He is very focused on gathering information, and does not underestimate his opponents even if they are below his level of power; also, he is not willing to allow an enemy who has seen his abilities to live. Finally, chapter 117 picks up the thread. Type of Villain Geryuganshoop | He is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, a group of aliens who invade other planets. Impressed, Boros launches his final attack, the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which was a huge beam of energy strong enough to wipe the entire planet's surface. Occupation Leader Sky King | Finally, could Metal Knight have tested some of his world-conquering robot army on Genos' home village? In the area of his body below his chest, there seems to be another eye, which moves in synced with his original one. Powers/Skills Armored Gorilla | After losing one arm, Boros unleashes his Meteoric Burst form, continuously attacking Saitama and kicking him with enough strength to send him to the moon. After his battle with Saitama, he's come to realize how superior Saitama is compared to him. The two Knights have appeared sporadically since then, but neither version of the One-Punch Man story has elaborated on the true meaning behind this scene. Hellfire Flame | Volten | The final episode saw Saitama effortlessly take down the formidable Elder Centipede. Psykos Being classed as a Dragon Level Threat, Boros is a very powerful monster that can destroy multiple cities and even has the potential to destroy the entire planet itself. Bakuzan | More details now finally arrive. He eventually grew bored, deciding to turn to galactic conquest and creating the Dark Matter Thieves, traveling the space to find an opponent who could give him the fight he desired. Saitama returns and uses his Normal Chain Punches, which pulverize Boros though he recovers almost instantly. 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Boros awaits at his throne at first, but after hearing explosions inside the ship he goes to the control room, where Geryuganshoop informs him of a intruder that invaded the ship and was killing their forces. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Gale Wind | Boros' personal goal is to find an opponent who is worthy of his might, so he traveled to planet Earth to fight Saitama. Alien invaderLeader of the Dark Matter Thieves After the Dark Matter Thieves attack A-City, the heroes go outside to confront them. Overgrown Rover Elder Centipede | The comic book story is much further ahead, with the official translated Viz release coming towards the end of the Hero Association's invasion of Monster HQ, an arc that has comprised many ridiculous and frenzied battles. Praying Mantis, Ninja Village Groribas | Kombu Infinity | In season 1, when Boros and his alien thieves attack Earth, the S-Class heroes assemble to fight back and Drive Knight takes this opportunity to tell Genos that Metal Knight is his "enemy." In One-Punch Man's long-awaited second season, Saitama competed in a martial arts tournament that ended in dramatic fashion when the Monster Association made themselves known with a series of violent attacks. When the armor is broken by Saitama's punch, he attains a more intimidating and slightly more muscular build, while his skin darkens in color, parts of his body grow scales and spikes, and his markings start emitting energy, and gain a lighter color. His overall strength and power rivals with Saitama's casual strength. The revelation that Metal Knight/Bofoi is a villain with secret designs for world domination explains Drive Knight's season 1 warning, however, a question mark remains over why Genos was chosen to receive it specifically. His face is covered with crack-shaped markings that start from his eye(and cover most of his body presumably). Lord Boros is a slim, cyclopean alien with lightly colored spiky hair and pointed ears, which are adorned with multiple earrings. Alias Ninja Village Leader Immeasurable strengthImmeasurable speedImmeasurable agilityImmeasurable sensesImmeasurable reflexesEnergy projectionRegenerationTransformationHigh staminaMaster hand-to-hand combatantExcellent leadershipAlien army Executives Drive Knight, Genos, and Child Emperor watch Tatsumaki besiege the alien spaceship. Hellfire Flame | Boros One Punch Man In the battle with the Dark Matter Thieves, he warns Genos to … Beast King | Although he seems to have an answer for everything, Drive Knight has arguably been just as suspicious as Bofoi, suggesting there could yet be another twist to this mystery. The other being. At first, he is seen wearing a full body armor that suppresses his powers. This is possibly to avoid allowing his opponents to learn and therefore exploit his weaknesses. He was later given more of an alien look. Gale Wind | Drive Knight appears to be an incredibly tactical and calculating fighter. Drive Knight goes further, accusing Bofoi of being captured by the Monster Association intentionally so that the villains would gain valuable intelligence against the Heroes. The doctor seems largely amoral, preferring the gathering of data over actually defeating enemies, and he refused to take part in the attack on the Monster Association base, despite Child Emperor's pleas. Full Name Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting pick and favorite topics include superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy.


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