The head loss in a fully developed laminar flow in a circular pipe due to friction is directly proportional to … ? R.F.>1 for small size objects like a wrist watch, pencil cell, thread needle, button etc. Of A Section Plane? Note down the units to be measured i.e. Question 39. Practical applications of interpenetration of solids: Connecting pipe to a cylinder, making a tee joint in a pipe line, arm of a person going into the main body. Explain the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow. 73. Question 36. These are normally put from left to right whether written on a horizontal/vertical/inclined dimension. R.F. Why Is The Layout Of Sheet Is Necessary? Name The Principal Planes Of Projection. Aligned system of dimensioning is more common. but different units. Physical Design Engineer Interview Questions. ENGINEERING DRAWING Interview Questions :-1. Under what kind and condition of a fluid the velocity potential exists ? 30. What is the difference between lower pair and higher pair ? (ii) They are used in the calculation of gain margin and phase margin. 12. These are normally put from left to right whether written on a horizontal/vertical/inclined dimension. The pressure caused on the walls of a pipe due to a fluid at rest inside the pipe or due to the flow of a fluid parallel to walls of the pipe is called static pressure. Question 21. Why The Drawing Is Called The Language Of Engineers? of a section plane: It is a line in the vertical plane where the cutting plane is meeting as well as perpendicular to the vertical plane. At constant capacity, head is proportional to. Find the true length and its true inclinations with HP and VP. What do you understand by run-of-river scheme in hydro power generation ? What is the difference between steady and unsteady flow ? What Are Different Methods Of Dimensioning? Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. 31. Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview, Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Answers PDF. Projection on a plane to which it is inclined will be less than the true length. Example: Construct a scale having 2cm = 1 m to show m and dm and it should be long enough to measure a distance of 10 m. Draw a line of 20 cm length. Please send me my email address, please send me question&answers of mechanical engineering in pdf format…i need it, send me the all mechanical engineering interview question and answer, Yesterday my interview so send me immediately. The approximate constant and continuous power which is assured at power station and would be available throughout the year is called firm power. Reaction turbine. The standard size of sheets according to I.S.I. The object is cut by a horizontal plane to see the internal invisible details in the top view. Mark ten points on the left side of zero. It is defined by the location of its two ends with respect to the principal planes of projections and its true length. 100. Write some important observations regarding projections of a straight line. Tag: Engineering Drawing. What Are The Positions Of A Line With Respect To Hp And Vp? What is meant by relative stability ? BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions, Amplify signal without affecting its waveform, Remove unwanted noise signals that tend to obscure the input. Where should centre of gravity of a body lie for it to float in stable equilibrium ? For the same size, length and condition of pipe, how the friction head loss changes if pipe size is varied. Question 23. 13. Why thin-plate orifice is frequently recommended for flow measurement in most of the cases ? How may types of bonded strain gauges used ? 1. NOTE: All these planes (HP, VP and PP) are at right angles to each other. 41. Question 10. What is the criterion for determining economic diameter of power tunnel ? What are the characteristics of precision ? Bode plot is a logarithmic plot used to represent transfer functions. (4) Data transmission element 64. Front view and top view will overlap each other and thus there will be no clarity and it will all be only confusion. Plane is a two dimensional figure with limited/ unlimited two dimensions. There are standard symbols for types of lines, types of letters, types of materials, types of sections, types of joints used in industry as well as daily life. 62. Question5: What is difference between a plane and a lamina? of a section plane? Why Drawing Is Called Universal Language Of Engineers? Why Are The Projections Of Objects Not Drawn In Second And Fourth Angle Of Projections? should be located below the metacentre. Divide it into 10 equal parts to represent 1 m each. 2. There are two main types of problems on the projections of a straight line: Question 30. 9. Various methods to find the true length and inclinations are: Question 28. 250+ Engineering Drawing Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are different methods of dimensioning? 47. If angular speed of cam is increased two times, how much jerk will be increased ? (iii) Presenting the processed measured variable in quantitative form. For a journal running in a bearing clockwise at steady state, where will be the minimum clearance ? The projections of a line are given. What Are The Requirements For The Construction Of A Scale? If the line is inclined to HP, its top view on HP will be shorter than the true length. What Is The Principle Of Development Of Surfaces? R.F. Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Freshers PDF. Vertical trace (V.T.) In hydrostatic bearings lubricant is supplied at a high pressure to a pocket in the bearing. Home » ENGINEERING DRAWING Questions » 300+ TOP ENGINEERING DRAWING Interview Questions and Answers. It is proportional to the square root of the distance from the leading edge. The title block should contain the following information: Question 38. 74. Define the term contraction coefficient. Horizontal trace (H.T.) What Are The Ways Of Sharpening A Pencil For Good And Accurate Work And Which Type Of Pencil Is More Suitable For Drawing Work? 98. 13. of links minus 2. If you're looking for Tag: Engineering Drawing and whether you’re experienced or fresher & don’t know what kind of questions will be asked in job interview, then go through the below Real-Time Tag: Engineering Drawing PDF to crack your job interview. These can be placed side by side or placed over one and another. The ratio of change of momentum of a mass of fluid is equal to the vector sum of all external forces acting on it. Froude number. So Engineering drawing is a starting point of all engineering branches such as Mechanical, Production, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer science, Chemical etc. Diagonal scale: In which, one can measure certain units, its one tenth value as well as its one hundredth value. At constant head, capacity is proportional to d25. Divide the first part into ten equal divisions to represent 1 decimetre each. Sub-divide 1 main part into 10 parts on the left side of zero. 15. A2 (594 X 420), Centre of gravity of body should be located below metacentre. What Are Different Types Of Scales? In steady flow the velocity at a given point does not change with time whereas in unsteady flow it changes with time. 27. What is the ratio of damping coefficient to critical damping coefficient called ? H.T. It is used to determine velocity of flow in pipe. It is a ratio of size taken on drawing sheet to the actual size of the object. Define Representative Fraction (r.f.)? 66.67%. Question 11. Engineering Drawing Interview Questions & Answers. Sub-divide 1 main part into 10 parts on the left side of zero. Orthographic projections are done on HP, VP and PP planes. What Are The Various Methods To Find The True Length And True Inclinations Of A Line When Its Projections Are Given? What Are The Standard Sizes Of Drawing Sheets According To I.s.i. What for pycnometer is used ? Question4: What do you understand by the V.T. P.—Profile plane for left or right side view of an object. It decreases. (5) Data processing element I want to need it immediately, so please it to my email so only. Engineering drawing is a graphical language of an engineer to convey one’s ideas most effectively, easily, conveniently and with high speed. R.F. What Is The Trace Of A Line? 68. When the line when produced meets at some point to HP. What is boundary layer ? Horizontal trace (H.T.) Drawing sheet of size 594 X 420 i.e. Due to uneven extension and contraction of belt. 20. What is the value of coefficient of friction for ball bearing ? Kaplan turbine. 7. Distance of the front view is always from the HP. Required fields are marked *. Question 37. Question 13. Culverts are built at the points of lowest valley to pass water across the embankments of highways or railroads. Define The Trace Of A Line. For what type of flow, the streamlines, pathlines and streaklines are virtually identical ? There are two methods of dimensioning: Unidirectional system: All the dimensions are placed in one direction only. (ii) It is a measure of the degree of repeatability or reproducibility of the measuring system. Plain scale: In which, one can measure certain units and its one tenth value. Question 22. For example a sheet of paper is a lamina. Front view is marked by a small alphabet with a dash. What is the difference between anti-friction and hydrostatic bearings ?


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