Same spot, never know, may be the same bird, lol. Anna :), Thanks Mike. Have fun! I usually don't see this beautiful bird until the cherries have ripened. The plumage looks so full and wonderful.Spring is definitely here, Marvellous and bright pictures.Kudos!! "We, artists have the magnificent pleasure to make something out of nothing! By mid-September there were still seeds and insects aplenty in the wildflower patch that I was filming at when the beautiful Waxwings abruptly departed for the safety of neighboring treetops. Juvenile Cedar Waxwing. I also enjoyed reading about your little son. At first biologist thought the red tips functioned to protect the wings from wear and tear, but there really is no evidence of that. Thanks Attila Olah for your lovely visit and comment. The Merlin is often referred to as the “thug” of the bird world for its ability to swoop in quickly and snatch a songbird out of the air. Blessings,Ruth. } Instead, the red secondary tips appear to be status signals that function in mate selection. It was adorable. Oh MY what a precious little thing! :)) SusanneSue's Daily Photography, Thanks Lena for your kind comment.Anna :), Thanks Max! Anna :), Thanks Ratty for your kind comment. Anna :), Thanks beanow! Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks, too, had been hunting the area, but the other hawks did not elicit the same terror as did the Merlin. I feel a little superfluous with 95 existing comments here, but I have to say I love the bird photographs, so lovely, clear and with interesting commentary. Cedar Waxwings are becoming increasingly more prevalent in backyards because people are planting more ornamental flowering and fruiting trees. Life at the Edge of the Sea – Cedar Waxwing Baby Masked Bandits. Thanks again Bernie, Anna :), great shots, Anna!each time i come by your blog i am sure i will find some joy for my eyes :)hope you and your loved ones are doing great :), Oh Anna,Such a cute bird! Anna :), Thanks David! Adult + 3. We have them here, but they are lean ones, lol. Cute little fellows! how adoring those birds are... well here in the Philippines, it was summer... wish your baby a good health... youre baby's got a wonderful mom...elson...:). The rotation, I just copy all the layers into new layer set, duplicated that set, merge it, and rotated behind first set. We had to actually TEACH her to be more defensive. How I long for those innocent days. And I'm sure the bird liked you, 2 ft is remarkable! #gallery-3 .gallery-item { margin-left: 0; Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Awesome Inc. theme. After a long life in the winter, this bird looks happy as can be bathed with warm sunlight. Spring is my mom's favorite time of year for sure. Always a pleasure to visit your site. Oh well it will be here eventually.LS thanks for the refreshing comment. You know I was very lucky not just get these cute adorable birds on the photo, but to have the perfect day light. Dogwood, Juniper, Chokecherry, Cedar, Honeysuckle, Holy, Crabapple, Hawthorn, Serviceberry, Mulberry, Raspberry, Grapes, and Strawberry. Thanks again for visiting, it is always nice to see you here in Canada, lol. Wow Peter are your birder! Wow! ), Yarrow: Common white wildflower that's also pink, Canadian Literature Review: Exile on a Grid Road, Congrats to poet Courtney Bates-Hardy - House of Mystery. You're welcome Anna. Adult + 3. Getting so close to a bird, and getting the picture is a great accomplishment, and it leaves us with a good feeling. Tak to byl bardzo ciekawy ptaszek, i fajny do photografowania.Oh w Olsztynie zima trzyma. I didnt think it could fly so i told hubby let it sit and warm up, dry-off and when we get to shore we will try to put it in a dry place, maybe moma will come after it.. got to tell you the cutest bired, it was in the sun and soon the shaking stopped the little bird would look at and stare at hubby it didnt try to run or jump it just sit and would clean its wings, look around, and even nibbed at some of this water plant from the water.. it was getting better.. we continued fishing checking it out everynow and then, then all of a sudden it just took off and flew about 100 yards to a row of trees.. LOL If he learned to cook by watching you what would he make?Bring on Spring! Anna :), Yes Will soon soon we will be celebrating his first birthday, but you know it is still feels like he was just born. "...but we learn from our parents (you see, we spend a lot of time observing you guys lol). During the summer they add insects to their diet and I think it may have to do with keeping the hatchling’s bellies filled. Visit Fun with currency, Anna,How do you add the pictures on "Polariod moment", Ruth from Ruth's photo blog, no problem, your blog is very nice. I think that is often the case with wildlife; one human is tolerable, but two of us is two too many. Upload your best active weather photos and videos or watch them in our new searchable gallery. A Bit of Knowledge: Digital Compositions & Editing... 