Find more French words at! How old are you? To describe their height, men say 'Je suis grand ' or 'Je suis petit .' 3. French Adjectives Describing a Person's State of Being or Actions. ? Merci. Favorite Answer. how to describe yourself in French. What’s your name? Relevance. How to Describe Yourself in French: 9 Steps (with Pictures) French Greetings. I’m sure there’s a ton more you can say – but this is an easy, simple start that any beginner can put to use. Keep in mind, the sentences below are made to be easily customisable. Describing the physical features of a person in French is easy. They will tell you everything you need to know in order to face a job interview in French! Where are you from? Whether you're learning to say your name, express your state of being or use adjectivesto describe yourself, this is the most basic of tasks when speaking French. 1 decade ago. Talking about yourself in French is one of the first you’ll have to do. Email Greeting Cards. Kindly share the lesson for others to also benefit from it. What is your job? Maya. Thank you for reading. Learn how to describe yourself and others in this guide for students aged 11 to 14 from BBC Bitesize. how do you say 'describe yourself' in french? AND, I gave you examples. Answer Save. 2. Learn how to say that someone is tall, thin, or has blue eyes in this language lesson. Ok, c’est parti. Start off with "je suis..." (zuh swee), which means "I am." If you want to prepare yourself better and have an excellent job interview then why don’t you take some lessons with one of our French teachers? Whether you are being ridiculous or petty - these adjectives focus on descriptive words that may fit you or your friends in a given situation (as opposed to a general personality trait). It’s all about starting easy. / quel âge avez-vous? So, schedule a free trial lesson as soon as possible and check out how you can ace your interview in French. Je viens de France. => Download your free pdf cheat sheet /workbook. Do you have a suggestion or contribution to make? You can find it in your free resource library. Lv 7. Comment t’appelles-tu? When describing people and things in French, verbs such as avoir and être are very useful. ... Ok so we are going to learn how to describe yourself (your tastes, your goals,…). =>Review the basic rules and guidelines as well as the vocabulary. Practice describing yourself in French with this quiz and worksheet. Je m’appelle _____. 1. Quel est votre métier ?/ quel est ton métier? Tu es brun/ You are brown. How to use this article for language learning purpose. Je suis blond(m) / I am blond. Basic Questions People Ask You About Yourself In French. D’où es tu? The French for to describe yourself is se décrire. either 'describe yourself' or 'tell me about yourself' .. or something to that effect =] lol thanks! /Tu es d’où /?Vous êtes d’où /D’où êtes-vous? Kindly drop it in the comment box. In the video, I go in more details about how to customise them (what verb to use, what forms, in what order,..). Describing How You Look. Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. Describe yourself : Décris toi/décrivez-vous/peux-tu te décrire/pouvez-vous vous décrire? As you will note, the literal English translation can be quite fun at times. Try Yourself With This Exercise In not more than 180 words, describe your family to a friend in French. So now you know how to introduce yourself in French. 4 Answers. Elle est rousse(f) / she has red hair. Let’s recap the French phrases: Bonjour, enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance. French Expressions About Personality If you would like to go beyond the simple description of a person's personality, use one of these common expressions. Comment tu t’appelles?/ comment vous appelez-vous ? Quel âge as-tu? To describe yourself, there are two important phrases: Je suis, meaning 'I am,' and J'ai, meaning 'I have.'


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