Happy Singhis a pretty common name among the Punjabis and this can be said to be one of the best Punjabi boy names. Description of names related to the divine enlightener Guru and almighty supreme God. English spellings of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they are derived from the Gurmukhi script. Name Jasleen Categories.

It also has another meaning, ‘a saintly person’. Fun Suggestion: Start with the base word and then add commonly used, site is being converted to the new and improved blog format. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Jasleen is a Punjabi name for girls meaning Absorbed in singing God's praises. Used in Punjabi. Meaning: Absorbed In Good Reputation. Jasleen name meanings is Absorbed in Singing God's Praises. What does the name Jasleen mean in other origin if you know then please suggest. Jasleen is written in … The name Jasleen means Absorbed In Good Reputation and is of Indian origin. They are fond of various types of dresses and also ornaments. User Submitted Meanings. Jasleen meaning - Astrology for Baby Name Jasleen with meaning Absorbed in singing gods praises. Sukhmandir Kaur is a Sikh author, educator, and the president of Dharam Khand Sikh Academy. Fun Suggestion: Start with the base word and then add commonly used prefix or suffix. Famous real-life people named Jasleen. Look up names by English or Gurmukhi letters. Take Online Hukam and get a letter for Naam Karan. From the outside she is a very bad girl who always gets in trouble but from the inside she's a loyal loving and caregiving friend who will always have your side and support you! 3. People search this name as Jasleen, Jasleen kour, Jasleena. Jasleen was given the name Jasleen Kaur Royal on July 8th, 1991 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion). Names listed here in alphabetical order beginning with English equivalent of Gurmukhi consonant M. Different spellings may sound alike and have similar meanings. Jasleen: Meaning: Absorbed in singing Gods praises Gender: Girl: Numerology: 3: Origin: … Jasleen is the craziest person alive! Sikh names generally are interchangeable for boys or girls. Spiritual names starting with M may be combined with other Sikh names as a prefix or suffix to create unique baby names. Further suggestion or detail on what is the meaning of name Jasleen. Many Sikhism names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib.Regional Punjabi names may have ancient Arabic or Persian roots. Spiritual Sikh and Gurbani names in both English and Gurmukhi along with meaning and Punjabi pronunciation. By using Learn Religions, you accept our, Sikh Baby Names Starting With I and Their Meanings, Consonants of Gurmukhi Alphabet (35 Akhar) Illustrated, Shastra Defined: Relationship of Vedic Scripture to Sikhism, Unique Sikh Baby Names With Spiritual Meanings, English letter u may represent the simple spelling of two distinct phonetic sounds of the English double oo. Maaf - Forgiven, pardonedMaafee - Forgiven, pardonedMaal - Property, riches, wealthMaalak - Chief, God, governor, husband, Lord, master, proprietor, sovereignMaalaa - Rosary beadsMaan - Hope, honor, regard, respect, trustMaanak - Gem, rubyMaanana (m)- Enjoy, be happyMaanani (f) - Enjoy, be happyMaarg - Roadway (towards the divine)Machch - Activity, energy, power, strength, vigor, virtueMadaa - Commendation, praiseMada - Commendation, praiseMadaah - One who aids or assists, helper, protectorMadah - One who aids or assists, helper, protectorMadan - BattlefieldMadanbir - Bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefieldMadanpal - Protector of the battlefieldMadanveer - Brother of the battlefield, bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefieldMadanvir - Bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefieldMadho - Almighty, GodMadhur - Pleasant