[10], The actual lightfastness is dependent on the strength of the radiation of the sun, so lightfastness is relative to geographic location, season, and exposure direction. Light & Weather Fastness Tester complies with ISO105-B02/B04, AATCC 16-2003, GB/T 8427/8430, etc.锚文本, Light fastness tester is a good machine, to determine color fastness to light, weather and light aging of various colored textiles and other materials by simulating both light and dark cycles and nature weather conditions by specimen holder and rack sprays and long-arc-xenon lamp equipped.Light & Weather Fastness Tester TF420. The Xenon testing device: In the test room (visible through the viewing window in the middle), the test samples are ex- [8] Black colourants are usually considered the most lightfast. Only the best dyes are used (dyes for the automotive industry) to ensure optimal conditions for everyday use. Following step is maintained during measure the color fatness to light. In the workflow of the Blue Wool test, one reference strip set shall be stored protected from any exposure to light. The particle size of the inorganic pigments is often larger than that of organic pigments, thus inorganic pigments are often not suitable to be used in offset printing. As the relative humidity increases, the light fastness decreases. Then the experiment continued at 72 hours according to the buyer’s requirement. According to the test regulations for upholstery of DGM (“Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.”), at least level 4 is required, for particular high demands it is level 5. To measure the color fastness a blue scale is used. When it comes to fabric, this question comes up a lot. We have an exclusive product not seen on the market. Thanks for your sharing. AATCC 23, ISO 105-G02 colour fastness burnt-gas fumes. It is suggested that each laboratory should regularly carry out internal and external eye comparisons to ensure the stability and consistency. Color fastness to washing means, A specimen of the textile, in contact with one or two specified adjacent fabrics, is mechanically agitated under described conditions of time and temperature in a soap solution, then rinsed and dried. This way straight test results can be guaranteed. [1], The most well known scales measuring the lightfastness are the Blue Wool Scale, Grey scale and the scale defined by ASTM (American Standard Test Measure). The industry standard for indoor upholstery fabric is 40 hours of lightfastness. The light fastness test ends when a fadingon the test sample. In order to determine the lightfastness of a print, the samples - together with the socalled Blue Wool Scale - are exposed in an ATLAS „Suntester CPS“ or similar appropriate equipment to standard xenon light. After completing the test, sample is compared with the blue scale. TESTEX is one of the leading developers and textile testing equipment manufacturers since 2010, focusing on developing and manufacturing instruments used in textile industry all over the world. Here a distinction is made between color fastness and light fastness. A colorant molecule with an unsaturated double bond (typical to alkenes) or triple bond (typical to alkynes) acting as a chromophore undergoes reduction in the presence of hydrogen and photons of sufficient energy, forming a saturated chromophoric system. The quality of colour fastness of textiles is not unfamiliar to most consumers, for example, black jeans turn grey after being washed twice, new socks dye your soles, white bottom shirts are “polluted” by dark sweaters, and silk dresses become colourless after being washed only once. AATCC 16, ISO 105-B02, GB/T 8427 colour fastness to light. The machine looks good and I want to know more about it. As a result of UV light, the substrate material supplies hydrogen to the colourant molecules, reducing the colorant molecule. If it is required that there will be something visible from the printing, even though its dominant pigment would fade, then a small amount of pigment with excellent lightfastness can be mixed with it. I is excellent lightfastness and it corresponds to ratings 7–8 on Blue Wool Scale. Colorfastness to Light August 2014 Page 1 Colorfastness to Light ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines Test Method Descriptions ® ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines make fabric specification easier. Saturation reduces the length of the chromophoric system, resulting in the fading of the colorant. Revolution Performance Fabrics is pleased to announce our official outdoor fabric line! Later you find that these finishes stop working and disappear? Effective humidity rate is evaluated with red azoic painted moisture sensitive cotton fabric on the basis of Blue Wool Scale. Color Fastness to Light with the Microsol light Fastness Tester: The testing is done step by step. From this year’s spot checks of textiles and clothing by various national quality supervision departments, the unqualified colour fastness occurs frequently. The sun’s UV and visible light rays can affect every material ranging from your skin, to metal, and even outdoor furniture fabric. Color fastness to washing is one of the most important and common quality parameter from the point of view of consumers. So it needs to know how much protection ability have a fabric to sun light. Then the experiment continued at 72 hours according to the buyer’s requirement. We have an exclusive product not seen on the market. The color difference to the original color is then evaluated through a so-called blue scale with 8 levels. [7], Phototendering, i.e., photochemical tendering. For clothing with complex structure, how to test colour fastness and evaluate whether it is qualified? Perspiration fastness refers to the ability not to fade and not to stain when dyed fabric is perspired. LIGHT FASTNESS: When conducting this test, the upholstery fabric is exposed to artificial lighting for a longer period of time (approx. Lightfastness is a property of a colourant such as dye or pigment that describes how resistant to fading it is when exposed to light. Most outdoor fabrics are coated with PFC chemicals that bead and repel water. As the hydrogen is removed, the material undergoes oxidation. The testing principle and process of colour fastness testing are generally simple, but sometimes the results of laboratory testing are inconsistent for the same fabric. 4), the color fastness of an upholstery fabric also is a substantial quality criterion. Watercolors, inks, pastels, and colored pencils are particularly susceptible to fading over time, so choosing lightfast pigments is especially important in these media. [7] Inorganic colourants are considered to be more lightfast than organic colourants. Your email address will not be published. Then the holder set in to the Microsol light fastness tester. For example, Electronic Crockmeter, Perspiration Tester, Light Fastness Tester and so on, which are good helpers for testing colour fastness of textiles. http://www.testextextile.com/product/water-cooled-light-weather-fastness-tester-tf422/, It is a good machine for textile testing, and wild range of use. The test sample is exposed to light for a certain time which is about 24 hours to 72 hours or by customer/buyer demand and compare the change with original unexposed sample the changes are assessed by Blue Scales. Please tell us a bit more for better serving you, thank you!


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