The following is an integrated marketing communications plan designed for HOLA Jewelry. To discuss marketing, marketing communication, integrated marketing communication and OOH advertising media from a theoretical perspective, in order to identify and apply the key IMC principles that should guide the planning of OOH advertising media as part of an overall IMC campaign. The IMC plan should include but not limited to the following promotional tools: 1) Advertising (TV, radio, print, etc.) The first step of development of this integrated marketing and communications plan was the reorganization of the former Division of Advancement and External Affairs at WCU, including the creation of a marketing unit that would house Creative Services and University Printing. Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situation Analysis 2-1. is a platform for academics to share research papers. The data was used to … To assist in these efforts, an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan has been developed that supports a consistent, cohesive brand message. The company always uses natural ingredients, for instance, the chocolate tree, fresh fruits, natural fruit flavors, skim milk and so on. Consumer Analysis 4 2 … It is designed to target three market segments that fall within our target audience and is purposefully crafted to address the lack of brand awareness amongst The purpose of this report is to prepare an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for Melo Fruitti Company, which offers healthy and organic ice cream. GREEN ZEBRA IMC PLAN Mixed Media Marketing Agency Courtney Klauber, Gia Gallone, Michelle Blank, Thomas Lipari, Jacob Orme ! This plan includes a promotion opportunity analysis, corporate strategies and our IMC Objectives: Consumer and Distribution. The Plan serves as a guide to help reshape brand perception, enhance awareness, and increase applications and enrollment. !!!!! The Trinity University Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan (IMC Plan) describes a new, holistic approach to the University’s external marketing and communication strategy. Page 1 of 16. PDF | Promotion is one of the four major elements of the marketing mix. Several strategies and tools are presented to design a destination branding for the beautiful surfing capital of the south. A framework for developing, implementing, and controlling the organization’s IMC program. All stakeholders need to get on board, teams must collaborate, and there needs to be a detailed marketing plan to ensure that each element is created on point and on time. (PDF) An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan | Maria Glady Abogadie - The emergence of Siargao as an attractive destination in the South of the Philippines require creative branding and marketing. What is an IMC Plan? 2.1. IKEA IMC Plan 1. The IMC Plan. Authors: Spyros Langkos. Second, under the unifying big idea, bring all the different parts of an IMC plan together into the plansbook that can be used as a guide during the implementation of the plan. TITLE: AN INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLAN FOR MR. T'S HAIR IN MOTION MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Kavita Karan Mr. T's Hair in Motion is a full-service salon in Homewood, IL. A survey was conducted to find out people’s perceptions on salons and their service needs. The IMC plan is centered on the integrated creative strategy statement, “Exclusive brands your family will love at prices you deserve.” Brand Overview 3 2-2. Integrated Marketing Communication Plan: Case study of Folli Follie Group. Integrated marketing campaigns don’t just go from idea to rollout in one fell swoop. The IKEA integrated marketing communications plan was prepared strategically, on the basis of research and creative thinking. IKEAIntegrated Marketing Communications Campaign Kat Shanahan IMC 610 Final Project Due: June 23, 2012 2. This plan will also include an advertising plan, promotions, personal selling, sponsorships and database programs. September 2014; DOI: 10.13140/2.1.4214.2086.


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