Fragile is a delicate typeface that’s perfect for creating gorgeous headlines and designs with personality. Gotham was developed for professional use and has an extremely large family featuring four widths, eight weights, a rounded version, and separate designs for screen display. Olivia’s contrasting lines, wide curves, and short tails give your designs personality and a touch of elegance. This geometric typeface family was designed/released in 2000 by American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones. An all caps sans-serif, KIONA makes a statement without making a scene. The typeface is so unlike other sans-serif typefaces out there, having Roman character-inspired shapes and proportions. Anaan sans serif font is a set of 5 weights and it is good for making creative displays and it has sober touch. D-Din is an amazing free to download Sans Serif typeface. This is a compilation of some of the most beautiful and singular serif and sans serif fonts. Beacher Sans Serif font is a set of 6 weights font family. Gotham may be a relatively new typeface, but it somehow feels so familiar. The Perfect Font Combination is with Noto Serif, Open Sans, Inconsolata, Roboto, Source Sans Pro. Download Demo Version. It’s perfect for logos, titles, name card, magazine, web layouts, invitations, headers and branding. Nano Sans, it’s a Sans-Serif font designed by Google. Congenial is a friendly and inviting face with a generous x-height and highly differentiated characters. Yessica Sans Serif Font Family is a set of 4 weights font family. Until you start working with people who share a tremendous love for typography, or a Typophile if one would say, you don’t quite grasp the significance or impact a certain font type can have on your design. It Suits best for modern / clean designs, logos, headlines, banners and templates etc. The principal designer is Christian Robertson. You can also subscribe without commenting. Lato is used by 11M Websites Worldwide and it’s very popular in USA. Asap is a soft sans-serif font designed by Omnibus Type. Serif fonts represent tradition and elegance, they provide the feeling for liability, and people mostly are dawn to tradition, as they associate the latter with loyalty and heritage. You can download the font for free on Google Fonts and use it either as your body text or headings. It is good for making creative templates and stationary. Modulus is a clean, minimal, modern sans typeface. The Perfect Font Combination has been tried and tested with Open Sans, Lato, Roboto, Oswald, Raleway. Good Collection : 97 Amazing Modern Sans Serif Fonts That Are Perfect For Logo Design, Free Loire Valley Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets, Free Canterbury Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets, Free Montana Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets, Free Albania Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets, Free Dark Minimal Recipe Card Template V2, Free Glitch Effect PSD Photoshop Action Kit, 100 Best Free Handwriting Fonts For Designers 2020, 50 Rounded Fonts that Add Modern Minimalist Touch, 30 Best Free Christmas Fonts for All Your Holiday Designs Needs, 20 Free Elegant Script Fonts for Designers (Stylish Fonts For 2020), 40+ Perfect Instagram Post & Story Templates 2020, Realistic Poster Mockups to Showcase Your Artwork in Perfection, Free Insta Blogger Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets. Waverly CF combines the tone and flow of art deco with updated, clean letterforms. Next on the list of best sans serif font we have the typeface of Quicksand, a beautiful sans serif font that is primarily inspired on geometric shapes. Although controversial, the typefaces aimed to bring some modernity to serifs by working on the curves of classical serifs and adding an extra pattern to the font. It’s used by over 2.3M websites and every week the Google API displayed the font over 4.23B times. Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). Like Roboto Font, the Roboto Condensed has been designed by Christian Robertson. Inspired by the animal, it’s sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. It is good for making creative templates and stationary. It comes in two basic styles. Perfect for gorgeous logos, titles, web layouts and branding. • Use it on your next project as it comes free, available on Google Font library. Newport is a beachy and fun handwritten all-caps font that is absolutely perfect for quotes, products, logos, packaging, and so much more! The free typeface styles include: Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold, Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold Italic, and Adobe Caslon Pro Bold Italic. If you are on the lookout for a classic, elegant, compelling typeface for your next project then Quattrocento is the obvious choice. Simply use your lowercase letters to enable underlined letters, creating contrast and interest in your logos. There’s no doubt that Helvetica is the most popular sans serif font of 2020 and will stay relevant for a long time to come. Out of the 1 million most popular websites, over three0fifths of them use Arial. The Lato font has been designed by Łukasz Dziedzic. And we'll never share your email with anyone. Indian Type Foundry with the support by Devanagari and Latin writing systems. This font was designed by Dalton Maag, Ltd. and funded by Canonical, Ltd. The family comes in two weights, Regular and Bold. Disclaimer:  Post contains affiliate links. Denson Sans Serif Font Familyis a unique rounded sans serif font. It pairs well with other handwritten, script, serif and sans-serif fonts and features multiple weights. This typeface is the perfect choice for screen reading body text. Alodieis a minimal sans serif font, which contains 4 weights and It features unique and modern sans serif look and feel.


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