Above statement tries to find a method with name AddNumbers in the class myClass. So we can use the console.writeline (“….”) or readline in our program. Set Property accessor is used to set the value. Ans. Q#1. A Mutex is also like a lock but it can work across multiple processes at a time. If we do not want any program to create an object of a class, then such classes can be made abstract. This was essentially an effort to create web services using Microsoft’s existing Visual Studio Tools without forcing developers to learn new scripting languages. It does so by instilling Microsoft .NET-based programming languages with the ability to make formal queries. Collections are re-sizable in nature. From the Example in Question 32, Class Patient is the Publisher class. Traditionally, the .NET Framework has been based on Web Forms. Once the thread completes the task, the thread returns to the pool. Threads are created by extending the Thread Class. How to Parse a Date Time String? Answer: StreamReader and StreamWriter are classes of namespace System.IO. Answer: A String is a collection of char objects. Read Robert Half's tips for making a graceful exit. But in C# this is done by the garbage collector on its own. Compile time polymorphism is achieved by operator overloading. All the methods in an abstract class are implicitly virtual methods. The only thing that it contains is the declaration of methods, properties, and events. To help, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet of 16 essential .NET developer interview questions with background and sample answers, as well as a few other tips to assist in making your search more successful. It is used for exception handling. If you’re not, then bring in someone from your team who is. But the other threads can be created to execute the code in parallel with the original thread. //----------------code to read-------------------//, //-------------code to write-------------------//, //-------Do Something with the deathDate event------------//, //--------Subscribe the function GetDeathDetails----------//, //--------Subscribe the function GetPatInfo ----------//, //Write Code to calculate Count of characters in a file//, //-----------------some code------------//, Class is Pass by reference (reference type), Can use waste collector for memory management, Cannot use Garbage collector and hence no Memory management, Following instructions and receiving feedback. First, a word about these top .NET interview questions…. It is of three types, Action, Funcs and Predicate. Q#2. lock(objA) internally calls. It makes the control of the program to exit the loop. Question 39: Explain Get and Set Accessor properties? So, Abstraction helps in knowing what is necessary and hiding the internal details from the outside world. But System.out is used to display normal messages and results whereas System.err is used to display error messages and System.in represents InputStream object, which by default represents standard input device, i.e., keyboard. security, scalability). Make sure candidates respond to the second part of this .NET interview question, addressing how these terms are related to each other. Answer: Few Properties of thread class are: Question 42: What are the different states of a Thread? finalize() method is called just before an object is destroyed. Answer: C# has System.IO namespace, consisting of classes that are used to perform various operations on files like creating, deleting, opening, closing etc. The class Console is defined under System. This is another programming language that .NET developers use, and it represents the lowest possible level for a language that humans can still read. Loading the Common Language Runtime(CLR). What he doesn‘t have to know is an Internal engine, Exhaust system. A class is a blue print or Mold using which individual objects are created. Ans. Question 20: What is the difference between finally and finalize block? It means whenever the myDel is called, both the subscribers get called. Runtime polymorphism is achieved by overriding. For example, Collections has methods for finding the max element in a Collection. Question 18: What are Boxing and Unboxing? Read-only variables can support reference-type variables. So the next step will continue in the same thread. A string class in C# represents a string. Private - Not accessible outside object scope. It triggers the death event and the other two classes should receive the event. A stack keeps track of what is executing and contains stored value types to be accessed and processed as LIFO (Last-In, First-Out), with elements inserted and deleted from the top end.


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