Though the Furies went to Earth to aid Big Barda and her lover, Mister Miracle, they soon returned to Apokolips to be punished for their betrayal of Darkseid. During a mission to capture Glorious Godfrey, a New God that had been imprisoned on Earth, Lashina was betrayed by Bernadeth and shoved out of the boom tube. The Furies refused to speak peacefully to Wonder Woman, and in the ensuing battle, the heroine was shot in the neck by an explosive dart from Bernadeth and thrown into the fiery pits by Stompa. Only two of the Furies are merged with Marvel characters: Lashina and the Scarlet Witch merge to become Red Lash, and Stompa and the Blob merge to become Blobba. Her memory returned and she planed to return to Apokolips. During a time she was stranded on Earth, she used the name Duchess and worked with the Suicide Squad, but only to look for a way to get back home. Catwoman apparently becomes the new Lashina, wearing an outfit similar to hers. The Furies have also made numerous appearances in stories set outside mainstream continuity, and in animated adventures. The plan ended in a battle against Apokolips forces once the group arrived. Bernadeth and Mad Harriet are also seen in the series, though they are not merged with any Marvel characters. Lashina has since battled Young Justice, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman. She became "Duchess" and joined the Suicide Squad, a United States government agency that used super-powered beings to fulfill various missions. The Female Furies are an all female military unit lead by Granny Goodness which serves as both an elite strike force and honor guard for Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips. In the Marvel/DC crossover series Unlimited Access #1-4, the Furies appear as part of the New Gods. She and the rest of the Furies battle Shilo Norman in an attempt to stop him in his quest to free Aurakles, the world's first superhero. [20], Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Although Lashina is one of the few Furies that do not initially appear in the animated special, An alternate version of Lashina briefly appears in, Lashina appears as a support card in the mobile version of, Lashina appears as a playable character in. Lashina does not appear alongside the rest of her team mates when they were initially taking over Super Hero High. headquarters to his lair in the Amazon jungle. [15], During the escalation of the war between Apokolips and New Genesis, Lashina attended the birth of Jacob, the son of Big Barda and Mister Miracle. A 3.75" action figure of Lashina was made for the DC Universe: Justice League line in 2005. [14] During the chaos, Lashina battled the soldiers of A.R.G.U.S. New Earth [10], After the events of the Darkseid War left Apokolips without a ruler, Lashina joined Granny Goodness and several other Furies who had remained loyal to Darkseid on the outskirts of the planet called the Deadlands. Lashina, still in human form, was one of those running the Dark Side Club, an illegal arena where spectators gambled on battles between brainwashed teen metahumans. Jack Kirby Eventually, she engineered a return to Apokolips and convinced many members of the Squad to come with her, while others she outright kidnapped. She is extremely long-lived and superhumanly strong, immune to all earthly diseases and resistance to conventional injury. They nearly escaped the club but were cut off by Static, who proceeded to shock them into them unconsciousness. The Female Furies are popular guest stars in the DC Universe but rarely have their personal lives or personalities been explored in much depth — save for Lashina who spent time on Earth as "the Duchess." 1 #6 (January 1972). [11], At some point later, Lashina and her comrades were freed from their imprisonment by Darkseid, who had been slowly regaining his power on Earth. While Lashina distracted Quinn, Bernadeth pricked her in the back with a knockout poison. Lashina was then given leadership over the Female Furies by Darkseid, much to the annoyance of Bernadeth. She convinced a number of the Squad members to come with her, and others she outright kidnapped. [3] During the battle, Lashina confronted and killed Bernadeth. Mister Miracle #6(February, 1972). Sharing leadership with Bernadeth, Lashina was often the field leader of the Furies, while Bernadeth lead them while not in the field. Lashina was later resurrected by Darkseid and sent with the Furies on another mission to retrieve Mister Miracle, but he escaped. The powerful Fury with electrical whips and superhuman abilities, Lashina has been a leader of the team for years, although this has been disputed by fellow member Bernadeth for years, leading to many conflicts between the two. Lashina was a dangerous New God of Apokolips, the field leader of the Female Furies. Lashina can lift at least 40 tons and her incredible physiology gives her superhuman endurance. Instead, she appears in season 3, helping them escape from Belle Reve. During the events of Final Crisis, Lashina, once again in her bald-headed human form, is seen as one of the villains running the Dark Side Club, an illegal arena where spectators gamble on battles between brainwashed teen metahumans. Lashina can take a few hits from a cannon or blaster of Radion. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Within the story, Lashina and the rest of the Furies are given human form by Darkseid, with Lashina taking on the appearance of a bald-headed dominatrix prostitute. The survivors of the Suicide Squad were allowed to return home. It's source is currently unknown, it's effects are toxic only in sustained amounts or after explosive exposure. Though the Furies initially stayed on Earth to aid Big Barda and her lover, Mister Miracle,[2] they soon returned to Apokolips to take their punishment for their betrayal of Darkseid. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Lashina was raised as a warrior in Granny Goodness' Orphanage, and took over leadership of the Female Furies when Big Barda left Apokolips for Earth.


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