Maybe the battery died, or a spring broke, but you can't get into the garage to even see what the problem is. if remote wont work outside the garage and fine inside, unscrew light bulbs and try it worked for me, off to get different bulbs. Garage door openers are great when they work, which is most of the time. Also, check your circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI. Find the red cord on the mechanism that's hooked to a lever. Tried to reset remotes and get nothing . Good unit in the middle of their line. If the garage door is the only way in or out, or if you can't find the key to the door, you'll have to either find a way to break in or call a locksmith. I disconnected power and reconnected again. The plug works but nothing about the door works. These units have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, so if yours is entering the later part of its life, you may be better off installing a new one rather than paying to fix an older model. You’ll need your owner’s manual, as the procedure to reset the remote varies by manufacturer, but it’s a relatively quick fix that involves pushing the buttons on the remote and on the keypad in a specific sequence. When remote is pushed again to close -- it'll close easily/normally. When I use the remote from outside, the door goes up only a few inches and stops, it does not go up even if I continue pushing remote button. Please help!!! on August 16, 2020: The door doesn't work from the inside garage or the car remote. Check the LED light to see if it's giving you any malfunction information, and check the outlet for power. Check to make sure that you haven't accidentally disconnected the motor. I don't want to replace both openers right now and I don't want to purchase another genie. If I press the light button on the wall controller the light will come on so I know it's getting power. No motor sound or anything. This is a residential garage door, I cant open the door using my fob. The sensor lights are clear. The door should then lower easily, and you can reconnect the opener. Problems within the opener, itself, should also be inspected and repaired by a professional. Glenda Taylor, Bob Vila, The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your  Garage, 10 Cleaning Chores You Should Be Doing Every Week, Buyer's Guide: 6 Best Garage Door Openers, 5 Things to Know Before You Replace a Garage Door Spring, Diagnose Any Garage Door Problem Yourself in Just 9 Steps. That's usually the conclusion I come to. my genie sc12oo wont open with wall button whats the problem. Sometimes, people unplug their power source and then wonder why their garage door opener fails to work. Neither the remote nor the wall switch will work. It'll just go up 10 inches or so and then stop. HI, my garage door does not open. It will assume that it has hit an obstacle and will automatically backtrack to avoid damage. If the garage door is locked from the inside, it won’t open. I don't have any problem for closing the door from inside using key pad or remote from outside. SNAP... bang... boom. Odds are, you can probably remedy the issue yourself. The garage door open completely just open a little bit so please help me about that. Installing a new torsion spring is a job for a qualified garage door technician, though—if the spring snaps off during installation it can severely injure anyone near the door. Liftmaster has a nice belt drive, model 8355. I need in there now. When the door is lowered, the spring winds up tightly, creating a pulling force that helps lift the door up when you next open it. Brent, check your door sensors either they need adjusted or something is in the way. it doesn't work at all and is only 13 months old a linear. You'll also find tips for opening the door manually while you're trying to figure out how to fix the problem! Those look nice. It does close when opened manually. Often, when a torsion spring breaks, the garage door cable will snap as a result. What’s wrong with that? A nut located on the opener—check your owner’s manual for location, which varies by brand—can be turned with a wrench to increase the opener’s pulling power. Took a while for them to answer but the customer service was pretty good. I checked the safety sensors and they are working properly. I have a genie ims1000/A the remote control send the signal to the receiver but the door don't open. An electrical surge, even a small one, can cause a breaker to trip. At first one remote worked after hitting it several times right in front of the door. Today it suddenly stopped working. By Glenda Taylor and Bob Vila. That is the sound of a garage door torsion spring breaking. Dirt and dust can clog the eye and block the laser beam, so a thorough cleaning with a tissue can sometimes solve this issue. See the video below for more information. Hi my garage door will only open a quarter of the way up without me holding the button Down. Check the photo sensors' alignment (tip #1 above) or the cables to see if they're broken or if the tension is off (#4). The antenna on the motor could be damaged or blocked from the signal; make sure it is hanging down from the motor. Where is the problem? Your remote is probably malfunctioning. It will open from the wired button but no remotes. And I found out that the lights of the two sensors shut off, but there is power in the system. I guess that acted as a simple reset. It shoots a laser across the length of the garage that, if interrupted, will cut off the signal used to lower and raise the door. Give the tracks a wipe-down to dislodge anything that might be getting in the way. The photo eye will be about 4–6 inches off of the ground for most doors, with an eye that is about the size of a pea. I disconnected the door from the traveler and still only moves a few inches. It opens and closes manually. My Garage door will not open even when I use the remote, I have no way to enter. Make sure the door is rolling smoothly along its metal track. Today it will not open. But works fine in morning. In order to prevent injury, garage doors automatically reverse if they come into contact with an obstacle. The main circuit breaker is flipped on. There is a date code on the sticker that shows the model and serial number. I went inside and tried to pull rope from rail, it all stop with loud sound. Just got off the phone with genie. diagnosed the problem over the phone with me and sent new parts out (free) that I got 2 days later. So in trying to open the door manually, I reached up and pulled on the red cord attached to a lever. The garage door opens with the wall switch and even sometimes with the remote but it doesn't close with the remotes, only with the wall switch. My wireless remote control will close the garage door, but will not open the door. They admitted they had never seen my problem before. my garage door wont open all the way just a few inches from the floor can somebody help me with this. The only way to unfreeze it is to disconnect, then reconnect the power. I have changed the battery but still no luck. I have the exact same issue. I have to use the opener. The motor light does not flicker as if something is blocking it, everything appears normal. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Any idea what could be wrong? Is there a circuit board or part that is homeowner friendly to replace? Are they temperature sensitive. Our opener won't work when the temperature of the garage is below 35 degrees. But in all fairness the working garage door doesn't do anything when shorted either. If I keep the remote in a cup holder and press it, the door opens. I disconnected both wall mount controllers and swapped them. in BIG BOLD letters saying "Be sure Wire ends do not touch each other or other Terminals." No clicking, no light, no nothing. Our garage door won't open, three red lights are lit. If the door opens with the wall switch, a simple battery change in the remote should do the trick. Check to see if there are any metal parts that have slid down to bar access. Break in back wall.???help.! But it happens again, and again. Disconnect the wall controll and short the wires and see if it works. My genie garage door motor suddenly quit working. Sometimes, when it gets stopped halfway shut or open, it might be that the springs are broken (see #3) or the limit setting needs an adjustment (see #7).


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