While other pot roast recipes might call for rump or beef chuck roast cuts, Meyer opts for brisket with a nice layer of fat on top. Pour the sauce over the brisket slices to serve. Instant Pot Instructions: Place the brisket in the Instant Pot, fat side up. Sprinkle with onion garlic brown sugar. But, did not change the ingredients. Turn on the slow cooker and cook the brisket on low heat for 8 – 10 hours. We also enjoy making sandwiches from the leftover Brisket. Pot roast isn't really a specific recipe or cut of meat — it's more of a method. Slow cooking beef shin or brisket in Asian aromatic spices gives a melt-in-the-mouth main course that's delicious with steamed rice and crisp stir-fried vegetables 3 hrs and 35 mins Easy Remove the brisket from the slow cooker and slice it against the grain. Just the cooking time. A roll, slaw and pickle on the sandwich is wonderful. It’s that easy! RELATED: 20 Crock-Pot Beef Recipes to Try for Dinner Tonight. Take a big cut of tough beef, brown it if you can, then cover and slow cook Brisket: From the breast or lower chest with long strands of meat. … SLOW-COOKER BRISKET. I have made this brisket between 4-5 pounds also. 1. I got this recipe from the Texas Beef Council. This recipe is quite delicious for its simplicity. https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/entertain/best-brisket-recipes Presenting ten easy beef brisket recipes to get you going.


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