I did a batch to the marianksi recipe over the weekend and to be honest couldn’t see a great difference.. but im an idiot because I should have done a split batch for comparison and didnt. Also we used our smokehouse and it took the 4 hours on a windy day to achieve perfect temp and smoke. If you have a business development or DMCA inquiry, Click Here. Should be 1/2 t. Mark: You could, but I don’t like them. Beer and dry biscuits cheese,yum yum. I’m fairly new to sausage making, have chorizo and salami drying in one of our wood shelters and experimented a little due to lots of pork from the Berkshire pigs who cleared our back garden of thistles last yeat. Eric: You can do that and I do put a tray in when the outside air is very dry. (2 g.) crushed black pepper. Good grief these are fantastic. Do you think I’d be ok to use a larger casing for these? But now I want to have a go at these too, look wonderful! Any idea what temp to set an electric smoker to get the 150 degrees in 4 hours? can’t wait to try them with venison.Thanks again. Oh wow. Raise the temperature of the smoker to 200-225°F and smoke until an internal temperature of 160°F (about 2.5 hours), 10. Do you shower them or just let them cool in the smoker? Required fields are marked *. Will weigh next time. I’d been making a lot of paprika-heavy sausages lately, so I decided to go with something less aggressively spiced. My favorite use for sheepskin casings: long, skinny merguez sausages, perfect for grilling & folding into fresh flatbread. You can sub in the spices for this one, though. There is no specific “hunter’s sausage.”. 11. Diamond Crystal? I still get great sausage, done my way, and it’s a lot less work. When you use thicker casings it becomes more like a traditional salame, which of course would work, but you’d need start culture and Instacure No. Mortons 3 Tbs I get a Gram weight of 56.3 (approx) Continue to make these long links until you’ve used all the meat. Good to know. Again, put the meat in the fridge while you clean up. I use a program that has a lot of the ingredients I use, just not all of them, so it’s more of an approximation. Once you chill the sausage, it will taste even better. Hang the links for 3 to 5 days to let them dry out a bit. Take it home and add spices. (6M.) Mortons We didn’t and the batch was extremely salty. Just made up your recipe,(pork)used 18mm. And I usually use Morton’s. after making my own snack sticks last week this recipe has me intrigued. Thanks. Made for some cold hands, but we go through it. As for more ice water, I would not go more than 1/2 cup or so. Howsomever, it is simply fantastic. One thought, from the world of smoked sausages, is that instead of hanging the links to dry at room temperature, set them overnight in the fridge with as much surface area exposed as possible. Pick the meat. Your email address will not be published. I did make the recipe today and it’s wonderful. This is boring. What have you found to be your favorite? It is an unusual sausage because even though it’s air dried, you don’t use starter cultures or Instacure No. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. Advertising on Group Recipes is sold by SheKnows.com. i noticed you mentioned garlic but it isn’t in the ingredient list. How about, I bedded this very nebulae Polish lass in Istanbul and she taught me how to make Kabanosy. Made a batch last weekend to try and was very impressed. Also my dry cure done in my sobe cure fridge. You want the links to get lots of smoke time. Use a sterilized needle to pierce the casings wherever there are air pockets. I can’t wait to try it. Kabanos (/ k ə ˈ b æ n ə s /; plural: kabanosy), also known as cabanossi or kabana, is a long, thin, dry sausage usually made of pork which originated in Poland.They are smoky in flavor, and can be soft or very dry in texture depending on freshness. They taste good, but a tad salty. Last time I made these it was winter in California – no problem finding a cool place to hang them to dry. Gotta tell ya, made a batch of this last weekend out of Canadian goose. Pronounced more like kah-bah-NOH-sih. Read more Grind the mixture in the fine die of your grinder, making sure everything stays cold. Mike: You mean smoking? If you don't have any of these, oak, maple or hickory would be fine. 2 g caraway However ive also been doing a fair bit from the mariankis polish sausage book as well. Take this home and add the sausage seasonings and salts to the meat and blend by hand or use a meat mixer, dough hooks, etc. Great recipe mate i made a batch they taste mint allthough i think.you meant 3 teaspoons of salt not tablespoons ima make a few more batches then try one of your full cure recipes thanks for the recipes. What would you recommend for type of smoke? Almost available in any butcher and each with their own recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. My Kielbasa recipe has to have a good amount of Garlic in it. Nowadays it’s possible to stuff them in thin collagen casing instead of sheep casing. Sheep casings, though, which are narrow. had a little trouble with the teaspoons to grams ( may be my scales). Everyone would love these! Diamond Crystal 3 Tbs I get a gram weight of 39. I did my own sausage, from start to finish, for years. If for some reason you plan on keeping them more than a month or so, wrap tightly (or vacuum seal) and freeze. Hope it’s garlicky enough! Can you eat these as is? Just a fan. Again, put the meat in the fridge while you clean up. Gently squeeze the meat in the casings to tighten. Let sit a while. This looks amazing. When I was buying the kabanos, I asked the person in the counter how long can I store them. Thanks alot. Stuff long individual sausages (about 60 cm) Glad to see you’re enjoying them! You may be able t buy this stuff, I cannot. Hang the links to dry in a cool place for several hours, depending on how warm it is. Fantastic! I can’t find sheep casings locally. 5. I must confess I’d never heard of kabanosy until I started looking for a superior sausage recipe that used sheep casings. This is one of the best snack foods I know of. Did someone actually tell you that Kevin just got a brand-new industrial-strength sausage stuffer, or do you have some kind of charcuterie ESP? Excellent recipe! I’m not affiliated. or subbed in from another part of Europe.. or found in a family recipe from some obscure region..? Hi hank,greetings from Australia. I will make these, by the way, but later. You may break some until you get the hang of it. Do you put water in the smoker trip tray to keep the humidity up? Karl. Tie butchers’ twine onto each end of each sausage and suspend from sausage hooks, by folding each sausage in half. Gently squeeze the meat in the casings to tighten. Thanks for all the amazing work,your commitment is outstanding! If you are using sheep casing, soak and rinse your casing before stuffing the sausage. I don’t have a scale that weighs in grams and when I measured out 3 tablespoons of Mortons kosher salt my recipe would have been way too salty if I had added all three tablespoons. Traditionally this is a pork sausage, but really any meat works: Pork, beef, wild boar, bear, venison, duck or goose, whatever. I’ve never had that happen with my LEM. 9. Do you grind the caraway and celery seed or just leave them whole? This allows to keep their characteristic shape. Insanely delicious, satisfying and addictive. Have your butcher trim any unwanted bits from the outside of meat. As you are stuffing, fill up a link about 12 inches long, leaving plenty of extra casing on either end. My partner and I (shes polish) just knocked up a batch of these bad boys this afternoon,using sambar venison and pork belly.


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