While the praetors Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus (both important members of the plot) kept the Senate occupied by conducting state business during the morning hours, Caesar made his way towards Pompey's theatre. Augustus in his will had forbidden Julia to be buried in his own Mausoleum of Augustus. They have the following children: 11 BC, Julia marries her stepbrother Tiberius. [21] Ten years later the official pyre for Caesar's cremation would be erected near the tomb of his daughter,[22][23] but the people intervened after the funeral oration by Marcus Antonius and cremated Caesar's body in the Forum. Immediately after the boy was born, and while Julia was still in mourning, Augustus had her betrothed and then remarried to Tiberius, her stepbrother. Cimber then grabbed and pulled Caesar's purple robe from his shoulders, the signal to send the conspirators into action. [9][10] Plutarch reports that at the election of aediles in 55 BC, Pompey was surrounded by a tumultuous mob, and his robe was stained with the blood of some of the rioters. Perhaps the all encompassing fear and anxiety of such a deed prevented clear focus on what would need to be done. Wife of Marcus Claudius Marcellus; Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Tiberius, Roman Emperor Resigning himself to the assassination, Caesar pulled the folds of his toga over his head so as to prevent anyone from seeing his face at death. Another Atia, who may have been her daughter or her husband's daughter with a woman named Claudia, was married to Gaius Junius Silanus. Not only had he lost the inheritance of Caesar (although he would ultimately steal a great part of it before it eventually passed to Octavian), but the assassins had actually set themselves up in positions of power. Regardless, as time passed in the morning hours, it soon became evident that Caesar might not show at all. William Auld wrote a short poem called Julia on Pandataria which takes a brief look on Julia's tragedies. Atia Balba Caesonia' sister, Atia Balba Prima (or Atia Balba Tertia) was the wife of Lucius Marcius Philippus. Julia (c. 76 BC – 54 BC) was the daughter of Roman dictator Julius Caesar by his first or second wife Cornelia, and his only child from his marriages. The role of Julia was played by Phoenix Connolly.. She was shown standing by her mothers deathbed in her teens. Julia was eighteen and Agrippa forty-two. On the Ides of March, or the 15th, the Senate was expected to approve Caesar's kingship outside of Italy. Augustus, who took care of their education personally, adopted the boys Lucius and Gaius Caesar after their father's death in 12 BC. Caesar broke off this engagement and married her to Pompey in April 59 BC, with whom Caesar sought a strong political alliance in forming the First Triumvirate. She is dearly beloved by nearly everyone she meets except her stepmother, Livia. And now, the victim of assassination, you lie dead in the Forum through which you often led the triumph crowned; wounded to death, you have been cast down upon the rostra from which you often addressed the people. With the death of Caesar, Antony now stood as his heir apparent, and he took full advantage of the situation. The elder of the two sisters of Julius Caesar is sometimes called Julia Major (Major Latin for the elder) by historians (but she should not be confused with Julia the Elder, daughter of Emperor Augustus). Soon panic struck throughout the area, and the conspirators themselves raced off to the Capitoline Hill where they could safely hole up against the anger of the Roman mob. Decimus Brutus, the man who finally convinced Caesar to make the final walk to the site of his death, was given Cisalpine Gaul. Likewise, the younger of the two sisters of Julius Caesar is sometimes named Julia Minor, (Minor Latin for the younger) but not to be confused with Julia the Younger, Augustus‘ first granddaughter. It is not known if it was the elder or the younger of the dictator's sisters who gave evidence against Publius Clodius Pulcher when he was impeached for impiety in 61 BC.


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