Maybe it was a “C” neck but I really need to know. In contrast, the V-neck makes more contact with the palm of my hand while I’m playing. Please try again later - we are experiencing technical difficulties. It does shorten my reach just a bit on the fret side. The STRATosphere So which neck is better, the V-neck or the C-neck? Fender is currently offering two production neck profiles. I also have smaller hands/fingers and that would be the deal breaker. I have a 76 Gibson SG I play now but frets are starting to wear and I want to keep it original so I’m looking at a new axe. The C-neck leaves a small pocket of space between the palm of my hand and the guitar neck when I’m playing. '50s Classic Strat         Eric Clapton Strat        American Deluxe "V"    Jimmie Vaughan Strat. Fender’s V-neck profile is a soft “V” neck profile: As you can see, the difference is quite obvious when looking at the necks side-by-side. Phone Hours | . But the V-neck sits nicely in my palm and I am able to wrap more of my hand toward the neck which makes reaching all the way across the neck with my fingers when soloing a little easier. playing, usually 9.5” radius, the Fender gold standard for the past 25 years. The rounded neck heel and beveled neck-plate improve access to the upper register and make leads easy and comfortable. V-Mod II Stratocaster pickups are voiced specifically for each position, creating a perfectly balanced tone with the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend. It’s important to note that the fretboard itself is the same compound radius on both the V-neck and the C-neck profiles. Thank you for your request. The STRATosphere is not an authorized dealer or reseller of Gibson products. on 12th Jan 2019. When the Fender Mod Shop was created to allow users to design the guitar of their dreams through their computer, tablet or smartphone, there were 70,000 possible combinations from which to choose.. Now, add a few more, as the Mod Shop has added a new "C-to-D" neck profile option for Stratocasters and Telecasters in addition to the already existing American Standard modern "C" shape. The STRATosphere is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments. Modern “C” Shape: Thin profile, easy/fast They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. This Stratocaster features a two-point tremolo bridge with vintage-style saddles for superior tuning stability, tremolo action and ease of adjustment – and the upgraded cold-rolled steel block increases sustain, clarity and high-end sparkle. American '52 Tele        GE Smith Tele             '69 Thinline Tele          '70s Classic Strat, All prices are in USD | Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I do feel like the V-neck is more cumbersome while playing fast phrases. Neck Shape C Shape Modern C U Shape V Shape Deep C 1963 C Oval Orientation Left-Hand (4) Right-Hand (75) Fingerboard Radius 7.25 inches (13) 9.5 inches (53) 12" (305 mm) (9) 9.5" to 14" Compound Radius (241 mm-355.6 mm) (4) » 10 Ways to Improve the Tone of a Fender Stratocaster. I’m not sure what the neck was but it seemed to be rounded slightly over the fingerboard and seemed like the heat from your fingers made the note. This is a match made in heaven for players with larger stature or those who also improves tone/sustain. These necks have an ultra-comfortable flattened oval shape fit for just about any style (particularly modern rock). The picture below shows some of the commonly used neck profiles on modern electric guitars. So if your heart is set on either a red or black American Deluxe Stratocaster then you’re going to be playing on a V-neck. It all comes down to personal player preference and a bit of Stratocaster history. Some find the C-shape much more comfortable than the V-shape and vice versa. Fender is currently offering two production neck profiles. The whole subject is fascinating, not just as a musical instrument, but as an iconic object and aesthetically so pleasing. I like feeling a chunk of wood in my hand while I play. Sweetwater Sound Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. fingerboard. I can tell you from personal experience the differences I’ve noticed in how the necks feel. Below is a list of the 3 most popular profiles we offer including key Fender models that each can be found on. shaped profiles. Learn More. When the Strat was introduced the neck was a V-shape and was later changed to a C-shape because of player feedback to Fender asking for a more comfortable neck shape. I’m sure you’ve heard people say “Nothing plays like those old 50’s Fender Stratocasters!” Part of the reason for the difference in playability is the fact that that 50’s Strats had a V-shape neck. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. What I’d like to know is what is the difference in the Deluxe neck and the standard. An upgraded 2-point tremolo with a cold-rolled steel block increases sustain, clarity and high-end sparkle. They are the “C” shaped neck profile and the “V” shaped neck profile. neck profile is the best fit for their hands and playing style. crafted in the Fender factory back in the 50s. Get Directions | It's time to bolt on your next dream neck! deep “c” neck profile with rolled fingerboard edges Delivering both comfort and speed, the American Professional II Deep “C” neck profile is slim at the nut and fills out gradually as it approaches the neck joint to create a natural feel that’s perfect for chording and single note playing alike. A performance friendly push-push switch on the second tone control activates the neck pickup in switch positions one and two, adding two unique pickup configurations not normally found on a Strat. Bridge Pickup Position 2. Your email address will not be published. I don’t have the longest fingers like a lot of guitar players do. Well it’s as simple as looking at the letters “C” and “V” because the back of the neck where your hand rests is shaped exactly like one of those two letters. Comparing both, the Modern "Deep C" is just a tad bit thicker than the former. If I was looking to buy a new Stratocaster, the shape of the current V-neck and C-neck Strats is so subtly different that having one neck or the other on my Strat would not be a deal breaker when purchasing.


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