I ordered a Powered stand up table and monitor. Lowie was very helpful. The customer service is really great and consistent on follow up and ensuring customer is satisfied. In our opinion, Flexispot is definitely the next best thing, if you’re on a budget and looking for a more affordable option. Thank you Lambert for your awesome customer service. My husband is getting a lot of exercise! Maybe you’ll place a keyboard underneath? In our experience people that can afford the price-range definitely go for the Varidesk, but we say it’s worth it to give Flexispot a chance. The customers that bought this product love the corner set up and some of them get multiple desks for their workspace. Also some people might consider the keyboard tray a bit slippery. 5. Till next time. But if you need something portable and just don’t have too much space, a portable drafting board is a great solution. I only adjust the resistance, but my husband uses many of them. This workstation saves space, as it only lifts and lowers vertically. It’s all up to you. In error, I ordered two monitors and called FlexiSpot. Then Lawrence followed up with an email. The Ergonomics Health Association helps you implement safe workplace habits. It comes with an electric function, can be height and width adjusted, and it was made with double steel tubing. Thanks to him, hopefully I will be receiving my order soon. Good job guys. Thank you for your help. It was made of PU material which is thick and bouncy at the same time. The difference is in the frames L-shaped design that should provide you with more workable space. It also has to be thicker than ¾’’. It supports much more weight compared to similar products on the market. Thank you Lawrence and FlexiSpot!Today I called customer service and Alyssa Requio helped me out. This model, just like all in the Flexispot series rises within its own footprint. Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk Workstation: Product is very good and customer service excellent. Some people received instructions while others didn’t. While this workstation is good for light cardio and does increase focus, it will not slim you down fast. The price of this unit is not too far from the previous models, so it’s more a question of how much space you can afford. I bought it for me, but I’m happy to share. Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk Workstation Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk Workstation: Product is very good and customer service excellent. It’s in our living room but you barely notice it unless it’s in front of the TV. Overall I had a great experience esp with customer service. Very happy with this choice. Though there were some delays in the product delivery (COVID-19), issue was handled excellently by Casey Magno. If you’re thinking about buying a standing desk, you’ve probably heard of the Flexispot brand. You can choose any kind of solid wood and make that your platform. Others still swear by Varidesk. Some customers have experienced issues with odor coming from the mat that lasts a long time. The 47’’ wide desk comes with the usual single handle that is used for raising and lowering, and you also get the standard 12 levels of height adjustment. We hope our Flexispot Standing Desk Review 2019 was informative enough, and it answered some burning questions regarding different brands. My experience with FlexiSpot has been amazing. This company has great products and the best customer service. The assembly is quite simple, all you have to do is attach the upper part to the lower part and you’re done. Overall you’re looking into quality build and nice design. You can program it to remind you to switch your sit/stand position, and it can memorize 3 height settings. Some people might choose to use it for drawing, while reading or even working. You've already flagged this Monica 1 review. The only thing to worry about is not to place too many heavy objects on it because it will be tougher to adjust it. Take off your shoes and step on the Flexispot Anti-Fatigue Mat to rest your feet while working on your standing desk. Larger work surface – The Varidesk has a lot of borders and cut out areas on their surfaces, whereas the Flexispot provides a clean smooth surface, giving you more space to work with. I ll definitely order from Flexispot in future . Here you work with the help of a controller which can be a relief. If you feel like you need that extra exercise while watching TV, the Flexispot Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike has you covered. This is how to make and keep happy customers.I am very impressed with Rachelle. If you have needs for a larger workstation, then FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk – 47″ might be a good choice for you. What people truly love about this standing desk frame is the freedom of customization, and the sturdiness of the product.


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