just like Gatorade and Powerade). Affordable Recovery Boots from Amazon; Bike Brand Owner Threads. in reply to: respro. Heed also has a healthy amount of sodium (40mg/ serving) and potassium (25mg/ serving) that helps replenish electrolytes. Recovery Boots. In training I'll drink anything. I know nothing about this stuff. I don't use either anymore. https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/dia-chi-chua-tri-benh-viem-duong-tiet-nieu-o-dong-nai.html, https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/chi-phi-chua-tri-benh-viem-duong-tiet-nieu-o-dong-nai.html, https://suckhoegioitinh.info/nguyen-nhan-dau-mot-ben-tinh-hoan-phai-va-phuong-phap-dieu-tri.html, https://suckhoegioitinh.info/nhan-biet-cac-dau-hieu-viem-mao-tinh-hoan.html, https://bacsitructuyen.net/viem-duong-tiet-nieu-man-tinh.html, https://bacsitructuyen.net/chi-phi-chua-viem-duong-tiet-nieu-la-bao-nhieu.html, https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/dia-chi-chua-tri-benh-u-xo-tu-cung-o-dong-nai-hieu-qua.html, https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/chi-phi-chua-tri-benh-u-xo-tu-cung-o-dong-nai.html. Several people have mentioned the IM cocktail vs concetrated perpeteum/cytomax. And one of the worst things I discovered was that once the sugar is burned up, depending on how long you're riding it will go after you muscle next, rather than carbs in the sport drink. So the best of both worlds in one bottle? If you're running at the KC Marathon this weekend (and even if you're not), I hope you'll drop by my booth at the Health & Fitness Expo. bottles, premixed (just like Gatorade and Powerade). Here’s how my structure works. The reason, (if I'm telling this right) is that while consuming the sugar, the carbs are being stored, therefore, muscles are the first to be attacked. Is a Normatec really worth it? https://dakhoabienhoa.vn/benh-ro-hau-mon-nen-an-gi-va-kieng-an-gi.html? It has been fueling and hydrating elite athletes ever since. I bought it on a whim, when the option of a “Peachy Keen” flavor caught my eye. Maybe it was all in my head, but I did feel better during the ride and after the ride after using Cytomax in my Camelbak. I use to use gatorade, before I used cytomax. I noticed that Cytomax is now available in the 32 oz. I use a combination of products and even food. I don't know if its doing anything for me when I ride up to 50+ miles. BMC (Time Machine) Official BMC Time Machine Owners Thread; New BMC Tri/TT … Joined: Jan 27, 2009 Messages: 176 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 Location: Laguna Nighetto. Can anyone tell me what it means to make a "4hr bottle" of concentrated perpeteum? Elete Electrolyte Add-In https://elete.com Provides four essential electrolytes to replace all the minerals lost in sweat. Liquid fuel that is. In the case of Heed sports drink that I mentioned last week, it comes with 26 grams of carbohydrates per serving, with two grams derived from sugar. I came to the conclusion that each agreed that products supporting lots of sugar will give you a boost yes, but it will wear out fast and cause you to crash sooner. Discussion in 'Racing and Training' started by BigT, Apr 27, 2009. Total: 49 (members: 1, guests: 37, robots: 11). Also, I'd like to know what are your fuels of choice. Thanks!


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