Created: May 23, 2013. Regular verbs ending in "ir" in the present tense Page 109 EXERCISES Page 111 19. EXERCISES Page 108 18. pdf, 75 KB. 8 and 9. homework. is. Regular Verbs 1 • Infinitive All French verbs have infinitives ending in -er, -ir, or-re. 4 Quel âge (avoir) ta mère? In the present tense, to conjugate an-IR verb we have to add the appropriate ending by removing the infinitive (IR) ending. Regular verbs ending in "re" and "oir" in the present tense Page 113 EXERCISES Page 115 20. Marion (jouer) dans le jardin des voisins. Tu (chanter) dans une chorale. a) Nous part … The present tense of ‘er’ verbs: Practice Read More » Updated: Nov 16, 2014. ppt, 2 MB. is. doc, 25 KB. Preview and details Files included (4) ppt, 2 MB. The pdf files (and particularly the interactive exercises) provide loads of verb conjugation practice. 8 and 9. verb flowers. 8 and 9 intro to er verbs in present tense. A simple explanation of "Conjugate -é(-)er, -e(-)er verbs in Le Présent (except -eter and -eler)". About this resource. 7. Some of the worksheets for this concept are The present tense regular er verbs, French verb conjugation practice, The present tense regular ir re verbs, Er verbs, Present tense regular ir verbs, Work er and ir verbs answers, The present tense ir verbs, How to conjugate french verbs present tense. Show all files. Nous (rester) ici pour le week-end. Tu. French IR verbs exercises – Worksheet. Soixante ans, je (croire). Pouvoir (can/be able to), vouloir (to want), devoir (to have to/must) Page 117 EXERCISES Page 118 21. The resources in this post are based on French ER, IR and RE verbs in the present tense. French er present tense verbs. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Er Verbs French. 8. it. Mettez les verbes dans la forme correcte: verbes irréguliers au présent Put the verbs in the right form (present tense) 1 Qu’est ce que vous (dire)? il / Elle. issons. 9. Let’s practise! Vous (regarder) la télévision après le repas. Lucie (téléphoner) à son amie. 3 Nous (apprendre) le français à l'école. Je ne (savoir) pas exactement. Les filles (aimer) porter de jolies robes. The conjugation for the regular-IR verbs in the present tense are as follows: Je. Info. In French, they have three different types of verbs in the infinitive (er-ir-re). Regular verbs are normally classified into three groups, according to their infinitive ending: 1. parler(to speak) 2. finir(to finish) 3. vendre (to sell) The stem of the verb is obtained by dropping the infinitive ending -er, -ir, … 6. 10. This is a list of the 100 most common ER verbs in French, colour coded with audio and full verb forms. Je ne vous (comprendre) pas. 2 Nous (voir) nos petits enfants chaque week-end. Revise and improve your French with detailed content, examples, audio, … Learn off by heart the conjugation pattern and the endings for each subject pronoun and you will be able to conjugate any regular ‘er’ verbs in the present tense. 1) Add the appropriate ending! Nous.


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