In the episode "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E." Yeah, he beats Thanos. I think he could beat despero. The Spectre arrives on the moon, where Eclipso ambushes and kills him, absorbing the Spectre's powers upon his demise. In the beginning, God's Spirit of Wrath was made flesh to punish the wicked and wash the world clean of vice and iniquity. going by the op, this a random encounter with no power ups, standard characters/equip, that is a powered up Eclipso, I believe. The magic of the Starheart is one of the most powerful things in the DCU, he only did this by absorbing the starheart. [19] With the help of Essence the other heroes manage to trap him again in the black diamond, which is then sent to somewhere safe. [8] He eventually possesses Superman by upsetting him via his possession of Lois Lane. He later escapes and Eclipso is tricked into possessing Superman and Superboy, which leaves Gordon to be taken into custody and the black diamond is destroyed. Just to get the ball rolling, here are some of Eclipso's feats. The United States sent an investigation team consisting of Cave Carson, Bruce Gordon, and Gordon's fiancé, Mona Bennet. This weakened the binding spell, allowing Eclipso to possess anyone who became angry while in contact with one of the shards. Eclipso had the power to defeat The Spectre. During the escape, Mona's father was snatched from their vehicle, but he later returned alive. Your first post was ambiguous, I don't know if you said that the Starheart didn't help him, or the feat with the Starheart is nothing impressive. I believe so, which is also why I stated the version of Eclipso being used should be specified. Eclipso subsequently kidnaps the Shade, Acrata, Nightshade, Shadow Thief, a French supervillainess named Bette Noir and a Canadian superhero named Dark Crow, all of whom possess shadow-based abilities. She is foiled in this attempt by Blue Beetle and Traci Thirteen. As a former servant of God, Eclipso is able to "speak" the angelic language; a combination of harmony, discordance, vibration and telepathy. Then, he was known as Galid. Her sanity restored and Eclipso purged out of her, a terrified Loring tearfully begs for forgiveness, screaming that she was crazy when she murdered Sue and that it 'wasn't me!'. Eclipso's transformations were later altered so that any type of natural eclipse, lunar or solar, would cause Eclipso and Gordon to split from one another, while an "artificial eclipse" -- an object blocking out a light source -- would merely transform Gordon to Eclipso. [30], Eclipso and his main host Dr. Bryce Gordon are featured in the Smallville Season 11 digital comic based on the TV series. The Spectre destroys the Heart of Darkness along with the remains of Eclipso's palace on the moon, burning them to ash with the Holy Power of God and casting the ashes into space. They why hasn't he defeated the Spectre straight up with out any aids or power ups?? Eclipso is tasked with destroying the Justice League and forms a Legion of Death to do so. In his later appearances Eclipso boasts even greater possession power than previously seen and after possessing Maxwell Lord, his abilities to possess and corrupt people were intensified. Eclipso first appeared in House of Secrets #61 (August 1963) and was created by Bob Haney and Lee Elias.[3][4]. @van_cere: What? [21], Eclipso is subsequently revealed to be an inhabitant of Gemworld with the powers of House Onyx and House Diamond and was once Kalaa of the planet Gilaa. Series writer John Ostrander chose to portray this as a distinction between the Spectre's pursuit of "vengeance" and Eclipso's pursuit of "revenge". When Lar Gand discovered Eclipso's palace on the moon and wandered inside, it inspired Eclipso to possess all of Earth's heroes and use them towards his ultimate goal, the conquest of Earth and revenge against God for imprisoning him inside the Heart of Darkness. Series writer John Ostrander chose to portray this as a distinction between the Spectre's pursuit of "vengeance" and Eclipso's pursuit of "revenge". He's on a DBZ level of planet breaking. Bruce Gordon and Mona Bennet led the Earth's superheroes in an attack on Parador, in an attempt to destroy Eclipso once and for all. The Spectre was not the first embodiment of the wrath of God, but was Eclipso's replacement. Any bright flash of light would banish Eclipso back into Bruce Gordon's body or reverse the change. Ragman tried to consume her, she burned out his suit. All Alex had to do was capture one of them, make them say 'Shazam' and they would summon their lightning bolt to power his machine.


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