input device is any hardware component that allows a user to enter data and instructions into a computer. Input: something put into a system. Barcode scanner, Magnetic stripe reader, OMR reader, OCR reader, biometric scanner, Sensor. • Allows the user to put data into the computer. 8\q�߆�p�\��+›.�$����\�H"$j�e���EB)W�Ń~��^"���~?ʸ2ҭ������|.G*�����RM���T�JDZ��\�dTߎĹ-��dB�cd"�D$��'�^ �K8&� ���"��,�~B�@���b��]b�H$�j?����-�k�OC5 ܥ%��8~S�X��`� �e\1[�.��W��t <1G&��j%H5[,f���5�{�l5Q��R~�R(�2 �'�}���"X/��:�"��� ����q��8")̀�b��s ��8 �3 ��� !�"���� ��'����3�� ��8 �\s������# )��� P8�C� �t�@t�1@,�H�0�� ��8\�X�q�H9|�,�7p@*��0fu���$�� � pr Dvd|�! automatic input devices or automatic data capture devices. 2 0 obj <> 4 0 obj Direct Input devices (automatic input devices): Data is input into the computer directly by a machine or device. <> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> �1bl,J���袴�̶9�{fY�gy�\�����>��Ι���.���3�\�������9�V�7{�0����l�����s�\v�X[�1R��#�K����\�L&��x�_���#�%BG*e��k;�+Ի�#�I�|���G��ϗx%x8|�'���' E�h����8".�/7 9R��/�b�n� e^��"�@� The following is a list of the most common input devices which are nowadays found in a computer system. x��SKo�@�[���n�lv��7 U@�@ *QpB�:�vP���)���r�ڞ�v���we�A+�5�#D��; m]_.`W����;�/��CY�=�gzu�a�N�s�5-1جL�Q9�Д�3IY� ���n C%�祬��|,%�³�h�e�2hiWY"o����측 Q*�B�r�I;pҡ�8�i �� 9�wBގծH�t�,7u��=���p���:�.0@��*9���|d�-���7��R$��>F�M1k�����w2z���"��!��Tk�N�j�\ C��B���6���O�KH�&ʉ��o��UY܈�{91b�� %���� <> endobj An input device is any peripheral used to provide data and control signals to a computer. <> ��~M�����D"p��A�~��×ʤ����|�P��-��? <>/XObject<>/Pattern<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> x��XW�?WX�b0,�,���Q�b�HP�Fl `EEKT�6D4��l�b��("H� 1 0 obj %���� <> INPUT DEVICES 1 Maninder Kaur Device: is an instrument that performs a simple task. endobj 2 Keyboard Mouse Trackball Joystick Light … x���Ok�@��|�9nי��&t�b��bJ���Vm��;�ZL�b�e`���{��6�z��w�6`����w�C@���F)�� �'��T����~� ZB��4��ރ�A�� � t5  �ƻ�H�^�\F!|e׺�w�3,���j��_����Y��kU#����P(��b���/g�B�U%6��&x����:i���J|���Xq��d���dX����$U�H Z�ԴS�Wr���dY�cұ`�7���X7�6�{t����ǔ{w]�ٿ4yk�sټ�bh�������&I�R��hŸ�d�-�/!�D�ZI1P�%>���w����c�'. @�|�0�B��t�7XI�Xȇ�O ~I�-�GO��'�sA�����㋄��xRH(#KU�!Uvf��ƔJDB�MQ�GhT5��UM 1�|�&���Lb�h��s���H_��� ,WBL>N����H���2�1�CM�R]��!��y�ii �Ր�@\T��D����|�-�@&{q��)"$���T���I�ˆ%ډ�{k�S�� 8��];:Y_� $��BU�I5�,�5��"�@�B�iH\44��&�a�Q5. <> %�쏢 3 0 obj stream %PDF-1.5 QWERTY Keyboard glossary pg. 3 0 obj <> (PDF) Computer input and output devices | ingamule siraji - The handout is about the types of computer input and output devices. 2 0 obj endobj (eg.) ���� JFIF ` ` �� 6Exif II* &. endstream "��s�+���>��/�|�H�0��8��K0�a x,�=�VƗp� �I�"��g�?xB�;;.�v:A���U^�'�Tu���;~�A&��xH*���Mm���EJ�������)@>��e ̫>��ϋ�!� � }���'���X��S8ژ�+�$x���p:�`t�*�-�p%��R�_���"~A|\� �TI�4��2N���Hd$�� 4 0 obj 5 0 obj endobj It is made up of buttons called 'keys'. 129, 132 A keyboard contains keys that allow a user to enter data and instructions into the computer. stream endobj For each one .g|�+^ͮ�W�ޔŬ�u �dE�ǒB�J'@�2�m�g�Qnq:�,���S7�(G���҉�2�_t���r�;��Vr�ľ�~�͂9��:������od�'��s��l�q˝�x���ݷ��Y��7~�I�yFO��������v[iP���Z+�۷�dq[�b�,��ju������ Direct input devices do not require much human interaction to get their data into a computer system. Following are few of the important input devices which are used in a computer: Keyboard Mouse Joy Stick Light pen Track Ball Scanner Graphic Tablet Microphone Magnetic Ink Card ReaderMICR Optical Character ReaderOCR Bar Code Reader Optical Mark ReaderOMR Keyboard Keyboard is the most common and very popular input device which helps in inputting data to the endobj %PDF-1.5 An input device is any tool device for entering information into a computer. stream %PDF-1.3 <> 5 0 obj endobj Keyboard The keyboard is the most common and widely used input device. stream • Without any input devices, a computer would only be a display device and not allow users to interact with it. Input Devices Input Devices • Any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to a computer. The following section will help summarize each of the input devices. 1 0 obj The input devices include the mouse, keyboard,microphone e.t.c while the output devices include a monitor,printer graphic plotter etc 6 0 obj endobj <>>>


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