sounding, melodious, sweet soundsMadhurbaen - Sweet wordsMadhurbain - Sweet wordsMaf - Forgiven, pardonedMafi - Forgiven, pardonedMagan - Delighted, glad, happy, joyful, pleasedMaghan - Delighted, glad, happy, joyful, pleasedMaggh- Glad, good spirits, happy, pleasedMaha - Exalted, great, illustriousMahajeet - Great, illustrious victoryMahajit - Great, illustrious victorMahaan - Exalted, great, illustriousMahabbhat - Affection, friendship, loveMahabbatan - One who is lovedMahabbati - One who is lovedMahabir - Illustrious heroMahak - Fragrance, perfume, scentMahan - Exalted, great, illustrious, supremeMahanbir - Illustrious braveryMahandeep - Lamp of illustrious lightMahandev - Supreme GodMahandip - Lamp of illustrious lightMahanga - Dear, costly, expensive, high pricedMahangeet - Exalted songMahangun - Greatest virtuesMahanjeet - Supreme victoryMahanjit - Illustrious victoryMahanjot - Illustrious lightMahanleen - Abosrbed in the Supreme (divine)Mahanparsad - Great kindness or mercyMahanpiaar - Supreme beloved (divine)Mahanpreet - Supreme love (of divine)Mahanprem - Exalted love (of divine)Mahanpurkh - Good and great person, holy personMahanpursh - Good and great person, holy personMahanpyar Supreme beloved (divine)Mahanraja - Great king, illustrious rulerMahanrani - Great queen, illustrious rulerMahansukh - Supreme peaceful pleasureMahant - Headman among devoteesMahanvir - Exalted bravery, illustrious heroMahar - Chief, headmanMaharbani - Word of the chief, headmanMahatam - Dignity, glory, grandeur, greatnessMahatama - Good, holy man, pious, saint, virtuousMahatt - GreatnessMahboob - Beloved one, sweetheartMahbub - Beloved one, sweetheartMahdu - SweetMaheen - Delicate, elegant, fineMaheep - Emperor, leader, king, monarch, rulerMahek - FragranceMahender - Illustrious God of heavenMaher - HeadmanMaherbani - Word of the HeadmanMahes - Good, greatMahesh - Good, great, supreme GodMahesar - Good, greatMahesur - Good, greatMahindar - Illustrious God of heavenMahinder - Illustrious God of heavenMahik - Fragrance, perfume, scentMahil - Palace, royal lady, queenMahima - Glory, grandeur, greatness, praiseMahiman - Glory, grandeur, greatness, praiseMahin - Delicate, elegant, fineMahip - Emperor, leader, king, monarch, rulerMahipat - KingMahir - Respectful addressMahira (m), Mahiri (f) - Respectful addressMahiram - Acquaintance, consort, experience, familiar, friend, intimate, (with the divine) knowing, skillfulMahirami - Acquaintance, knowledgeMahita - Respectful addressMahitaaee - Dignity, honorMahitai - Dignity, honor, respectMahitpuna - greatness, merit, worthinessMahrahmat - Favor, kindness, mercyMahrammat - Compassion, mercyMahtaab - Moon, MoonlightMahtab - Moon, MoonlightMai (f) - Goddess, MotherMail - FriendMaingha - Dear, costly, expensive, rareMajaal - Worthy oneMajaa - Agreeable, enjoyment, flavor, pleasure, relish, tastyMajaal - Ability, authority, capability, power, worthinessMaja - Agreeable, enjoyment, flavor, pleasure, relish, tastyMajal - Ability, authority, capability, power, worthinessMajab - Belief, faith, religionMajabi - Religious doctrine or ceremonyMajbi - ReligiousMajboot - Brave, certain, determined, established, firm, fixed, hardy, resolute, rigorous, solid, steady, stout, strong, sureMajbut - Brave, certain, determined, established, firm, fixed, hardy, resolute, rigorous, solid, steady, stout, strong, sureMajbuti - Energy, firmness, solidity, strength, validityMajhab - ReligionMajhabi - Religious doctrine or ceremonyMajra - astonishing wonderful eventMakhee - HoneyMakhi - HoneyMakho - HoneyMakrand - Honey, nectarMal - Property, riches, wealth (pronounced with double aa)Mael - Affection, friendship, harmony, union (with the divine)Mala - Rosary beadsMalaah - Boatman, ferryman (the divine)Malah -- Boatman, ferryman (the divine)Malaik - AngelsMalak - Chief, God, governor, husband, Lord, master, proprietor, sovereignMalik - Chief, God, governor, husband, Lord, master, proprietor, sovereignMalkeet - Dominion, lordship, master, possessionMalkiat - Dominion, lordship, master, possessionMalkit - Dominion, lordship, master, possessionMall (m) - Champion, wrestlerMallni (f) - ChampionMallook - Beautiful, delicate, elegant, refined, tenderMalloom - Apparent, known, obviousMallu - WrestlerMalluk - Beautiful, delicate, elegant, refined, tenderMallum - Apparent, known, obviousMammata - AffectionMammta - AffectionMamtaa - AffectionMamta - AffectionMamool - Custom, practice, ruleMamul - Custom, practice, ruleMan - Heart, mind, soulManak - Gem, rubyManan - to admit, believe, receive, vowManana (m)- Enjoy, be happyManani (f) - Enjoy, be happyManas - A humanManaus - Appease, call upon God, conciliate, desire, invoke, long for, pacify, persuade, petition, prevail upon (the divine)Manaut - Observe, vowManbir - BraveheartManchala - Brave or liberal heartManchet - Heart, mind, and soul remember GodMand - Art, cunning, dexterity, skillMandal - Circle, disk, moon, sunMandar - Fine house, mansion, palace, templeMandeep - Illuminated mindMander - Fine house, mansion, palace, templeMandev - Godlike heart mind and soulMandir - Fine house, mansion, palace, templeMandip - Illuminated mindMandyal - Compasionate heart, mind, soulManeet - SoulManggal - Cheerfulness, gladness, joy, mirthManggna - Ask, beg, crave, demand, desire, pray, solicit, want (the divine)Manhal - Plowman (plowing consciousness with the hook of awareness)Maninder - Soul attuned to the God of heavenManinderpal - Soul protected by God of heavenManjaap - Meditative heart mind and soulManjeet - Victorious soulManjeev - Living heart, mind, and soulManjit - Victorious soulManjiv - Living heart, mind, and soulManjodh - Warrior-like heart, mind, and soulManjot - Illuminated MindManjoor - Accepted, approved, granted, sanctionedManjur - Accepted, approved, granted, sanctionedManjyot - Illuminated MindMankirat - One who does or works with heart, mind, and soulMankojh, Seeking searching heart mind and soul ( for the divine)Manleen - Heart, mind, and soul absorbed (in the divine)Manmeet - Soul mateManmohan - Enticer of heart, mind, and soulManmukat - Emancipated heart, mind, and soulManna - Acquiesce, comply, consent, mind, obey, submit (to divine will)Mannat - Acknowledgement, agreement, vowMannata - Acknowledgement, vowManohar - Beautiful heart, captivating heart, lovely, pleasing ravishing,Mahorath - Aim, design, intention, heart's desire, wishManpal - Protective heart, mind, soulManpaul - Protective heart, mind, soulManpiaar - Beloved heartManprabh - Godlike heart, mind, and soulManpreet - Loving heartManprem - Affectionate heartManpriya - Beloved heartManraj - Ruler of the heartManpyar - Beloved heartManroop - Beautifully emboidied heart, mind, soulManrup - Beautifully emboidied heart, mind, soulMansa - Heart, mind and soul's desire, design, intention, purpose objective, wishManshant - Peaceful heart, mind, soulMansna - Consecrate to charity or to fulfill a vowMansukh - Peaceful heart, mind and soulMansundar - Beautiful soulMantaj - Crowning glory of heart, mind and soulMantar - Advice, counsel, charm, deliberation, hymn of sacred book, incantation, spiritual instructionMantardena - Spiritual instruction, discipleMantej - Glorious soulMantra - Advice, counsel, charm, deliberation, hymn of sacred book, incantationManua - Heart, mindManvanth - Complete entire heart, mind, souManveer - Heroic soulManvinder - Heavenly lord of the heart, mind, and soulManvir - Heroic soulManwant - Complete heart, mind, soulMarakaba - Divine contemplationMaraqbah - Divine contemplationMardami - Bravery, civility, manlinessMardanagi - Bravery, manlinessMardau - Bravery, civility, manlinessMarg - Roadway (towards the divine)Marjad - Code of conduct, conventions, custom, social