Pure pomegranate juice is another food that supports immunity via its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. After all, digestion takes a fair amount of energy — energy that may be better used to fight off invaders when we’re sick. This could be increased to 10 billion if you are hoping to alleviate a specific health concern. You’re better off avoiding these. The role of nutrition in enhancing immunity with aging. I was down and out. Exerc Immunol Rev 2011;17:64-103. In addition to being one of the top anti-inflammatory foods, walnuts contain several nutrients that play a role in supporting the immune system, including vitamins E and B6, copper, and folate. Which is why, in cases of mild or moderate illness, it’s likely worth a try. Journal of Inflammation 2011;8:6-19. Eat them as is, mash and drizzle with raw honey and fresh grated ginger, blend into a smoothie, or freeze and eat as an icy pop. It’s found in onions, apples, red wine, broccoli, tea, and Gingko biloba. Routledge. That said, considering that colds often result from viral infections, and fevers often result from bacterial infections, the advice to eat when you have a cold and fast when you have a fever does rest on some plausible biological arguments. Reviewed by Sabrina : Feed a cold, starve a fever. Discovery of human zinc deficiency: Its impact on human health and disease. Farmers Almanac Jan 25, 2010. Extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, possesses antibacterial properties that can reduce your risk of becoming sick. Corrosive enough to remove the rust from steel, hydrochloric acid will pulverize most invaders in our stomachs before they can reach our intestines. Adv Nutr 2013;4:176-190. And some studies show this spicy root may help prevent the common cold by blocking the virus. Note: You may actually feel worse before you feel better, since bacteria release toxins. 14 Foods to Eat When You Have a Cold These foods and drinks fight congestion, coughing, fatigue, and other annoying cold and flu symptoms. Bet you didn’t know that your saliva contains powerful antimicrobials like lysozyme, alpha-amylase, and lactoferrin! ACSM Current Comment. And probiotics (the bacteria themselves) have been shown to help us recover faster, once we get sick. Moreover, specific nutrients can affect immune function. Usually this is some form of semi-digestible fiber that our bacteria can chow down on, and/or that helps move food through the GI tract. It has also been shown to boost immune cell activity and enhance antibody responses. Barely think. Walsh NP, et al. If you’re healthy, aim for 2-3 servings of prebiotic-rich foods each day. Finally, our own personal bacterial population (those probiotics you hear so much about) help prevent harmful bacteria from entering our bloodstream or taking root in our small intestine and colon. Should you feed a cold and starve a fever, as the famous adage recommends? Personal Correspondence (email). Milk, ice cream, cheese: Dairy gets a bad rap. Exerc Immunol Rev 2013;19:120-143. Oranges, lemons, limes -- they’re all sources of vitamin C and can be tasty, too. ScientificWorldJournal 2013;nov 7:752071. Felson, MD on June 12, 2020, 3) naludon / Getty Images, Irene1601 / Thinkstock, JianGang Wang / Thinkstock, 4) Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images / Getty Images, 8) Vladmax / Thinkstock, LeszekCzerwonka / Thinkstock, Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine: “Quercetin: A Promising Treatment for the Common Cold.”, Mayo Clinic: “Cold remedies: What works, what doesn't, what can't hurt,” “Common cold.”, National Center for Biotechnology Information: “Capsaicin for non-allergic rhinitis.”, National Institutes of Health: “Relationship between milk intake and mucus production in adult volunteers challenged with rhinovirus-2.”, UCLA Explore Integrative Medicine: “An Inside Scoop on the Science Behind Chicken Soup and the Common Cold.”, Reviewed by Sabrina Sprinkle a turmeric black pepper combo onto a smoothie, soup, broth, or cooked veggies. Personal Correspondence (email). Add fresh-squeezed lemon juice to hot or chilled water or hot tea. You’ll even learn how to reduce your chances of getting sick again. If your diet is lousy, you’ll get sick more often than someone who eats a healthier diet. Instead, take the steps outlined here to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. If not, don’t.


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