If you are packing multiple pieces in one box, make sure to add protection between each piece. ← How It Was Made: Rhino Beetle Resin Figure. It’s not the only way to ship prints, but this method hasn’t failed me yet. Etsy makes international orders really easy as well. Weigh and measure the shipment, and print your own labels at home. -If you only work with large pieces, consider reaching out to LTL freight companies for shipping quotes. Sandwich the print between the two. It’s only a few cents per label, but you get access to commercial shipping rates so it’s still might be cheaper than physically going to the post office. How much will shipping cost me? Check into your local sales tax laws for details. You may also want to consider following up with your customer once the order arrives to see how things are going. I tried to include all of my knowledge, but I may have missed some things. Hard mailer envelopes for prints and flat pieces. This means you will have to work harder at sourcing boxes to fit each sale. Measure the length, width and height of your artwork in order to select an appropriately sized box or shipping tube. Put some insulation on the top of the artwork too. Shipping Labels: Once your art is packaged, it’s time to get a shipping label. If you enjoy my blogs and gain any inspiration from the content I put out there, please consider becoming a Patron of Messy Ever After on Patreon. I include a link to my policy on my receipts and order confirmations. You don’t want to be surprised by shipping charges and lose all of your profit if you assume you can ship a 36”x48” canvas safely for $30. Measure your artwork. Plus, you get extra little perks like phone wallpapers and the ability to pick my brain whenever you want through the artist Q&A perk. I love it. Starting with the small sizes meant I could easily find boxes to fit these pieces and keep shipping prices low. The main goals you should have when preparing a piece for shipment are: These are super easy to mail. Where will I get my shipping materials? This is what I used to calculate my current shipping rules in my store: https://pe.usps.com/cpim/ftp/manuals/dmm300/Notice123.pdf. Etsy also generates packing slips. You’ll need is a kitchen scale and a tape measure for accurate shipping rates. This is my way of shipping artwork. I kept things really simple and used recycled boxes for my first few shipments. These tubes are available from the post office, a shipping store, or even art stores. I personally haven’t dealt with something going wrong with a package yet (knock on wood), but you might want to look into your options. OPTION B: A 12x15” mailer will expand enough to accommodate two 11x14” cardboard sheets. International mail disclaimer: When shipping larger prints internationally, this larger mailer size exceeds USPS First Class International limits. If you connect your Weebly store, orders will show up on your Shippo Dashboard where you can print a packing slip, and then choose shipping options. I use 18x24 mailers because the 17x21 size doesn’t expand enough to accommodate two sheets of 16x20 backer board. But this would force customers to spend time and money on re-stretching the canvas. Nobody enjoys the hassle of receiving damaged prints either from the standpoint of a customer or a seller. Why You Shouldn’t Feel Like a Failure When You’re Not Making Sales, Setting Up an eCommerce Store for Artists with Square Up. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below while commenting is open, or reach out to me directly. Seal your art in a poly bag. You should also write a Return Policy and include this somewhere in your store. Affix shipping label and “Do Not Bend” stickers to the outside. -International Sales: Your costs will be higher, transit times are longer, and your customers may have to deal with customs charges, but the USPS labels are very easy to use and Shippo fills most of the details out for you. If you have additional shipping questions, I am happy to answer. If you plan on selling your art, it’s good practice to have a plan in place for accepting returns. Coupon/Loyalty Rewards- Give your customer a reason to shop again. © 2020 The Beast Is Back Inc. All rights reserved. You may not need every mailer size. Here’s how I do it. There are two main options that I have used. Which carrier do I use? Then I factored this cost into my online store prices. You can use an invoice as well. When I first started selling through my simple Square Up store, I only sold pieces sized between 8”x10” and 11”x14” and I only sold within the United States. 18x24” mailer + two 16x20” cardboard sheets. 18x24” mailer + two 16x20” cardboard sheets. It’s a one step process instead of three.


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