What do I need to do to get it to fruit? I wonder if that might be related to the aftertaste behavior that tcjotm describes. Questions:1. Speaking of which i heard another rumor a while ago about a yellow feijoa. Trask originates as bud sport of Coolidge. When the urea spray dries, then water the plant. The pot should have good drainage holes at the bottom, which is important to protect the roots. Hey it was just an idea. If there are no bees in your area, then you may hand pollinate the flowers. Touch it with your finger or a small paintbrush and carry the pollen on your finger or the brush to the female blossoms. Read guava tree information on how to grow guava tree faster from seed, cuttings and layering in containers and ground, guava varieties, guava tree fertilizer and how to look after your guava plant. Any other suggestions??? I do not know the answer, but that pea gravel will be everywhere! All of the tags for the 5 plants or so they had there were identical. I have a pineapple guava shrub which has not produced anything but blossoms for the past three years. They looked so healthy and I remembered my grandfather's fruit was so lovely! Different fertilizers have different instructions for use so I would recommend you follow the instructions on your chosen fertilizer. Red flesh seems like a strange thing to breed for in such a fruit. Feijoas don't seem that easy to find around here. Well ralphw, looks like you got some pretty good opinions there! The cup- or bowl-shaped flowers on young shoots are followed by edible, round berries Details Ugni molinae forms a bushy, upright, evergreen shrub with small, leathery leaves. One of the best tropical plants for growing indoors is a guava plant. every other month from the trees second and successive years. How often you water your guava tree depends on your local climate, I water my tree once per week. The three varieties of guava I would recommend for growing indoors would be the pineapple guava (. To hand pollinate simply use a paintbrush and go around every flower and brush pollen from the male stamen into the female stigma. Don't know why I don't get fruit. die App nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies und von ähnlichen Verfahren der Houzz Gruppe zur Verbesserung der Produkte, Dienstleistungen, zur Darstellung von relevanten Inhalten und um das Nutzererlebnis anzupassen, zu. Since about Thanksgiving large numbers of fruit about the size and color of a small lime have been appearing on the ground. each month for the first year and then 24 ounces (710 ml.) To increase fruit production in your guava tree you should use a fertilizer that is high in potassium. Guava tree has perfect flowers with male and female parts in each flower. The flagstone I'm thinking of is pretty, but it will not be kid friendly! I wouldn't waste my time on a seedling. They might start tasting a whole lot better! Yesterday I also bought a Feijoa sellowiana and wondered if anyone ever pruned their bushes at all. *sarcastic*. To avoid this disease you should avoid watering the leaves and feed your plant directly in the soil as wet and humid conditions are what attracts this disease. I am thrilled to hear I may be able to get fruit here in Oregon. Situate your guava in a sunny location. They just don't exist. We may each have our own idea of what "large" means. Frankly at this point I would be happy to get my hands on any named variety as long as I thought I could ripen it in my climate. Take a small pot and fill it with seed raising soil. they are all different colors and have different tastes and different levels of sweetness. My idea of a kiwi size is probably the volume of 2 golfballs next to each other. The soil I use for my guava tree is a mix of peat moss and standard potting compost and it is growing nice and healthy so far. Although the Cult of the Feijoans is small, we should probably start a new topic for 2008. Guava seeds germinate at temperatures between 20 to 25°C. The guavas planted in ground grows faster into big tree, up to 30 feet in height because its roots can spread widely. Houzz Call: What’s Your Favorite Backyard Beauty? Aborigines and Moaris have no ties whatsoever. Give your guava a squeeze and if it is slightly soft and the color has changed it is probably ripe. Guava plant needs full sun to part shade to grow, however, it cannot withstand too much heat. Guava trees are tropical so the more light you can get them the better, especially if you want your tree to produce fruit. To store your ripe guava in the refrigerator you should put it a sealable plastic bag and then put it in the crisper drawer of the fridge, this should keep your guava edible for 3-4 days. Could someone clarify this? The plant I purchased in the early 1990's was not labeled as a "seedling" although it may have been a seedling. It needs sunlight to provide the huge amount of energy it takes to flower and fruit. The only way to treat this is to cut off all the affected fruit and any affected branches. Use Boric Acid Ant Baits to control ants. This plant appears to have never been pruned and has a very dense structure. I would love to try some of known variety.


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