ruleMarjada - Code of conduct and conventions, custom, social ruleMarji - Assent, concur, choice, intention, pleasure, purpose, willMaromar - Firece, ferociousMasahoor - Celebrated, famous knownMasahur- Celebrated, famous knownMasahuri - Fame, notorietyMasaik - Holy menMasand - Spiritual leaderMashahoor - Celebrated, famous knownMashahur- Celebrated, famous knownMashahuri - Fame, notorietyMashook - Beloved one, sweetheartMashuk - Beloved one, sweetheartMaskeen - Humble, meek, obedientMaskin - Humble, meek, obedientMasla - Doctrine, precept, principal, tenet (religious)Maslat - Advice, counsel, deliberation (religious)Masohjara - Daybreak, early morningMasojhra - Daybreak, early morningMasroor - Delighted, merryMasrur - Delighted, merryMastaani - female devoteeMastak - ForeheadMastuk - ForeheadMastani (f) - Female devoteeMasoom - InnocentMasum - InnocentMatt - MonasteryMatt (Matd) - Advice, counsel instruction opinion understanding wisdom (religious)Mat - ReligionMataa - Religious advice, counsel, sentimentMataah - Goods, wealthMatah - Goods, wealthMathas - SweetnessMathat - SweetnessMauj - Abundance, desire, ecstasy, joy, pleasure, plenty, prosperityMauji - Emotional, fantastic, joyous, jovial, merryMaula - God, Lord, MasterMavaat - Light, illuminatedMawat - Light, illuminatedMaya - Error, illusion, wealthMayura ( m) - PeacockMazhabi- Religious doctrine or ceremonyMeet - FriendMeer - Chief, head, respectMeeran - Chief, God, KingMehar - MasterMeherbani - Master's wordMehtaab - MoonlightMehtab - MoonlightMel - Affection, friendship, harmony, union (with the divine)Mela - Religious festival or gatheringMelan - Bring together, UniteMena - Bring together, UniteMeura (m) - Guru's priestMeuri (f) Guru's priestessMewa - FruitMewedar - FruitfulMian - Master, Sir, princeMihar - Compassion, favor, kindness, mercy, prosperityMirh - Compassion, favor, kindness, mercy, prosperityMiharban - Benevolence, compassionate, friendly, gracious kind, mercifulMiharvan - Benevolent, compassionate, friendly, gracious kind, mercifulMiharwan - Benevolence, compassion, friendly, gracious kind, mercifulMiharbani - Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMiharvani - Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMiharwani -Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMiharbangi - Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMiharvangi - Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMiharwangi -Benevolent, compassionate,favor kindness, mercy, pityMihrammat - Compassion, mercyMikdar - MagnitudeMilansar - Affable, friendly, sociableMilansari - Affability, friendliness, sociabilityMilap - Alliance, harmony, unionMilap - Alliance, harmony, unionMilapan - Associate, acquaintance, a friend, an intimateMilapara - Associate, acquaintance, a friend, an intimateMilapi - Associate, acquaintance, a friend, an intimateMiluara - Kind, sociableMilava - UnionMilawa - UnionMillat - Affection, attachment, friendship, harmony ( with the divine)Minnat - Beseech, entreat, pray,request, supplicate (he divine)Mir - Chief, head, respectMiran - Chief, God, KingMirja - RespectMiripiri - Both secular and spiritualMistari - MasterMit - Friend (of God and Guru)Mith - Friend (of God and Guru)Mithas - SweetnessMithat - SweetnessMithra - Good natureMittha (m) - Dear, fresh, rare, sweetMitthi (f) - Dear, fresh, rare, sweetMitrai - FriendhsipMiqdar - MagnitudeMiyan - Master, Sir, princeModi - TreasurerMoen - SilenceMoh - Affection, allurement, attachment, charm, fascination, loveMohan - Sweetheart, enticerMohana - Enchanting, enticing sweetheartMohandyaal - Alluring compashion and kindnessMohanjeet - Enticing victoryMohanjit - Enticing victorMohanjot - Alluring lightMohanpal - Enticing protectorMohanpiaar - Enticing belovedMohanpreet - Enticing loverMohanprem - Enticing loveMohanpyar - Enticing belovedMohar - Front, leader of army, a seal, Golden coinMoharla - Foremost, front, leadingMohenpal - Enticing protectorMohenpreet - Enticing loverMohinder - Enticing God of heavenMohkam - ManagerMohni (f) - Alluring, charming, fascinating,Mohri - Leader of armyMokh - Emancipation, liberation, salvationMolae - Lilac flowerMole - Lilac flowerMomdil - Kind-hearted, tender-heartedMoman - True believerMomin - True believerMon - Silent sageMoni - Silent sageMookhand - God, precious gemMoonga - CoralMoorat - Beautiful form, image, picture, representation (of the divine)Moosa - MosesMor (m) - PeacockMorni (f) - Beautiful woman, peahenMoshi - foremost leaderMoti - PearlMotti - PearlMotta - Extremely fat, great, large, rich, or wealthyMuhabbat - Affection, friendship, loveMuhala - Chief, leader, noteworthy personMuhkam - Firm, strengthening, strongMuhrail, Chief, leader, one with precedenceMuhri - Golden, pureMuhar - Golden, pureMuj - Agreement, concord, peaceMukaddam - Headman, leader, superior proprietorMukham - ManagerMukhan - Comfort, consolation, condolenceMukhand - God, precious gemMukhanda - God, precious gemMukat - Absolution, deliverance, emancipation, liberation, pardon, release, salvationMukatbir - Emancipated, liberated heroic warroirMukh - Chief, first, face, most important, mouthMukhagar - Learn by heart, commit to memoryMukhi - Chief, first, most eminent, principalMukhia - Chief, first, most eminent, principalMukhiya - Chief, first, most eminent, principalMukhtar (m) - Authority, headman, Master, vested with powerMukhtari (f) - Absolute authority, chief in charge, manager vested with powerMukhtiar (m) - Authority, headman, Master, vested with powerMukhtiari (f) - Absolute authority, chief in charge, manager vested with powerMukhtyar (m) - Authority, headman, Master, vested with powerMukt - Absolution, deliverance, emancipation, freedom, liberation, pardon, release, salvationMuktbir - Emancipated and liberated brave heroic warroirMukti - Absolved, delivered, emancipated, freed, liberated, pardoned, released, savedMulahja - Courtesy, regard, respectMulaja - Courtesy, regard, respectMulaim - Gentle, mild, moderate, soft, tenderMulaimi - Gentleness, mildness, softness, tendernessMull - Value, worthMumarakh - Auspicious, blessed, fortunateMundra - SignetMundra - SignetMunga - CoralMuni - Devotee, sage, saintMunlene - Absorbed in devotionMunshi - Learned one, respectMurabbat - Generosity,grace, help, humanitarian, mercyMurakba - Divine contemplationMurakbejana - Absorbed in divine contemplationMurar - Deity, GodMurari - Deity, GoddessMurat - Beautiful form, Image, picture, representation (of the divine)Murhail - Chief, leader, one with precedenceMurid (m) - DiscipleMurdni (f) - DiscipleMursad (m) - Religious teacher, spiritual guideMursadiani (f) - Religious teacher, spiritual guideMurshad - Religious teacher, spiritual guideMusa - MoseMusaddi - Head man, learned man, knowledgeable Sikh priestMusafar - Traveler, wayfarer (on spiritual path)Musafir - Traveler, wayfarer (on spiritual path)Musahab - Attendant, companion, counselor, courtier of a king or other ruler (spiritual sovereign, God or Guru)Musallam - Accepted, admitted, entire, firm, sound, wholeMusaer - Headman, managerMuser - Headman, managerMushak - Fragrance, musk, perfume, scent (spiritual scent)Mushk - Fragrance, musk, perfume, scent (spiritual scent)Mushkana - To flower, flourish, perfume, proper, send forth fragranceMushtak - Desire, longing, wishing (for the divine)Musk - Fragrance, musk, scent (spiritual scent)Muskana - To flower, flourish, perfume, proper, send forth fragranceMuskarat - Laughing, smilingMustaak - Desire, longing, wishing (for the divine)Mustak - ForeheadMustuk - ForeheadMutaj - Beggar, dependent (in need of the divine)Muqaddam - Headman, leader, superior proprietor.


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