Thread the cables and tighten the drums. DIY with Confidence! You may need to file away swollen shaft, set screw burs, drywall or paint. If it doesn't move, try sliding it to the right. Remove the cable from the left drum. Genie Company has manufactured garage door openers and parts under Using the winding bars, begin winding the spring in the opposite direction as it was unwound. If you did not mark your drums and you can't find the original indentations in the shaft, finger-tighten the set screws until the screws meet the shaft. Wear safety glasses. Climb up on a sturdy ladder beside the winding cone at the end of the spring. Browse our collection of residential garage door winding bars in the 7/16-inch to 1/2-inch size. About once a month we get a phone call from a do-it-yourself customer who begins the conversation with, "I wound the garage door spring to about six turns and the spring came loose from the cone." Although this may be as little as 1/4", the binding of the coils as the garage door closes oftentimes keeps the door from closing completely, especially when the torsion springs and bearings are dry. The marks should line up. The spring may unwind 1/4 turn and not unwind any more until one of the set screws is loosened some more. Rotate the drum as needed to find the slots. 7.5 Slide both springs out toward the cable drums. Genie was bought by Overhead Door Company and continues to strive to make quality and innovative garage door openers. 9.9 Go to the other side of the garage door and insert the end of the cable into the drum. If the garage door spring snakes after tightening the set screws, repeat the process and stretch the spring half as much as before. 8.9 Slide on the new spring. 9.8 Twist the garage door shaft to tighten the cable on the drum. If the spring shortens in length, unwind the spring and switch sides - the springs are on backward. In 1954, the Alliance Manufacturing Company first produced its own Pulling the bar back toward the center of the door as you tap causes the spring cone to bind on the shaft and not slip back. Keep the ruler and your fingers on the outside of the springs and away from the winding cone. If the spring comes loose from the cone at about 6 turns, you are probably winding the spring backward because the springs are on the wrong sides. Pull the end of the shaft through the bearing and remove the drum. Lift-a-Door, Pro-Max, Hercules, Norelco, Overhead Door, Intellicode, and Code-Dodger. However, if you do need to replace the bearing and you do not have a new one, you can replace it at a later date. Insert one end of your winding bar into one of the holes of the winding cone. In addition to selling garage door opener replacement parts nationwide, Genie of Fairview Door Company also provides installation and repair services for homeowners in Cuyahoga, Medina and Summit counties. File the shaft if needed. Remove the springs, cables, and cable drums. Check the wind on both springs. radio-controlled residential garage door opener, and became the market 9.7 After inserting the cable in the drum, pull down on the drum to tighten the cable around the outer raised groove of the drum. Garage Door OpenersParts & ServiceSince 1964. Position the shaft here so it is the same distance from the header as the shaft is at each end. The following steps will walk you through how to replace an extension garage door spring. Technical diagram view showing available replacement parts for Genie models StealthDrive® 750 (7035 and 7055).


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