3S Spring Sunlight Seeds - Areca Palm Seeds or Fruit, Canadian Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Bargains, Flyers, Contests Canada, ZARA Canada Black Friday Sale: Save Up to 40% Off *Starts at 8pm Tonight*, Przystanek Mazury / Rezerwat Źródła Rzeki Łyny, Two New Books and a tawny owl in a pear tree, Swat Valley - Beauty of Swat Valley KP Pakistan 2020, Marco Crupi Blog Fotografico e di Informazione, Le migliori offerte su fotocamere, accessori e tecnologia grazie a Telegram, Beautiful evening • evening to twilight • cloudy evening • HDR • Timelapse • Full HD • Video # 00093, Inspiration and Motivation at Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle, Know more about Acute Heart Attack? Oh, such a lovely bird, indicates that the charm of spring.Health informationHumor & Fun World, Wow, you got two feet away? ;-)And I am sure he knew who his mother was right from day one! Immature Cedar Waxwing framed by serviceberries – Nikon D500, f7.1, 1/1000, ISO 500, Nikkor 500mm VR with 1.4x TC, natural light This year has also been good for me for photographing juvenile and immature Cedar Waxwings. Use and/or reproduction, by any person or organization, of images or information contained on myonlyphoto blog is not permitted without the express written consent of the respective owners of this blog. Their roof is close to our upstairs bathroom window, so the birds are only a few feet from us. Photography spiced with Stories, Essays, Opinions and Snippets of Knowledge, Hi Anna! Glad you enjoyed my update about Matthew, it is real miracle growing every day front of our eyes. G'Day! Top 10 Tips to Manage Acute Heart Attack during COVID-19 crisis & Symptoms. !.Are these shots from your own camera?Sure is beautiful.Are you on Google friends connect? Anyway it was the day after a coolfron and major storm we wanted to try our luck.. we were in the lake on our boat and about 1pm afternoon, I spot something splashing in the middle of lake, lake full of mossy typegrass as we got closer we saw it was a bird, seemed to be a baby.. it was trying to stay up, but could see it was in distress.. we decided to get over by it ans see what we could do.. we trolled over there and I leaned over the boat edge and tried to get it to get on the end of the paddle to help it up.. it wasnt flying.. I know it's sounds like an excuse, but it is not! } Anna :), Hi Anna,Thanks for visiying my blog,and for the kind words of encouragement you left.I think the baby Waxwing is so cute,as most babies are. The time is going so fast, that now I have to write things down about Matthew, lol. Birds with zero to five are immature birds, while those with more than nine are thought to be older. Your gentle, but very keen eye gives me a glimpse into your world, and helps me to pick up more of the details in my BC one. They are most easily seen on limbs bare of leaves. Waxwings tend to associate with other waxwings within these two age groups. ", Letter to Matthew - Today Is Your 4th Birthday, Please follow the link to Weekend Reflections, Travel Tips for a New College Graduate II, 5 Fun and Spooky Halloween Ideas for Your Family, Photonotes - photography and photo blog. St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst - Male Nurses, Wildlife in India, experience in pictures - Walk the Wilderness, Healthy Living For People and Planet Earth, St. Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst - Male Nurses. "Hello, Man!" POWERED BY MERLIN. Anna :). Click on "My Mates" to see them. I don't know if I am on the Google Friends Connect, still need to figure out how things work, lol, sometimes I cannnot find my way out with Google stuff.The Polaroid Moment, I created in Adobe Photoshop. Passeriformes > Bombycillidae. Now he is just starting to show it in more grown ways. I did get it scooped up, and put it on the carpet in the front deck of boat.. it was shaking, the water was cold to us so im sure it was cold and its wing saturated.. it had fluff so i knew it couldnt be to old.. Yes links allowed, I will definitely check it out. Gorgeous shots! Anna :), Thanks Lynda. Back Surgery Update - MRI Online indicating "impingement on nerve roots" in several places. Lucky you to capture them!Sounds like Matthew is starting to get around - and he knows what he wants when he does!Such a fun age - can't believe it's been 10 1/2 months already! Thanks for the link. Hi Anna!Simply fabulous!All three photos put as smile on my face…interestingly I think my favorite is the third photo…not just because it has an intriguing profile with pretty head feathers standing up and downy chest with a pretty colored tail but because of the excellent imagery of its claws on the leaves.If Matthew is starting to mimic everything you guys are doing you better not let him see you drive!


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