*** Comes with two Characters, Pneumatics, Programed controller and Motion sensor and  Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect. Unearthed Zombies are slumped over, then they rise up and reach out an grab at your ankles as head turns side to side. © 2020 The Horror Dome Wonderful for your cemetery, grave, or zombie scene. With a little smoke and lighting effects, he'll look too real for comfort. *** To run prop: AC power and Air 100 psi. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. "Dead and Deader" Professional Halloween Animatronic. *** Ceiling Height needed 14′. Comes with Character, pneumatics, programmed controller, motion sensor. Free crating. Where they stolen in some sort of mass grave robbery? "Alive and Kicking" Haunted House Animatronic. Was a demonic curse placed on this unfortunate gentleman, or is this just a prank played by mischievous teenagers? Gets them every time! All electric animatronic zombie made of latex and foam. Custom Sound, Digital Sound & Power Speakers Included. Finally freed from intense agony, her friends and family gather to say goodbye before she is buried. I further understand that violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Check your local thrift store for a unique old rocker! If you do not accept the policy, the employee discount will not be applied to purchases at this time; however you will be prompted to review and accept the VF Employee Discount policy upon your next sign in to this website. 2 Ghosts stand waiting for ride, then both ghosts lean to the right while right arms pulse right, head turns on short ghost, hat lifts up and down on tall ghost. *** Ghosts glow under black lights. Death has come! *** Requirements: AC power and Air 100 psi. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. A Horror Dome original, he's hand painted and detailed. Latex foam-filled animatronic prop rocks hauntingly back and forth! Tombstone NOT included! She rocks back and forth and appears to be climbing from her grave. Made of latex and foam with metal armature. Crafted by talented artists, you'll appreciate the level of detail on this premium product. Extra crating fee applies. "Wicked Vampire Screamer " Halloween Animatronic. Grave robbers, archeologists, and curious explorers beware, there's something evil lurking in this underground tomb. Ships Freight! Grave Danger is a Grave Buster Zombie prop that moves up and down. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the VF Associate Discount Policy. As a scare gag option you can put the candy bowl under his hand and when they grab the candy set it off with a hand trigger. "RIP" Electric Animated Zombie Halloween Prop. Hairy Scary Skeleton is a latex and foam 5ft tall skeleton prop that has a bendable wire armature inside, allowing you to bend the arms, legs, and spine. This unfortunate Grave Digger was chomped in the ankle by the first zombie out of the ground. Chair and CD player not included. Includes: Digital audio player, powered speaker, and audio scream effect. Steadfastly performing his duties this rotting worker is an unsettling sight to see as you scan the rows of tombstones for possible zombie attack. Easy to set up and activate, RIP requires only normal AC voltage to spring to life. "Rotted Skeleton Coffin Jumper" Halloween Animatronic. All electric prop comes with rights to downloadable soundtrack. [ES_VFEMPLOYEE_DISCOUNT_TERMS_CONDITION_MODAL]. Requires 110V. Halloween prop. He rocks for and back as he tries to rise from the grave! Requires AC power. Perfect for Halloween decorating, home haunters, haunted houses and more. Includes 5V 5 amp Power Supply. (Plug & Play). Shop for velvet, popular shoe styles, clothing, accessories, and much more! Mortal Remains is a moving skeleton Halloween display prop. Stands about 5 1/2 ft. tall. This zombie animatronic is all electric, just plug it in an it moves. Foot print for rigs are 62" d x 48" w x 60" h. Rig hides behind tombstone. Apparition Prop- Fantastic ghost prop with large mouth. Ghosts" Halloween Animatronic. Latex, foam, and hand painted. Hand painted. ***, "Zombie Grave Attack" Graveyard Halloween Animatronic, Unearthed Zombies are slumped over, then they rise up and reach out an grab at your ankles as head turns side to side. (Plug & Play). (Plug & Play). "The Coffin Riser" Professional Zombie Halloween Animatronic. Clothing and costume may vary. Avoid the burial grounds at night and leave this undead workaholic to his chores. All electric latex and foam tombstone rocks back and forth when you plug it in. Add some big-budget looks to your haunted house with this amazing set piece. Corpse lays resting in coffin, then leans forward, lifting arm while screaming. Comes with Character, pneumatics, programmed controller, motion sensor. Perfect for a creepy funeral scene at your haunted house, a loud machine-gun-like burst and a flickering strobe light accompany his rapid reanimation. Comes with Chair, Character, Pneumatics, Programmed controller and motion sensor. Made to Order, Ships in approximately 4 Weeks, "Grave Digger 2" Zombie Halloween Animatronic. Within the Graveyard Animatronics collection, you’ll find classics including gore-soaked vampires soaring on bat wings, zombies rising from the grave, and haunted monuments that lung to greet passers-by. © Vans, A VF Company He rocks for and back as he tries to rise from the grave! "Gothic Gravestone" Electric Animated Graveyard Prop.


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